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Me and kitkat had exchanged many messages leading up to the shoot, he made sure I was totally comfortable with everything. We clicked straight away, had a chat beforehand and got right to shooting. He has many excellent ideas, and was happy with my input throughout. The time flew by, and we captured many awesome images. Total gentleman, absolutely he is one of my favourite photographer so far.

Highly recommended

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Little Egypt

I had a wonderful first shoot with Kitkatt! He is down to earth, great at pre-communication and planning, has a great personality and also offered snacks! We had a great time working together on something quite unusual to me....but he made me feel 100% comfortable along the way. It is so refreshing to know that there are genuine people like KitKatt in this world!

Thank you

Ellie xx

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Mya Chan

Had a great shoot the other week! very fun and laid back guy to work with with great planning skills! we shot all day and it was very relaxed and easy to work with, hope to shoot with you again soon :) x

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