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WOW - what can I say, I shot with Julian for the first time as a duo with my partner for his clothing range I was that impressed I booked in another shoot with him and the images I received were out of this world!

Julian is a true professional, he knows what he wants and knows how to exactly get there, he has a fantastic studio apartment with lots of space to try different styles! So if you want a certain look julian is your man!

Another thing I love about working with Julian is - he’s very welcoming and such a laugh to be around.

I have another shoot booked in with him already and I can not wait - if you haven’t already worked with julian I highly recommend to any model!!


Sharelle. :)

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Julian Osborne is an outstanding photographer and can only be described as 'The Best.' I've been modelling for many years now and he is my go to photographer when updating my portfolio and images for my clothing business.

He is great fun to be around and is a fantastic host.

His studio is amazing! Nice, big, fancy open apartment with plenty of photography props!

Julian is a serious photographer. He has all the right gear and has invested a pretty penny on the high quality tech and lighting to help capture all of his A* images. He always plays great tunes to get you in the vibe for the shoot and fires over plenty of jokes and compliments!

Can't thank him enough for the experiences he has given me and for images that have helped me massively in my career!

I will certainly be shooting with Julian again!

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