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Madeleine Walker

I shot with John at a 1920s themes shoot organised by David J Severn, at his studio (Studio 3 By Severn).

John had a warm yet gentle nature, which put you at ease. When we were shooting, it just felt very easy and natural. We tried some props and poses, but the shoot remained very flowing. We even managed to have a brief conversation during it, which made it feel more relaxed, and therefore easier to try things out.

After the shoot, John asked for the models' emails, so that he could send us the raw files, and said he was more than happy to edit any we liked. I appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to provide us with images. I received the raw files the evening of the shoot itself. Still deciding on my choice of edits, but the raw files look very promising.

I would recommend working with John!

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I had my first shoot in a year with John and I was a little nervous, however John was very welcoming and put me at ease!

Highly recommend working with him!

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Nia Vaikla

Had my second shoot with John today and, as always, it was a great experience and the photos came out even better than imagined! He creates a great atmosphere and communications prior to the shoot were great. Highly recommend and hope to work with again!

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I had a photo shoot with John today and he was so welcoming and so unstandable about my anxiety as it was high with it being my first time.

He made me feel relaxed and the shoot went nicely.

I was recommend John for a photo shoot and I am thinking of doing another one again with him soon

Thank you for everything John


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White Angel 🤍

Had a second home studio shoot with John a couple days ago.. The shoot flowed along nicely & again we managed to get some amazing images.

John is friendly & professional to work with I feel we achieved a relaxed shoot with lovely images.

Also very quick on processing the images & returning!

Thank you for our shoot day

Angel 🤍

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Raven Karloff

Great photographer with a home studio set up. Made me feel at ease and helped me step outside my comfort zone while remaining professional. Took time to get plenty of shots. Checked in on how I was doing regularly and made sure to help achieve any shots I had in mind. Would definitely recommend and work with again.

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Had a great shoot with John we got along so well ,its was very short and simple would definitely advise working with him ,cant wait too shoot again x

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John is very down to earth, very easy to get on with very professional

good with advice on poses

would recommend to others

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Pleasure to work with John it was my first time meeting him and we got along really well.

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Had my first photoshoot with John yesterday it really good cant wait to see the outcome ,he was very professional & chilled very easy to talk to .

Looking forward to shoots in the future

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Had my first shoot today with John, made me feel so at ease and very helpful with giving directions for poses. Such an easy guy to get along with, can't wait to see the pictures and look forward to another shoot.

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White Angel 🤍

Had a brilliant shoot with John today at his home studio… we’ve met once before on a group shoot but the first time working together & on shoot ideas…

John is very welcoming & friendly he is a fabulous photographer & works hard to get the right images..

We had a shoot plan & added a few extras sets too .. I’m really more than happy with the results..

I recommend to all models you won’t be disappointed

Friendly, professional caring is John

Thank you so much for today

Angel 🤍

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Phoenix Lily

I finally got to work with John after he answered my casting call. I highly recommend working with him, he has a great eye for detail and the shoot was lots of fun and together we produced some great images.

I would definitely work with him again

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Dark Raven

Had yet another brilliant shoot with John yesterday. What can I say. He is a brilliant photographer, easy to work with and always fun. We created alot of brilliant images.

Always a pleasure to work with john and I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND him

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Miss Nova Divone

I’ve work with John. On group shoots. And we had a fantastic shoot yesterday.! He’s very pleasant honest guy ! Pre communication was good ! And I really enjoyed working with John , I’m excited to see the edits he’s genuine and reliable ! And we bounce ideas 💡 off each other I would highly recommend John to new or experienced models , Thank you John

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Nia Vaikla

had a late evening shoot with John and thoroughly enjoyed it. he made the experience comfortable, professional, and enjoyable. the results were amazing- would definitely work with again.

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Queen Viktoria

Worked with John on a very last minute (well, I joined last minute) pirate shoot. He was pleasant to work with, trustable, good photographer, recommended to work with. I certainly would like to do a shoot with him again.

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Worked with John many times always so much fun, reliable, absolute gent,an gives great direction.

Highly recommend to all models. Looking forward to working with him again x

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I had a wonderful shoot with John today. This was my second time working with him, although I am sure it will not be my last. John is a great photographer and a lot of fun to work with.

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Dark Raven

Had yet another brilliant shoot with john yesterday. Fantastic location and we created some brilliant images. As usual john was professional and courteous but also had lots of fun. Always love shooting with John and cannot wait until next time.

I highly recommend john

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