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I had the pleasure shooting with JPea on Sunday. After messaging on and off for ages we managed to get the date. JPea pre-comms were exceptional and I knew what to expect when I arrived for our 4 hour shoot.

I brought items that he asked for but to my surprise he had the room layed out and hanging with clothing, jewellery etc which was brilliant.

We did a number of sets around his beautiful home. I even shot in his kitchen which he hadn't done before. These images are absolutely stunning, well they are all stunning. I just received images to choose and I'm literally spoilt for choice haha the range of styles we did were incredible. And JPea got his first taste of pegs yes pegs on me not Jpea haha but seriously I really couldn't ask for a fantastic shoot. Such a gentleman and an all round fantastic photographer. Thanks again JPea for making me feel welcomed and capturing some stunning images.

Most definitely Highly Recommended.

Jackie x

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It was my second shoot with John. I was hoping that I have improved my sense of directions since, but I’ve been wrong.. John had to rescue me once again, surprise, surprise.

It became a tradition now, that our shoots will end up messy and this time we went one step further. I can only say, that it was well worth it. I like the fact, that John has own ideas, but he is also open to model’s inputs. And on the top of that, he makes an excellent coffee! He is also a great photographer, it goes without saying.

Always highest recommendations from me!

Thank you for the amazing shoot.

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Morgan M

Hey, had a great shoot with Jpea. Professional, polite and had lots of brilliant ideas. Jpea also had plenty of outfit changes. Thank you x

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Pretty B

I had my first shoot with JPea and it was fun, I really enjoyed it. We shot lots of different sets and got many amazing images. He is easy to work with and creative, he has lots of great ideas. I would highly recommend shooting with him.

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Today was my first shoot with John and also Mr NPR at OpenSpace Studios.

I had the best time, what a team we all were. John is hilarious and had me chuckling the entirety of the shoot.

I have admired John’s creativity and vision for quite some time so was delighted to organise this shoot.

John shared his inspiration for the shoot and we covered many styles in 4 hours. Creating is what I love to do and John enabled this streak of mine.

I am beyond excited to see ours images and share them to the world.

Thank you so much for making me laugh and for baring with me lol.

Really hope this isn’t that last time we shoot. Xxx

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Damn How 8 Year's have flown by since i last shot with JPea.

And let's just say it was like we had only shot just yesterday. As upon our first shoot he was ever so polite and welcoming and friendly. He was still as passionate and energetic for his craft as he was then as he is now.

I was booked to work as a co model alongside the sub enchantress at Open space studio's. It was a ultimate pleasure to work together again.

He came with bags packed out additional props and outfits to utilise if needed and came to create great art and we definitely achieved that i belive.

Four hour's flew by and i hope to have to not wait as long as the last time to cross paths again.

He has a great eye for a idea and a shot he wants to re inact and capture. Very fun and super relaxed.

I highly recommend this man to work with.

Kind regards


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Zara Fox

Well! What can I say. Had my first shoot with John and it was one of the best I’ve had yet.

John is hilarious, has a beautiful home and has lots of crazy ideas which suits me to a T!

We have already been planning more ideas for another shoot.

Thank you so much John - I’ll steal that dress next time! 🤣

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Elegant Eve

Amazing.....Today was the first time I had met and worked with John and it was simply "Great".

An incredible host and a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed shoot unfolded. John is enthusiastic and passionate about his photography and his positivity is just contagious. John had many ideas that he wanted to try and as we worked through the shoot flowed organically creating various styles from John's great concepts. It was fantastic to see the images from the back of the cam throughout the shoot and they were just fabulous so I cannot wait to see the final results.

Wow - fab person to work with and totally recommend John to other models to shoot with if you are given the opportunity.

Thankyou John


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Sinopa Rin

Wow, what a wonderful shoot! I had the pleasure of a half day with John at Fareham Studio recently and it was without doubt one of my favourite shoots of the last year. We didn't have too much of a plan so bounced around the studio following the beautiful light and our imaginations, which yielded a huge range of exquisite results. John is extremely creative, kind and warm - I felt hugely appreciated and respected throughout the shoot and enjoyed chatting to him about a variety of topics between sets. I'd be delighted to work with him again and wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

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I had a fantastic first shoot with John this week. The pre comms were clear, he was organised and had a lot of clothing and props to shoot with meaning that I was able to travel light (love)!

John was kind enough to pick me up from the nearest train station and he was super friendly from start to finish. He had a really clear idea of the sort of thing he wanted to shoot and we got so much done in our 4 hour shoot. We shot in all different outfits and locations around the house and I think most ideas worked very well, but we moved swiftly on whenever something didn't work. His house has great natural light which we made the most of and definitely got some fab images!

I would not hesitate to recommend John to work with and would be more than happy to work with him again any time. :)

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Aww I absolutely love shooting with John. Today was only my second shoot with him but it feels so natural to flow and bounce ideas off each other, you’d think we’d been working together much longer.

John came to me this time, he arrived promptly and full of enthusiasm. It felt like I’d only seen him last week even though it was a fair few months ago. A quick brew and a catch up and we were good to go.

Where do I start….. John is super creative and has fabulous ideas. We didn’t really have a plan today tho, we totally winged it. John bought a case of things along and I got a few bits out ready. After checking out different areas of the house and available light, we got to it. We shot a good selection of different sets and styles, we had so much fun experimenting with different facial expressions. It’s been such an great laugh!!

John gets awesome shots with great angles, he knows exactly how to get the best. He always shows me what we’re getting on the boc so I’m able to work the light and pose to the best I can. When looking back through images we both had the same positive reactions for the same images. We are totally on the same page.

Time seemed to disappear before us and it was soon the end of the shoot…. And what a great shoot it was!

Thank you so much John for being so awesome and creating some fantastic images with me! It was such a great day!

Without a doubt, very highly recommended from me

Lou ☺️

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So one day, I have noticed the message in my Inbox from John. I have followed his work for a while, but I would never assume that one day, I will have a chance to meet him.

John is a breath of fresh air. His images are outstanding and you will never know what to expect next. He's an artist, he plays with lenses, background and at the same time he lets model flowing. Just the way I like.

John likes real emotions, real people where senses are the main filter. Reality mixed with fantasy, shadows with lighting and colours with grittiness. This is how you create magic.

What is also important, John has a brilliant sense of humour. For my cheeky personality, he is a perfect match. He did let me to rifle his fridge and to mess with his kitchen floor. God helps the cleaning lady, lol.

A perfect host, respectful, he makes a great coffee and he will feed you with yummy biscuits; you can add a jam as the topping too…  :)

A great shoot with a great photographer who has left the smile on my face.

Highest recommendations!

Thank you John and don’t forget to go shopping  ;)

Emi xx

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Keira Lavelle

JPea; The legendary photo-taker that does fabulous things with harsh sunlight, is often found lapping up the warmth of somewhere tropical/Mediterranean on a shooting trip, who literally even sat there in beautiful sunny weather in the West Midlands whilst shooting me remotely rolling about in snow in the depths of Yorkshire... You mean to tell me that a model actually managed to drag him off to baron wilderness of Northern NORWAY?!?!

Tis' true! 😁❄

In a twist of fate; when the restrictions of a crazy pandemic began to ease, and all the cards miraculously fell into place... The opportunity arose for John to join me on a one-off creative whirlwind of an adventure in a land that was honestly just too stunning for words! John was actually due to be coming on a different Arts Voyage trip earlier in the year - one which was not destined to be this time, with the uncertainties and travel restrictions still in place in the summer. It was frustration for all sides as I was so much looking forward to having this ingenious nutter come along on one of the one-to-one events and give it all the standard *JPea* inspo that everyone knows and loves! 🤩 But alas; it was not meant to be and safety always came first with the running of the trips. However - in came early autumn and with an astonishing turn of events... My Norwegian trip to the far North of the country was able to go ahead! I couldn't believe it in all honesty. The catch being of course that under the strange times peoples circumstances had changed, and it actually resulted in me having a cancellation quite last minute. Everything happened so fast - one minute I was picking things up ready to make this event happen (one which I was getting ready to not be able to happen!), the next moment I was on the phone to John utterly thrilled beyond comprehension that he was interested in joining on relatively short notice having found himself in much need of some fabulous place to get away to and shoot! I swear there was some weird telepathy going on that day - with the pushing back of the other trip and then Norway providing the perfect opportunity to still jet off and get creative... It was completely destined in a way, but also the most wonderful *chance* arrangement that could have happened!☺

But still... JPea, somewhere rather chilly??? (We're talking further into the arctic circle than Iceland here!)

Yes indeed! And I tell you what - he took to it like a total natural! 🌟 I mean it's basically common knowledge anyway that John does jaw-droppingly sublime things with the camera... He just rolls about on any terrain getting mad compositions, and then fiddles with his settings to pump up the drama. Models who have shot with him will know what I mean. 😆 Well that very same John came along to Norway, and he SLAYED it! We actually got blessed with rather nice weather for locations so harsh and Northerly. Some of the shots echo vibes of a warm summers day somewhere much closer to the equator - of course John worked that light to every inch of his life! 👀 When it did become a little more overcast - he still worked it! throwing himself all over the place to make that shot interesting/choosing his direction of shooting with the light carefully to maximise the *WOW* factor:- Viking warrior goddess or waterfall ice sprite, painted military fashion chic or figure in the land of mirrors, urbex explorer or siren in the white waves... We did sooo much! SOOOO MUCH I TELL YOU! I'd be here all day if I listed all the locations/the land features/the outfits/the styling/the lighting/the atmospheres. There were just a whole bundle of *things* which came together over and over again during my innovate and invigorating slot with John during this Arts Voyage event slot - and much of it is really hard to put into words... But he took those components brought together by the event and did pristinely fabulous things. That's all I have to say! 🥰

In fact no - it's not all I have to say! Because on top of my above rambling of John's epic passion which encompasses his photography, he is also bloomin' delightful company! I have (before now) shot with John for a few hours here or there, completed full day shoots with him sometimes... Even been on other organised trips with him over longer periods but with a bigger group of people present. The Exclusive one-to-one style events of Arts Voyage are much more personal, I was literally with John exclusively for the 3 days of his slot. Whilst in some ways it could be seen as quite intense, I actually thought it was really nice to enjoy a proper/relaxed catch up and marathon of creativity with John where we felt neither pressured or obligated to fit into a particular schedule/shooting plan. The shooting time was all about our creative creative collaborative willingness - me wanting to help JPea be JPea in this awesome new world, and JPea wanting to go for it and do what JPea does when he is feeling/seeing that creative spark in a photo opportunity. We talked so much, had a laugh whilst we worked, enjoyed the down time at the end of the day when it was time to refuel... The experience as a whole from my point of view as a model/event coordinator was totally top notch! I rest my case - The twist of fate in John being available/ready for an adventure was the best thing that could've happened. 😃

A photographer who is kind, courteous, professional and decent in every way. That's John all over, no matter how hard he pretends he's not with his jolly ole' banter and chirpy nature. 😂

He may think I'm a raving looney now - for a few reasons! (Perhaps watching me swim in the Baltic sea, or clamber around in other strange locations/waterfalls). Hopefully it's a good kinda looney though cause I'll be on his case again before too long to team up at some point in the future too! 🤪

Thank you soooooo much John you ledge you! Norway will never be the same again!


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Today I had my first shoot with John and it was absolutely amazing!! Pre comms were ace. We discussed ideas and had an idea of what we would shoot.

I arrived and John showed me around, we pulled up a mood board and got to work creating some absolutely fabulous images. We covered different styles finishing with some bodyscape with oil and water that was all super! John is fantastic at his lighting skills. We worked together to get the shots and I was so pleased at what we achieved.

John is such a great guy to shoot with. A real gentleman and a good laugh. I look forward to working with John again soon

Very highly recommended from me

Thank you John for such a great shoot

Lou ☺️

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amber foxxxx

Had my first shoot with John yesterday and honestly .. still buzzing! It was such a fun , creative and high energy shoot I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the way that we were able to work so easily together to work on creative ideas.

John is very approachable and friendly but also professional, I felt immediately at ease and comfortable when meeting John for the first time, he was also very prepared for the shoot with reference images and lots of great and exciting different ideas.. he also provided outfits props etc and of course coffee!

The time together shooting simply flew by but we were very productive and as well as capturing some great shots we also enjoyed a good laugh and there was a sense of fun and enjoyment too.

I highly recommend John and look forward to a future shoot, 11 out of 10 stars ! :P amber x

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kassie j

Had my first shoot with John this week. I would absolutely recommend working with him.

When I arrived John was friendly and welcoming. He showed me around and went through what we were going to be doing.

John is very enthusiastic and it shines through just how much he loves shooting and creating interesting shots.

I've already seen a few images and they look fab. Would be great to work with John again.

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Keira Lavelle

My second remote shoot with the ever iconic and creative JPea!!! 🤩 This time we had a totally different environment to work in as well; so it was full-steam-ahead for some phenomenal John madness (I had absolutely nothing to do with the insanity that unfolded, I swear! 🤣) Working at Natural Light Spaces making use of endless amounts of stunning daylight (erm - John’s secret weapon!) Uber cool props/posing boxes and then some... T’was just a savvy sesh all-round really. 😃 And I enjoyed working with this gentleman just as I have every single other time we’ve shot together. You just cannot go wrong with this highly imaginative soul. 🌟

John had never shot at this particular venue before, so it was an exciting shoot based on that alone and knowing that John gets fully stuck into the surroundings/light/opportunities from the very minute the shoot begins. :) Well I tell you what: we made images that I’ve not even come close to making there before! It might have been something entirely simple as harassing a bundle of voiles, to then becoming “part of the junk” in a corner of the room where things had simply been arranged in a manner to get them out of the way of something else. 😆 This is John... This is him all over! He’d have had me poking my legs out of the bin in the tea-making area given half the chance and still made it look flippin’ EPIC! (Don’t worry fellow models - you don’t have to get in the bin if you don’t want to. It was more a metaphorical way of describing how this photographer can make the most unimpressive of arrangements look like the dogs dangly’s in the click of a button. Yup - he’s pretty outta this world. 😅 In terms of seeing the image; he’s extremely sensitive to the surroundings and can direct with total perfection. Yet he’s also willing to allow the model to surge with their own energy and capture those moments. What you get is a fantastic teamwork flow, but John having very notable input in putting his mark on the work. And this is the case whether he’s shooting you in-person or remotely. 🙂 He’s just good at what he does!

It’s not a JPea shoot without laughter the entire way through... He’s just a complete barrel of laughs in fact. He takes himself about as seriously as the most non-serious being on earth, he’s just aiming to enjoy a great atmosphere and gel with the people he shoots with on a very positive level to come away feeling great about the shoot. :D I think it’s very safe to say that many models with whom he has worked with over the years feel very happy indeed at the end of his shoots. And for good reason! A nice/upbeat chappy... And despite the crackers banter - he does have a highly professional and respectful demeanour about him. :)

Thank you dearly for another killer shoot John! As usual - your comms where brilliant, and the giggles memorable! Still buzzing about the pictures we made. Until next time ey?


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Elle J

This was my third remote shoot with JPea and it was another fantastic shoot. I absolutely love working with him. Pre comms are always spot on and we always get on really well.

We tend to have a free flowing shoot and ideas pop up as we go along with the items I have and this works fantastically.

I love JPea’s passion for photography and the mood he loves to create so it’s wonderful to be able to explore emotion and express myself freely during the shoots we have done.

We got some fantastic images and I love the edits he has done.

I absolutely loved the shoot and I hope we get the chance to work together again remotely and face to face in the future. Highly recommended from me, thank you JPea!

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Elle J

I absolutely adore working with John. He is just a joy to work with and we get on so well. I love his creative ideas and how he works. We recently had our second remote shoot and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I love that I can explore my emotional range with John and not feel worried about doing so. I know that he gets what I'm trying to portray and it works so well. At one point I was able to bring tears into the shoot. This hasn't happened to me before and that shows to me how well we work together that I am able to do that. I trust him to capture the emotion and be able to portray it well in the image.

I love the images and can't wait to see more. He is always friendly, polite, kind and a gentleman. I would highly recommend working with him. I hope we get chance to shoot together again. Thanks John :)

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Naked Soul

I did my first shoot with John, it was Remote Shoot. He is very professional, he gives space to his model for their Ideas. He’s such a lovely person to work with. Highly Recommended.

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