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Worked with Justine on a fashion shoot down in London, despite it being a bitterly cold morning, she maintained her enthusiasm and professionalism throughout. Friendly, professional, and very easy to work with, a pleasure.

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It was an absolute pleasure working with Justine and she bought a lot of creativity and ideas to the shoot. She is very friendly, professional and very easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her in the future.

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Chris Green

I responded to a casting call from Justine. She communicated clearly and quickly. We settled on a location and shared some ideas for the shoot.

Justine arrived on time, with her make-up all ready, and in the outfit we had agreed on. She's friendly, polite, softly-spoken and professional in her manner.

Justine poses well and also takes direction. Between us, we managed to get some great images! I'd definitely recommend Justine to other photographers.

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Shadow Light Photography

What can I say about Justine, very passionate and down to earth kinda girl. She arrived with a case full of clothes that we discussed for our shoot leading up to the day which was a Victorian/Goth styling theme @ the Sanctum in Southampton.

Very easy to get on with and put my at ease striaght away, chatty and open for casual conversation while shooting which as a fairly new photographer was really appreciated.

We captured some great images and wished we had longer together as the two hours just flew by.

Thanks again Justine :)

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Excellent communications with Justine enabled us to arrange the shoot at very short notice. Justine's natural friendliness made her very easy to work with and contributed to a successful shoot. I can recommend her highly.

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Had a fantastic shoot with Justine. She is highly experienced, super friendly and was a joy to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks.

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Peter Carruthers

I worked with Justine on location for a lifestyle shoot (stills and video) for some image library material. I had been wanting to work with her for a while, and I'm so glad that I did. She was very professional, had some great ideas for some shots, and gave me the poses and looks that I wanted - and loads that I didn't expect as well. I would definitely work with her again.

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Another great shoot with Justine. First time trying a petal bath shoot. Justine was very accommodating and helped me achieve some great shots. Happy she is willing to put up with me. I’m always happy to shoot with Justine.

Highly recommend

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I have shot with Justine a couple of times now. Find it easy and enjoyable shooting with her. Will continue to shoot with her, have already arranged another shoot.

We made some really nice portraits in natural at my studio.

Highly recommended.

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I had a great time shooting with Justine in a local park. We made the most of the golden hour and the results are amazing. We did a mixture of portrait and winter fashion. This was a last minute shoot and it worked out really well. I can highly recommend Justine. She’s a petit model with beautiful face and gorgeous eyes. Hope to work with her soon.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Justine - on time, brilliant style and professionalism and knows how to pose, move and generally keep the shoot in great spirits and mood. Highly recommended!

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Had a great time drawing Justine, lovely girl

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Malcolm Clark LSWPP

Another fine shoot with Justine. Perfect communication and punctuality. Brought along a unique outfit to match the style of the shoot . I thoroughly recommend justine as a professional fun model to work with.

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JASC Photography

Second shoot with Justine - this time with both myself and Mrs S behind the camera. As always Justine brings that sparking personality, good humour and professionalism to the shoot. We had a superb couple of hours with Justine delivering quality work. Just love working with her and totally recommend (again)

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Guy Clix

First time shooting with the lovely Justine. Precomms were excellent and she arrived early for our shoot around Waterloo/South Bank and she brought with her a great selection of different types of outfits from casual, high end fashion to retro/Victorian gypsy style etc

Justine is very photogenic with lovely facial features and is a very good model, great at posing, very easy to get along with and talk to, contributes nicely to the creative input and was nicely prepared to change outfits on the move as we went along.

Difficult not to get some great pictures with Justine and I really look forward to shooting with her again next time.

Highly recommended.

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Analogue Film Explorer

Justine and I had our third shoot today and we shot fashion on location in London.

After very easy pre-comms yesterday, we started the shoot perfectly on time today. Justine came with a great set of outfits and we picked two that were right for the shoot.

As well as having a very beautiful look, Justine is very easy to work with. She poses without needing direction and is happy for me to ask her to fine tune a pose to perfect it. She was also happy to walk to a few different locations so we could get a variety of different backgrounds and find the best light. Justine has just the right amount of chat between shots but is then fully focused when taking the shot which is perfect.

It was lovely working with Justine again and I can highly recommend her. Thanks for another great shoot Justine!

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Alan Warner 07

Had a combined shoot with Chris Price at my home studio last week.

Justine arrived exactly on time at the nominated station after a 2 hour journey from south London. We also had excellent communication throughout the lead up to the shoot.

Justine was very professional and came up with her own ideas on the shoot as well as taking direction from myself and Chris.

Nice personality and very charming.

Highly recommended and would certainly use Justine for other projects.

Thank you!

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Had a brilliant shoot with Justine. After I had to cancel on her a few days before, she graciously let me reschedule and we did some portraiture and fashion style shots. It’s very easy to work with Justine, I just freely let her pose and I’m extremely happy with the results. Will shoot with her again hopefully next couple of weeks. Highly recommended.

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Malcolm Clark LSWPP

My second shoot with Justine, the first with her in my studio. Justine is an amazing model, she gave good communication during the days prior to the shoot and was very punctual. Justine arrived with a variety of outfits to match the style of shoot we planned and added a few extra items that complemented the ideas. I would thoroughly recommend Justine as a professional and creative model.

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Had a joint shoot with Justine and my friend @alan07 in his home studio.

Justine's pre-shoot communications were excellent. Justine arrived on time and kept me informed of her travel progress. Turned up with a good selection of styles of clothing. Justine has a great look and is very professional, able to take direction and came up with a few poses of her own.

Lovely personality easy to talk to and seemed to get my bad jokes.

Highly recommended.

Thank you Justine.

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