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NOTE: Some of the following needs to be taken with a pinch of salt; not the cheap stuff, though - best to go with some nice rock salt from M&S, as that works best. Nice.

How do ye do! My name's Jon and I'm a human person who lives in Minehead, Somerset.

I've worked with quite a few models over the past 10 years and my main goal now is to build my portfolio back up after having a long break away from photography and with each shoot, learn a little more. :)

My favourite medium is natural light - I absolutely love it, which in a funny way is why it's my favourite. Marvellous. I have a nice little cottagey-type place that we can shoot in when the weather is pants and on nice days there are plenty of great outdoor locations to choose from.

So if you're looking for a relaxed, fun, friendly shoot with plenty of tea/coffee, biscuits and those ubiquitous jaffa-cakes thrown in for good measure, then give me a shout.

Well...don't shout, as I most likely won't hear you, unless I lean in and cup an ear intently to the prevailing wind. It's best to send me a message. I love living in the future, it's great.

Okay, a few serious things:

Asking for a deposit is fine if you have a decent number of feedback reports and they are all positive - if you've been on here for 6 weeks and have 1 feedback, (or none) then nope. Sorry. Which brings me nicely onto..

Cancellations. I will only ever cancel if there is an emergency/illness, I've ballsed-up my calendar...or you start peaking on the plant fertiliser you've inhaled and get sketchy. I've only ever cancelled twice in about 8 years. Other than that, I don't believe in piddling people about.

Shoot agreement. Once it has been discussed and..well, agreed, then it's set in stone. Please do not try to change the terms of the agreement the day before, or even a few hours before. My time is precious and I would rather not waste it on some ping-pong back and forth, trying to go through the fine details proving who said what and when and what it actually meant, laaa, laaa, laaahhhh. In short, let's stick to the plan, or not at all.

Communication. All correspondence to take place on here. Not WhatsApp, text, Kik, Instagram, plenty of fish, OkCupid, etc.

Chaperones. I'm not even sure if people use them anymore, but I don't like having them around. They're distracting; it's like when you were in the exam room at school and the teacher would stop and look over your shoulder. Obviously, if you're under 18, then it's not a problem. :) Other than that, please keep your throat-clearing-at-a-decisive-moment-and-thinking-it's-funny-every-time, coughing, sniffing, lurking, back-seat directing, jangling keys in the pocket, smart-arse commenting and farting chaperones away*. Ta. ;)

And there you have it! Thanks for reading my inane drivel and I look forward to shooting with you soon. :)

*Based on actual, not speculative, experience. 

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