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Keziah M has 8 references; 8 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Don Mountain

I submitted a cosplay casting which Kez replied to immediately. She very kindly offered to buy the outfits I had in mind and to organise a local studio for the shoot.

Comms were very good and Kez arrived on time ready to shoot and was accompanied by a high quality MUA.

4 changes of outfits and lots of laughter made this a very enjoyable shoot. I am happy with the resulting images and would recommend Kez to other photographers.

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Art Acumen

Carefully planned in advance, Kez agreed to an alternative fashion styled shoot at Wharram Percy, a beautiful abandoned village in the Yorkshire Wolds. Kez came prepared with so much to wear; the handles literally came off her case. She was an absolute delight to work,prepared, sensitive to the aspirations of the shoot, very photogenic and committed to achieving the shots I wanted. I fully recommend her to other photographers. Thanks again Kez for a great day out!

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Sparks 1 photography

Had a wonderful shoot with Keziah yesterday. She is a pure joy to work with.

Pre shoot communications were excellent and precise. She arrived in a large truck full of outfits and a truck load of ideas to match.

You always know when you have had a good shoot because the time just flys past, four hours to be precise.

Got some truly lovely images with her, all in all fully recommended.

Here is to the next one.

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This was my first shoot with this lovely young lady. Precomms and prep were spot on and such a lovely person, really personable and easy to work with and luckily more than happy to get cold and wet but remain cheerfully happy to pose freely or with a little direction. Really pleased with all her efforts and some stunning images and I’d have no hesitation in recommending you work with her too.

Here’s to next time.

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Had another great shoot with Keizha, she’s very relaxed and easy to work with. Would recommend her anytime

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I shot Keziah as part of a group shoot at York Photography Network. She was lively and friendly, took directions well and we got some great images within a very short space of time. A pleasure to work with and good communications after the event.

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had my first shoot yesterday with keziah, I'm very pleased with the outcome from the shoot.

keziah used to be on time at the agreed location fully prepared, with a bunch off outfits which been pre-discussed before the shoot. she's a fun and easy person to work with and i fully recommend her and looking forward to work with her again

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Kez modelled for the York Photography Network for an outdoor shoot. She came well prepared with various changes of outfits and was great to work with. We had a great rapport and a really enjoyable evening.

Although she doesn't have a great deal of experience yet, I have no hesitation in recommending her, thanks Kez!

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