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Had a thoroughly enjoyable first shoot with James. Pre comms were excellent. He arrived promptly and came loaded with looks and ideas. James is a “natural” in front of camera. He poses with ease and clearly enjoys what he does, which reflects in the work he produces. I have only one negative thing to say and that is that my time shooting with him seemed to go so quickly - Still, good reason to fix up some further shoots. I highly recommended him to other photographers and look forward to working with him again soon.

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2G Studios

James came to our studio today for a shoot. he was on time , well spoken . has a great look & everything about him says professional . highly recommended . Look forward to seeing you again at our Studio

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Had another shoot with James. This one was a concept shoot with two other models, and one of the make up artists from season 2 of Glow Up.

As with every time we have worked together, James has excellent pre-shoot comms, arrived on time and well prepared.

He has such a great attitude and he worked really with the other models.

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Third shoot with James today. He is everything you could want in a model. Professional, punctual, well prepared, listens to feedback and direction (not that he needs it)

Pretty much nailed every look within the first couple of frames. Such a productive day.

VERY highly recommended.

Book this guy, you won’t regret it.

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James was a fabulous guy to work with, I would highly recommend him one he is a pleasure to work with but also he is so versatile as a model he is a real talent and so Photogenic!

10 out of 10

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Second shoot with James today. Such a productive day.

We even joked that he had nailed the first concept we shot in the first frame.

This guy is INCREDIBLE. So talented, easy to work with, and such a decent, genuine and reliable guy.

Cannot say enough about James. He’s easily one of the best models I’ve worked with.

Shoot 3 can’t come soon enough.

Very highly recommended

James is professional, punctual, well prepared and works hard to not only bring your vision to life, but to ensure you get “the shot” with each idea or look.

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Had my first shoot with James today, couldn’t have gone any better.

Great attitude, friendly, chatty and easy to get on with.

We got through lots of ideas and outfits, which James effortlessly worked through, his poses are fluid and he listens really well to direction.

Any notes as we were shooting, he took on board and adjusted his poses straight away.

Honestly couldn’t be happier.

Very highly recommended and looking forward to working with him again

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A very productive and creative shoot with James. We covered a wide range of styles and lighting set-ups, using a number of different props. James is a very versatile model who knows how to interact with the camera and poses with confidence and creativity. I would definitely recommend him to fellow photographers.

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Xavier Cassadine photography

Worked with James again on a project, both in studio and location, always professional and gives everything and more to the shoot. Highly recommended again, as he is incredible at what he does. Mervyn.

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Green Carnation Photography

I had the pleasure to work with James over a full day (Aug 2018). He quickly understood concepts, posing with minimal direction & supreme confidence - bringing layers of emotion & personality, & inhabiting the role with consummate brilliance! He was reliable, punctual, & communication was pitch-perfect throughout. James is a handsome, lovely guy who is easy to get on with, gelled with other models, & has fabulous attitude. I’m certain with his amazing natural flair he would be ideally suited for all projects. Would be delighted to work with him again & give my highest recommendation. Thank you James!

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Xavier Cassadine aka Mervyn Day

Worked with James twice and great to work with, very professional, friendly and nice person all round. Working on a few projects with James and highly recommend.

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I worked with James on a commercial fitness shoot for a new brand in Manchester City Centre. James's pre-communication was great and we got everything booked in quickly and efficiently. James arrived early and with all the clothing required for the day. He was very well presented and a pleasure to work with. James worked well with all the photographers and models was very easy to work with. James' relaxed nature enabled us to create some fantastic images. I would highly working with James if you get the opportunity.

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real image factory Studios

Great guy. Very easy to work with. Good communication. I highly recommend him. Always on time. Very professional and always well prepared. Great personality.

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M Sands Photography

Just finished a great photoshoot with James. Pre shoot communication was great so we both knew what we were aiming for, James arrived on time and was well prepared for the shoot. James is a great guy and easy to chat too, takes direction well and threw in lots of his own ideas too - we got some great shots. I certainly recommend him and hope we shot again soon.


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