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Adrian Ashurst

Enjoyed a wonderful shoot today with Katey. Thanks to Andrew at Saracen House studio for his support. I would strongly recommend Katey for her professional and excellent approach to the shoot. I look forward to our next opportunity to shot at Milton Keynes. Thanks for a memorable day. Adrian

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Jonny617 (prop man)

Wow just wow, that a beautiful young lady inside and out.

Had Katey on my list from the first time she posted on pp.

Something just seem right about her look and her passion for getting the right image.

Pre coms, where fantastic. And turn up on time and with everything I have asked for.

We did a vintage shoot and a good mix of portrait, underwear and glamour.

Highly recommend Katey to any photographer.

Fantastic poses, amazing make up and a full suite case full of things.

Not to mention the laughs .

Amazing and very talented young lady.

In All aspects of modelling.

Give her a follow and Mark my words she will go a long way.

So book her before she gets to busy.

I will be doing again definitely.

Thanks so much was a pleasure meeting and working with you.

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Mark Peers

Having worked with Katey at a TLE event a few weeks ago I just had to book her for a shoot. Well, Katey was just as amazing as I had expected. She arrived bang on time with her hair and makeup done to perfection and a suitcase full of wonderful outfits. We worked our way through various fashion, beauty and lingerie sets. Katey posed beautifully throughout and was very patient while I tried different lighting setups and studio sets that I hadn't tried before.

As can be seen from her portfolio Katey is stunningly beautiful and a very talented and versatile model. What you can't see in her photos is what a lovely, fun, chatty person she is. Our shoot time flew by and by the end I had so many great images.

Thanks so much Katey for such a wonderful shoot. I'm looking forward to working with you again soon.

I would certainly recommend Katey 100%.

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Simon Pell

I had an amazing shoot with the stunning Katey a few days ago. I couldn't of asked for a better model, she brought more than enough outfits for the shoot and mixed and matched them well with the scene (backgrounds, props etc) She needed no instructions and had plenty of poses and 'looks' to boot. I look forward to working with her again before too long.

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Mark Peers

Katey had been on my "must shoot" list for some time and when I found out she was modelling at a TLE event that I had booked I thought Christmas had come early. Well Katey was everything I had expected. From the first shot of the afternoon to the end of the day she modelled wonderfully, posing naturally and happily taking the odd little direction. Her hair, make-up and styling was excellent and suited the location perfectly. Along with her professionalism and her ability to create amazing photographs she is also fun, relaxed, chatty and easy going. She is also stunningly beautiful. What more could a photographer ask?

I will certainly be booking Katey for another shoot in the very near future.

100% recommended.

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TimeLine Events

Katey is a fantastic model, reliable, professional and she just looks amazing! Her outfits were excellent and she understood the brief well and her communication was great. She is really lovely to work with and I would highly reccomend her for your shoot. We will definateley love to work with her again- thanks Katey!

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Robert Alexander Malcolm

Worked with Katey on a location shoot which was cut short by the weather but we got some amazing images in such a short space of time

Katey is an amazing model to work with, very easy going, poses effortlessly and looks stunning 😍

Highley recommended 💗

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2nd time working with Katey, previously was in a group shoot at Hampson Street Studio which produced some lovely images.

This time in the Algarve with the sun shining and some beautiful clothes, Katey was amazing throughout the week she was with us.

She can pose for days and incredibly easy to get along with, open to idea's regarding shots and a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend her to everyone and am looking to shoot with her again soon :)


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SiNiMi Photography

Had a 2nd photoshoot with Katey a few days ago, again at Saracen House Studio.

There's a reason that I booked in to work with Katey again so soon after our 1st photoshoot, and why I'm already planning a 3rd - she is simply a fabulous model and I can be sure that I am going to get great images.

Not to mention Katey has great attention to detail, is collaborative in her approach, ensures makeup and styling is impeccable throughout the shoot and brings along a great & varied selection of outfits.

As before, it's a very, very highly recommended from me.

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Rowe Photographic

I arranged a hotel shoot with Katey recently, pre communications were excellent and she arrived on time and ready to shoot. She has a natural charm and beauty, looks fantastic and naturally we created lots and lots of images from the picture sets that we too. I was very pleased with the results that we created on the day and hope to be able to work with her again in the not too distant future. Highly recommended young lady, great looks and superb at posing, what more could you wish for in a model. I think she liked the outfits that I provided for her to wear and they were of high quality and flattered her figure so well. Thanks again for being such a stunning model A+++

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I had the pleasure of working with Katey and we produced some stunning images, this was within a small group shoot.

Katie is easy to work with and communicate with.

I shall certainly be working with her again on a 1-2-1 basis.

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Martin Newton Photography

Well what can I say about Katey, without saying what’s already been said?!

I can honestly say, she was a dream to have at the studio last weekend! I held 2 days both Saturday and Sunday, Katey came well prepared with a suitcase full of clothing, ready to go as soon as she got here.

Katey was friendly, professional, and posed with ease, all of the photographers enjoyed her company, and have created some awesome images!

If you haven’t booked Katey yet, get her booked! She will always be welcome here at my studio, and I can’t wait to spend a week with her i

n the Algarve in a couple of weeks time!

Thank you again for a lovely weekend again Katey :)

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I had the absolute please of working with Katey yesterday in a small group shoot at Hampson St. Studio. She was wonderful. Had a lovely selection of outfits, posed effortlessly with & without direction. Has an infectious smile & giggle, the 6 hours passed far too quickly. In short highly recommended & I hope to be able to work with her again soon. Thank you Katey, enjoy the Algarve.

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Adrian Ashurst

Today, I enjoyed a first meeting and working with Katey, a professional and creative model who has a relaxed and friendly approach. I would strongly recommend Katey for any photo assignment. Whilst this was a group shoot at Hampson Street Studio in Horwich near Bolton, Katey was able to shoot several sets and work with a number of photographers.

Katey's personality shone through at the shoot amd I got some excellent images. Thanks Katey and I'm looking forward to shooting again with you in the near future.

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Have worked with Katey on multiple occasions now and every time she brings her A-game very easy to work with and creates the most wonderful photos would highly recommend to any photographer looking for that X factor

Keep up the good work Katey and would be delighted to work with you again in the future

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Awesome first shoot with Katey. She really is so lovely, bubbly and friendly. She poses with and without direction and makes the shoot very easy. We completed a variety of scenes and I have some fabulous images from all of them. We shot at Saracen Studio which has the perfect setup for the shots I wanted with Katey. It will take me some time to select the very best for publishing because they are all great! It was an absolute joy to work with this super professional model. This was my first and most fabulous shoot with the gorgeous Katey and definitely won't be the last. Super professional, very friendly and easy going and poses like a machine. Can't wait to shoot with her again! Definitely Recommended.

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Howard G Sharples

My second shoot with Katey and this time the weather was kind and we managed to venture outside to create some lovely summer fashion images with dresses and hats.

Katey is really easy to work with and again the time flew by.

Such an elegant model who brings with her such beautiful outfits.

And those Legs!

Sheer enjoyment. Thanks Katey:)

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The Attic Studio

Yet again completely blown away by this young lady's talent!!!!! We were blessed to have Katey back to the studio for her 3rd sell out day with us and boy it was just as special as the previous ones.

Its just so hard to put into works how great Katey is, but summarizing would be elegant, polite, professional and very well organised are just a few that spring to mind.

After all the photographer that have shot with Katey at our studio, EVERYONE was so complimentary to us about her. We will be more than happy for yet another return visit or two.

If you haven't had the pleasure then what are you waiting for !!

Katey - you are a star and we cant wait for you to return, thanks you ....

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Wow! What a stunning professional model to work with!

It was a pleasure to have spent time working with Katey. It was my first time meeting and working with Katey and to say some of my best work was produced during our shoot is true. I was blown away by the results.

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Adam McLoughlin

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katey for a couple of hours on her studio day at The Attic Studio in Leicester. Katey is a delightful young lady, both in terms of her super modelling ability and in terms of her lovely personality.

Very easy to work with and create loads of good images - you know it's going to be a good day when the first shot is a good one! Katey had a wide variety of outfits - we managed to get four sets into the two hour slot - coming well prepared for every eventuality. She moves with ease from pose to pose without any direction and easily worked out what I was looking for with the few directions that I did provide.

THoroughly recommended - I hope we can work together again. Thank you Katey :-)

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