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Mind in the Shutter

I recently had my first shoot with Jun: a 3hr cyberpunk-themed creative makeup shoot on location in central London.

Working with Jun was a fantastic experience. He was highly responsive to pre-shoot comms, enthusiastic, patient and professional in every way. He is an excellent model and takes direction very well.

I would not hesitate to recommend him, and very much look forward to working with him again in future!

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Anna Edelrid

What a great opportunity for me as a photographer,  to meet such an amazing model as Jun is . He just looks so amazing , his tattoos are incredibly beautiful and I love his enthusiasm for creating new and interesting art , so our shooting was an absolute blast . Pre-shoot comms were on point, we planned this shooting for half a year ,  so we had so much time to arrange every detail . We arranged our meet time and location to be in Rotterdam , so Jun traveled to the Netherlands by plane and I came by car from Switzerland to shoot together . Our shooting concept was based around the samurai theme , but we both created unique images and films , something so amazing that none of us had put in images before . What an absolute delight , meeting and shooting together with this talented and beautiful model ,  hopefully this amazing collaboration will lead to many more in the future , as I would love to shoot with Jun again and in many more countries . I would highly recommend Jun to all the photographers who want to create pure art , and to anyone who longs for great and fantastic images . Thank you so much Jun for everything and looking forward for our next shootings together . 


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