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Stats and sizes

  • 19yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 30DD/E-24-31
  • USA dress size 2
  • 4'11" tall
  • 91lbs
  • USA shoe size 4
  • Hazel eyes
  • Medium coloured hair
  • Olive skin

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Commercial, Cosplay, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional and Wedding


External links


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Hey everyone, thank you for visiting my Port! :D

I'm a Musician full time and I model whenever I can! :)

My background and current look:
♥ I am Anglo-Indian (mixed with Indian, Irish, Portuguese and Filipino) 
♥ I have mid-length dark brown hair with green dip dye.
♥ My hazel green eyes are what I’m most complimented for.
♥ I am a Size 4-6 (mostly 6), naturally slim, and 4'11 tall. 
♥ The piercings I have include my septum, tongue and 2 lobes on each ear, all of which can be removed if necessary. 

What modelling is to me: 
♥ Story telling is what I enjoy most about creativity. As a versatile model, I am able to branch out into many different styles and themes. With each shoot I work hard to achieve our goals so we leave feeling accomplished! :) I am able to create many looks on demand as I have styled every look on my portfolio (minus the Indian Bridal). Creating art is my goal and I love to work with people who share my passions. ♥

Levels: I am very aware of how I am portrayed through my work. I prefer to always take an artistic and deeper approach, which to me means not entirely focussing on my assets. I feel no connection to it, and therefore I will politely decline your request to show more legs and/or cleavage. I like to be thoroughly informed about what you'd like to achieve on a shoot when booking me. 
I am UNWILLING to do any glamour, adult, /nude/ implied, boudoir, lingerie and bikini shoots, as it's simply not my style.

Shoots:  I work for pay only
♥ Please contact me for my rates! (Must book 2 hours minimum). Deposits are not mandatory, but are prioritised.
♥ Willing to travel providing travel costs are covered
 (I have a 16-25 railcard that gets me 1/3 off).
♥ If my travel time is exceeding an hour, I prefer to be booked for at least 4 hours. 

♥ I cannot shoot from home. 

♥ If you've added me to your "People I'd Like To Work With" List, please be aware I do not work TFP so message me to book a shoot

Regarding MakeUp and MUA’s:
♥ I am capable of doing my own makeup to a professional standard. As an artist I can offer you a range of looks.
♥ I am happy to work with MUA's, but please be aware I am Vegan and will not use anything containing animal products.
♥ I do have quite sensitive skin and prefer not to wear foundation if it can be helped. 

Thank you so much for reading, and if you feel we can create art together, please get in touch!

Justine Victoria ♥


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