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Kitty Kat Dee has 30 references; 29 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Jackie Cannon

Had a great shoot with Katie and her boyfriend back in September. She's a fantastic model who is very versatile, and can take direction very well. She has an amazing confidence in front of the camera, and is not shy to try new things.

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I have shot with Katie numerous times and have thoroughly enjoyed her relaxed and professional approach to each shoot. She is a joy to work with and her knowledge and experience of the art really shows. Would 100% recommend.

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had a great shoot with Katie in her flat great pre comms and lots of ideas. easy to get on with and open to ideas. 58 would love to work with her again

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I've worked with Katie a couple of times now and am impressed by her enthusiasm and ability to model with and without direction. We achieved some great results. Highly recommended.

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I had a last minute, but easily arranged shoot with Katie in August 2017 at her flat. I was made very welcome and we shot a number of styles in the flat as well as some street fashion. Katie is a lovely person and a pleasure to shoot with.

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Rosie Flame

I've shot with the lovely Katie a couple of times and it's always great fun!

Katie is a gorgeous lady who poses well and looks great in front of the camera; don't miss an opportunity to shoot with her! :)

100% Recommended.

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Tony James Photos

Had another great shoot with Katie.

We shot a wide variety of styles from clothed to nude.

Katie is very versatile in whatever she does and delivers a very slick an polished image.

I look forward to working with her again in the future

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Richard M Harris

I had my first ever shoot with Miss Katie Dee this weekend and everything about it was great.

Her preshoot com's were top notch arriving with a wardrobe full of outfits including every single item of clothing that i made a request for her to bring.

Hopefully it won't be too long before We're shooting again.

Strongly recommend MKD to all!

Cheers Katie:)

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Studio f/11 (In abeyance)

Katie came to the studio for a shoot with another photographer and was delightful to meet and work with. Punctual, tidy and organised.

Also I gather productive, and the images were good. I'm looking forward to her coming back, or seeing more of her work from elsewhere.

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Blue Moon Arising

What a pleasure it was to meet and shoot Katie.

When we arrived Katie was made up to a very high standard and her hair was amazing. Katie had a wide range of lingerie, outfits and boots. She was very patient whilst we tried different lighting set-ups and, once we did finally start shooting, clearly had a very good range of poses, whilst also being more than willing to take direction.

I have to say that I could also have talked to Katie all day about a massive variety of subjects from her new tattoo to herbal teas and health drinks.

I'm determined to shoot again with this amazing lady.

Thank you

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