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Kitty Kat Dee has 30 references; 29 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 1 no-show.

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Here's one for you photographers out there to put in you diary.

My first shoot with this lovely young lady.

PreComms all up front with no time wasting, fluent in her own posing and follows direction easily as well. Shoot took place at her home, no moaning we can't do this or that, just a relaxed fun time..even managed to take some photos!!

Highly recommended and hope to shoot again in the near future.

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What can I say about Katie, she was professional, took instructions very well and was great fun to shoot with, even with Marilyn Manson playing in the background. A wonderful model to shoot with and I would recommend her to anyone, thanks for a great shoot Katie

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Katie arrived with her partner who braved driving the north Devon roads all the way from the south coast - and what a lovely couple they are! (...and Ryan was very helpful in altering sets).

Katie was great - a wonderful person who's very able and amenable. We did three sets in a real rush to meet other deadlines - too fast a pace perhaps - yet she threw herself into it with enthusiasm, dedication and real professionalism. My only regret was that we ran out of time for we could have done far more - there's always a next time however!

Sadly Katie (and Ryan) are leaving for London soon and that'll be a sad loss for the south-west. Catch her while you can!

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Lee Photography

This was my first shoot with Katie. She is a wonderful model to work with. She's very professional yet relaxed and friendly. She needed very little direction and made the shoot flow very easily, a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend.

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I had another chance to work with the great Miss Katie Dee. She is a true professional with a great number of outfits to work with. Very little if any direction needed, its like she could read my mind. Not only a great model, but a great person to be with. Time just went so quick, but managed to capture some amazing images all credit Miss Katie Dee. Thank you Miss Katie Dee for another amazing shoot and i wish you the best with your new adventure.

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Had a quickly arranged shoot with this lovely lady.

She was very professional and confident with her work yet was happy to try my ideas with a relaxed and easy going approach that was refreshing. Look forward to next time but I know will do well in her new endeavours in London.

Definitely recommend working with Katie if you get the opportunity.

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BobT (Dartmoor Camera)

Katie is probably one of the most relaxed models I have worked with

She is confident and happy with her body.

Unfortunately she is moving to London Devon’s loss their gain

I hope to shoot her again whenever she is back down this way

London togs - this model is definitely recommended

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Met Katie in London yesterday. Katie was well prepared with perfect make up. She is a delight to work with as she is beautiful. Her burlesque corsets were just the right colours for her and the décor in the Georgian building we were shooting in. We shot 4 sets and the time flew by. Her expressions were perfect and while she didn't need direction she very quickly understood what I was trying to catch and we quickly got some excellent shots straight out of the lens, no need to correct in post. I hope to work with her when she is next in town.

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Had my first shoot with the lovely Katie, and wow what a lovely fun shoot Katie is a gorgeous young model and looked so good in all the outfits, the time want so fast with loads of great shots, love the way she does her makeup and hair, have already book our next shoot and more to come, Thank you for a great day

Highly Recommended to all

Jim xxxxxx

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Had a second shoot with Katie recently, and can't recommend her highly enough. She is not only a super model, but has is lovely character as well. She poses naturally, but also takes direction well. Her facial looks are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in her prime, and she has a great figure. I will be booking her again soon. xxx

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1517961600Did not show up.

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Had my first ever solo shoot with Katie and couldn’t have asked for a better model to work with.

Precomms were excellent and from the moment I arrived at her apartment she was warm, friendly and really chatty. She has a fantastic goth/alt model look which I’m particularly drawn to and we managed to produce some great photos which will be posted up soon. She poses effortlessly with little or no direction and you can tell that she takes modelling very seriously. The time flew by but we managed to try out some different outfits and I’m very happy with the results.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Katie again and would definitely recommend her.

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Jaydevon said...

How fantastic are katie and Ryan! Such nice people, easy to talk to and direct I would recommend in a heartbeat. Here’s to more shoots outside when the weather is warmer and brighter. Couldn’t ask for more in a model thankyou

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I have worked with Katie, on 3 occasions and every time she has been a joy to work with.

She looks amazing, is full of enthusiasm and will push her self to get the images you want, but most overall she is just great fun to shoot with.

I 100% recommend Katie

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Dark Moon Media

Shooting with Katie has always been a great experience, from the moment we meet, to when we finish, we make great work and often walk away with great images.

We have had images in magazines and featured on front covers, if that does not tell you the level, you can expect from her than I dont know what can.

I look forward to working with her again and suggest if you have the chance you should book her, you will not be disappointed!

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I always love shooting with Katie! A really capable model who delivered everything we needed to shoot.

She's also great company and good fun to work with.

I 100% recommend Katie.. Make sure you book her soon!

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Captured in time

Katie came to the studio with me for a portrait shoot and bodyscape. As always she was very well prepared, an absolute pleasure to work with and one of the nicest people you will meet. 100% committed and the images were amazing thanks to her and her amazing body, thank you xx

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I had my second shoot with katiedee always fun to work with. I would recommend to anyone.

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Katie is an absolute pro. From start to finish she followed direction well but was able to self-pose from experience. Was a very enjoyable shoot, preshoot messages were superb and I cannot recommend her enough. What an amazing talent.

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Katie very kindly stepped in when a model i had arranged to meet on a studio shoot unfortunately cancelled.

Katie was so delightful,easy to work with and considering it was all very last minute the shoot went well.

I would thoroughly recommend Katie to all.

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