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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 20 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
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Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Bondage, Erotic, Nude, Portrait and Sheer



IMPORTANT NOTICE (to those interested): All the images in this portfolio are single shot images with no photoshop manipulation.  There are no overlays/double exposures/other fancy tricks. All the information in every shot is in the original raw file.

Photographic and artistic exploration is key for me. I am in a constant search for some new way of looking at things, and often deliberately distorting 'perfection' to challenge the viewer to reconsider it... deconstructing whats accepted as normal and beautiful and subverting or just twisting it slightly.

Hopefully the results have their own brand of appreciable beauty, however leftfield / weird / edgy / abstract it may be.

It helps achieve the best results when the models I work with appreciate this approach and are interested in, and excited by it. Nobody knows what we will get until we find it. it should be a small adventure.

so if you feel like exploring, excavating, playing, taking a leap of faith and working together then please give me a shout...Just be ready for me to request you to do any old random thing like wearing bicycle handle bars on your head just because.... im only asking. you can always say no :) and should do if you think its a crap idea.

NB: Kal (short for kaleidescopix) is my operative name, but I also am known to some as Christo

kaleidoscopic kəlʌɪdəˈskɒpɪk/
adjective: kaleidoscopic

  1. having complex patterns of colours; multicoloured.   synonyms:multicoloured [link removed],many-coloured [link removed],multicolour,many-hued [link removed],variegated [link removed],particoloured [link removed],varicoloured [link removed],prismatic [link removed],psychedelic [link removed],rainbow [link removed],rainbow-like [link removed],polychromatic [link removed],harlequin [link removed],motley [link removed],many-splendoured [link removed];More informal(looking) like an explosion in a paint factory "the branches refracted the light from the street lamps into kaleidoscopic shapes on the pavement" ever-changing [link removed],changeable [link removed],shifting [link removed],fluid [link removed],protean [link removed],mutable [link removed],variable [link removed],varying,inconstant [link removed],unstable [link removed],fluctuating,mobile [link removed],unsteady [link removed],unpredictable [link removed],ever-moving,chameleon-like [link removed],chameleonic,impermanent [link removed],indefinite [link removed];
    technicallabile [link removed]; rarechangeful "the country's kaleidoscopic political landscape" multifaceted [link removed],many-faceted [link removed],varied [link removed],manifold [link removed],multifarious [link removed]; complex [link removed],intricate [link removed],complicated [link removed],convoluted [link removed]; confused [link removed],chaotic [link removed],muddled [link removed],disordered,disorganized [link removed],disarranged,jumbled,confusing [link removed] "children's questions about the kaleidoscopic world they are living in" antonyms:monochrome [link removed],fixed [link removed],constant [link removed],immutable [link removed]
    • made up of a complex mix of elements; multifaceted. "a kaleidoscopic range of topics"
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