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I have said this before, but it is worth repeating, Kira makes an ace collaborator…

An experienced and professional model with a massive wardrobe that she can dip into, she works hard to help you realise what it is that you are trying to capture… She is easy to work with, can work really great to direction, or, if you prefer, she is equally adept at throwing shapes as she knows work…

Anybody who has followed either her or my work will have spotted that we have worked together before, with some rather fabulous results… So, we got our heads together, as we saw that lockdown was easing, to plan to shoot again when we could do so in order that we could both blow off the shooting cobwebs and, well, that we most certainly did… as you will be able to see when the results start to get published…

Thanks again, my friend…

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Paul Webster

I've shot with Kira over a dozen times now, and hope to again in the future, always a great experience, and we always end up with some really great shots.

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Paul Webster

I shot with Kira recently on location. Communication before hand was excellent. When I picked her up she had sorted out an amazing wardrobe, accessories and makeup. On location we did 3 different locations with an outfit change at each one, each one excellent. Despite shooting outside in late Autumn Kira didn’t complain at all, and was coming up with lots of great ideas. I hope to work with here again in the future. Always a pleasure.

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I met Kira at a recent shoot, I had applied to her casting call for a MUA for a collab with Steve Haywood. Kira had sent me very informative details about the shoot and let me know beforehand everything it would entail. She had some fantastic ideas and her creativity inspired my make up application. She has very good skin to work with and is very photogenic. Kira was a natural at directing the style of the shots and followed the photographers suggestions very well. She is professional and polite. I am very glad I was involved. I would highly recommend Kira as a model, particularly if you're looking for a unique and creative flair. Thanks, Andrea

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Steve Haywood

I had the pleasure of shooting again with Kira, ably assisted by Andrea as our expert mua.

Once again preparation and communication with Kira is a joy and done with the utmost professional style. She arrived on time will a wide variety of outfits and accessories to suit the different looks we had agreed on.

During the shoot, as always, it was fun and the time simply flew by.

As Kira said, the most difficult part of this shoot was thinning down our selection of favourite images to edit. Highly recommend and I look forward to our next artistic project together.

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Katherine Elizabeth

I had a great shoot with Kira a few days ago for a bridal shoot in the studio. We had to wait for a studio to free up at the Campus we were working at however she was very patient and flexible meaning we could get the shots we wanted. She responded amazing to direction while also inputting her own poses! I would definitely love to work with her again and 100% recommend her for you modelling needs!

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Had a great shoot with Kira Dawn this past Friday. She’s reliable and is always a good sport even if it means putting half a tub of gel in her hair for a shoot! She works well in front of the camera and is all round a loveley person to work with, would recommend!

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Kira was brilliant on comms and extremely reliable. She was great on the shoot, taking direction well and having her own look and style she brought through. Really friendly and fun to hang out with, definitely recommend.

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Dawn was such a lovely model to work with, so welcoming and provided me with Pepsi which is always a bonus! She also provided me with transport to the shoot which was very helpful. She was easy to work with, as was her model friend she brought along Lily Van De Gaaf who was just as lovely and enthusiastic about the makeup and shoot, they both had tonnes of ideas and I definitely would recommend!

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A terrific model with amazing bone structure. Kira really cares about getting good images - she's a complete pleasure to work with.

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BfP Photography

I had a really fun first shoot with Kira Dawn today. She has an immense natural beauty, exudes emotion and poses extremely well. She is creative, hard working and very easy to work with. I hope we will get the chance to shoot again. Very much recommended.

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Paul Webster

I shot with Kira for the umpteenth time again recently. Always a pleasure. Very professional, lots of ideas, great sense of style. We are already planning our next collaboration. Definitely recommended.

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I had the pleasure of working with Kira, she is amazing, great model, great person, really patient. working with her is an absolutely good time, she is flexible to discuss the ideas, extremely professional. 110% recommended!

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Tabitha Boydell

Finally got to meet and shoot with Kira on Saturday after talking about shooting for ages! We did a fantasy beauty look with the cherry blossom trees. Kira was a trouper despite some cold weather - all in the name of art. She had her makeup done ready when we collected her and it was really good and fitted the theme. Looking forward to editing the pictures.

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Had my fourth shoot with Kira on Saturday. Kira had an idea to shoot with cherry blossom and had organised her own makeup artist who did a fantastic job of tying in the make up with the theme. Unfortunately it was a freezing cold and windy day out - not the easiest weather to look dreamy and romantic in but Kira did a great job and although it was only a short shoot we still managed to create some beautiful images together.

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55 Photos

My Second shoot with Kira Dawn.

Excellent communication before the shoot and very committed to making the shoot successful. Kira Dawn is always incredibly well prepared with ideas, props and clothes.

A pleasure to work with. A very talented model and a nice person too.

Highly recommended

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IllusionaryArts Photography

what can I say? Of all the people you would be amazed to shoot with, Kira is the one that would be top of the list. Professional, passionate about what she does, just amazing to work with. I never get fed up of our shoots and the ideas we come up with. every collaboration is one that leaves you wanting to do more when the job is finished. she is the Chameleon of the modelling world and 100% class.

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Danny Molyneux

Kira is a delight to shoot with.

She arrived on time, early in fact, with a big smile and a load of ideas. Kira had been instrumental in planning the shoot beforehand - I'm a bit rubbish at stuff like that but I was in very safe hands.

We created so many different looks throughout the shoot and I'm absolutely delighted with the results.

Fun, relaxed, beautiful, and creative, Kira is just the sort of model that makes this hobby fun for me, and somebody I would be delighted to shoot with again.

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This is long overdue...

I worked with Kira and she was a dream. She's very organised and had a clear idea of outfits she wanted to use which made my job very easy. The outfits styled completely different to before which was very positive! She had organised multiple shoots with various photographers and models keeping me up to date before and after each shoot in regards to images. The images are stunning, she's absolutely beautiful and it translates behind the camera.

I was very flattered that she wanted to wear my latex designs and would recommend her over and over again. I would love to work together again in the near future.


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I had the great pleasure of working with Kira today and I have to say that she was excellent! Kira was extremely professional and very pleasant to work with. She has a great look and fantastic hair. My only regret is that, as there was a few other photographers there, I did not get as much time to shoot her as I would have liked. So, it goes without saying that I would definitely like to work with her again and I have no problem in highly recommending her... Thank You Kira!

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