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I was booked on a half day shoot with Kel a while back and I was blown away by his professionalism, friendliness, resources, ideas and how down to earth he is! The day ran smoothly and he didn’t mind me taking a few breaks here and there, we had a lovely flowing conversation throughout the shoot and have kept in touch since. I highly recommend him as not only is he a great photographer, but a lovely person too.

I look forward to shooting with him again in the future!

Thanks Kel! X

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Had yet another wonderful and fun shoot with kel today. I am very honored that he asked me to be his model for his photography assessment today. We created some cool and qwerky headshots.

Kel is always so polite and welcoming when I arrive.

I would highly recommend him and look forward to many more hopeful shoots with him.

Thanks kel x

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Had my first shoot with Kel yesterday and would highly recommend him. No matter what level you are Kel will have you looking great and feeling more confident. He gives great direction so you end up with a variety of images and is very respectful should you have any limits.

Kel is so friendly and professional he was very easy to work with and I felt comfortable at all times. Throughout the shoot we stopped and looked at the images to break down the different locations and I was blown away by the quality and range.

You are spoilt for choice with how many different styles you can shoot around his beautiful home which may I say is kept at a lovely temperature so no worries when doing lingerie shots.

I look forward to working with him again.

Thank you so much Kel

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Evie Kedavra

Had a fantastic first shoot with Kel; his home and grounds are incredible and make for fantastic backdrops. I was there half a day and didn't scratch the surface.

Kel has a keen eye for detail and gives good direction. He's an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the images and hope to work with him again in the future.

Thank you again Kel x

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Met with Kel for my first shoot and he was absolutely amazing. Kel made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I felt so happy to have had the opportunity to shoot with someone so professional for my first time. He gave honest feedback and helped me get my images to the perfect standard I desired. I would highly recommend Kel to any model wanting a beautiful portfolio and it would be a pleasure to shoot again.

Thank you Kel!

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I had an absolutely wonderful shoot at studio 8 with Kel!

He kindly picked me up from Loughborough and drove me to his beautiful home and studio. He ensured that I was comfortable and I had drinks and food as and when I needed.

There was a whole wardrobe of clothes and accessories to choose from and Kel had so many different rooms to work in which meant that there were unlimited set ideas!

Kel kindly let me see each set of photos once we had shot them and also allowed me to select which photos were my favourite.

We completed multiple sets which consisted of 5 different outfits as well as some art nude shots.

I received the photos so quickly and I am amazed at our results. I would recommend anybody to work with Kel! He is a great photographer and has such a kind heart. I loved hearing about the different career paths he has ventured down. He is a truly inspiring character.

Thank you so much Kel! I look forward to working with you again

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Inked barbie

Had a great shoot with Kel again!

Great ideas, great choice of outfits, great place to shoot! Images came out brilliant as per.

Communication was great!

I felt very comfortable and at ease around him.

I look forward to working with Kel again!

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Inez Lizzie

Finally got to shoot with Kel! He picked me up as we had a little problem with the train and he was very easy to get along with.

He showed me around the house and the studio and we planned the shoot a little to make things easy to flow which was very helpful.

Throughout the shoot he made me feel very comfortable and was very respectful. He helped a lot with ideas for posing which was amazing as we both had an input to the shoot. I am in love with all the pictures and will be looking to shoot with Kel asap!!

Definitely recommended. :)

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It was an absolute honour shooting with Kel today. Felt so at ease and comfortable the moment I walked through his door. His house is a models playground, so many different areas to shoot from you could easily spend 2 days there to get it all in!

He's really apt at guiding and getting the best shot, his encouraging words go a long way to me (someone who has never done topless before) and I felt super confident because of it. So thank you Kel.

We also looked at the images throughout the day and that was great for Kel to show the progress and the images we were getting - they all looked super high quality and fabulous!

Thank you again Kel. It was a pleasure!

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This is my 4th time working with Kel at studio number 8, I did a duo shoot with Jess who is not only a model but also a photographer. The photoshoot was a a relaxed atmosphere and it was lovely getting to know Jess. I feel as though we all worked really well together with Kel giving direction for great images!

I’m really happy with the images that were produced, thank you!


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Second shoot with Kel, this time a duo shoot with the amazing Tori, as well as myself playing photographer alongside Kel.

The shoot was great, relaxed atmosphere with lots of creative ideas. A really enjoyable shoot with great communication & professionalism, I very much look forward to working with Kel in the future. The images were stunning - as always! Massive thank you, Kel :)

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Phoebe Louise1

Me and Kel have been meaning to shoot for a while, we finally got around to it on Monday and had an amazing shoot!

All pre-communication was excellent, Kel gave me a very clear outline of how the shoot would run and with his useful pictures on his PP of the studio it gave me a clear image of what type of clothing and styles would best suit the space we had to work in.

Upon arriving to the shoot Kel made me feel at ease instantly with a very friendly welcome, offering me a beverage straight away as well as food. He gave me a tour of the house which gave me some great ideas of where I would like to shoot, we sat down and planned the day speaking about lighting, outfits and what levels we would be working up to.

Throughout the whole shoot I felt very comfortable, Kel gave me great directions where needed and the whole day flew by!

Kel is very professional, friendly, and just an outstanding guy! The turnaround of the photos is also incredibly quick, and I adore the final outcome!

I cannot wait to shoot with Kel again and he comes highly recommended to anyone!

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Me and kel have been shooting together now for a couple of years, and I can definitely say he’s one of my go to photographers!

We went on my first outdoor shoot this time and I’m so impressed by the outcome of them! I do abit of photography myself so it’s nice that we can bounce ideas off of each other so easily!

He turns around images very fast too so you don’t have to wait a really long time to see the awesome photos created!

I definitely recommend kel!

Thanks kel😁

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flutur bella

Pre-communications had already given me a positive idea of how the shoot would go- but it went much better. What a fantastic photographer- and just as much a fantastic person. It really is a bonus when photo shoots don't feel too clinical, and my experience working with Kel is an example. He immediately offered me food and drink while I was there, constantly showed me all the pictures up on the screen and valued my input (which I really appreciated).

He also had so much space! (and great props) I definitely think he should start charging people to use his big house + separate studio, I've never seen anything like it. Lovely. I would 100% recommend Kel, you will not be disappointed!

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Delilah gabriella

I had a shoot with Kel at studio number 8 yesterday. We had some difficulties at the station because of the covid one way system! However despite this the 4 hours were great! I had so much fun and kel is so much fun to work with. He has great ideas moreover he is extremely talented! He has a really lovely personality and everything went smoothly.

I had a great shoot and I look forward to working with him again! I would 10000% recommend! The pictures turned out so amazing he is extremely gifted and i am very pleased with how they turned out!

Kel is so much fun to work with and I can’t wait to shoot again!

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Rosie Loki

Working at Kel's was a refreshing take on modelling. We sat down and discussed the images I wanted to produce (cosplay and bath shoot) before during and after the shoot and even watched YouTube and looked at Pinterest to save me explaining something the internet would only do better.

The house/studio is absolutely beautiful and is one of the most clean and gorgeous spaces I've ever shot in. The images themselves are incredible and were sent to me in under 48 hours which is amazing and I'm very grateful for.

Kel is also brilliant. He arranged to pick me up and drop me off and provide refreshments which is always a plus.

I loved working here I'd suggest it to anyone of any shoot style and level. Highly recommended.

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I always love working with Kel and our last shoot was no exception!

He has a great eye for an artistic image and we always create some lovely work together.

Kel is a great guy and I always feel at ease to work with him at his stunning home studio. He is really fun to work with and the shoots always absolutely fly by!

I 100% recommend him to anyone! :D x

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Another brilliant shoot with Kel today - he is so accommodating and fun to work with. We got fantastic shots, some planned and some that we came up with as we went along. Would recommend to any model whether you're just starting out or need some fresh new additions to your portfolio.

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Frana Raff

I have just recently had my first shoot with Kel and what a lovely guy he is.

Where to start?

He's full of ideas and is really easy to work with. He also has a large wardrobe with some pretty garments to show off.

His home/studio is absolutely stunning, EVERY room has been beautifully decorated. This gave us the opportunity to try out a few different concepts in different rooms of the house.

Kel was very welcoming and also makes a lovely cheese sandwich 😊

100% would recommended and I can't wait to shoot with him again.

Thanks Kel!

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Yesterday was my first time working with Kel and I'm so glad we got to work together :)

Kel has the most fantastic spaces to shoot in and so many cool ideas. He is clearly a lovely, very experienced and professional photographer. He's so easy to work with as he knows exactly what he wants to achieve and gives excellent direction. I could probably write a whole essay on the excellent first impression he managed to give over just a few hours but I think the great images speak for themselves!

I sincerely hope we'll be working together again next time I'm in his area and next time I hope we get much more time to shoot!

Highly recommended by me :)

Thanks again Kel, hope to see you again soon!

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