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I had a lovely shoot with Joleen at Far Forest studio yesterday. She tuned up well equipped with different outfits to suit the different ideas we had outlined. She was happy to try my ideas and experiments in lighting and genres, and is a natural at posing. Jo is friendly,

relaxed and easy to work with and I Hooe to have another shoot with her later when the opportunity arises. Highly recommended.

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Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS

We booked Jo for the RPS art nude workshop.

She arrived in good time and modelled for the group all day.

She did all that was asked of her and the delegates were very happy.

Thanks Jo its good to hear you enjoyed it and I will let you know of any future events we need you for.

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Steve Pearl

I had the pleasure of meeting Joleen at Chris Burfoot's RPS Art Nude workshop in Lacock today. Jo was friendly and appeared thoroughly at ease modelling for a 7-hour art nude workshop, which surely wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea!

She posed very well with minimal direction, and never tired of 8 photographers all asking her to do the same things over and over.

I would recommend Jo to photographers and workshop tutors alike, and would be happy to work with her again in the future.

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John Whitmore

Had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Joleen last week at our home studio.

Joleen is a delightful model to work with, and although she travelled quite a distance for our shoot she arrived on time and ready to shoot.

She rocked the specific looks and feel I had planned for the shoot and our time melted away too quickly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joleen to any photographer and hopefully we will be able to work together again

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Richard @RBPhotographic

I was lucky to have Joleen reply to a casting I posted for a outdoor and indoor shoot at the wonderful Two Wei House.

The all day eight hour shoot absolutely shot by and Joleen was a joy to work with. I had a number of complex lighting ideas to work though and while I concentrated on the technical aspects Joleen posed effortlessly with little need of direction.

A very enjoyable day and Joleen was a delight to work with, and worked hard without complaint despite some of the cold autumn outdoor scenes.

I can well recommend Joleen to any photographer needing a lovely model.

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D M Wilmot

Did a 'walkabout' in Bath, with the lovely Joleen T.

Met Royal Crescent, walked streets as 'tourists'. Jo is good to work with, picked up what I wanted:images, etc.

Easy to talk to, with.

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Well where do you start, We had discussed on a couple of occasions a shoot until covid19 struck. So this was almost 18 months in planning. Great comms before our shoot today lead to a shoot for 4 hours which pasted in a flash.

Jo is extremely professional arrived on time, make up done and ready to start promptly. She has a wonderful soft manner and was easy to get on with. The studio was fully equipment which allowed us to shot several scenes. Her very natural looks made the scenes work effortlessly. I can not recommend Jo highly enough.

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Great shoot with Jo. Good communications up front and during the shoot, and she's perceptive, entertaining and engaging in both photos and video work. Lots of outfits, great poses, good conversation and a professional look. Very highly recommended. Thanks Jo!

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With lockdown restrictions and things, it's 2 years since I worked with Joleen, but we clicked again as soon as we started shooting. I'd verbally sketched out my plans and we had ironed out a few grey areas, through clear pre-shoot communications. Jo brought an excellent collection of outfits that showed she had looked into the background of the genres and identified what would really work well.

We tried a couple of new (to me) genres and worked through some technical issues together. Jo is a consumate professional and her suggestions really paid off.

I've got a fair bit of editing to review but very happy with the BOC images from the 5 hours of shooting - I'd originally only planned for 4 but we got carried away!

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Alan Dryer

Had a very relaxed and productive shoot with Joleen on Sunday in Liverpool. Terrific pre-shoot contact, and Jo was so easy to work with. Achieved some excellent images together - I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Had a shoot with Joleen in this great summer evening,as usual a very productive shoot ,despite me forgetting to put in a memory card 😂,got to use the garden and the local canal,thumbs up from me

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Joleen responded to my Commercial Stock shoot casting and was absolutely brilliant. Excellent pre-shoot comms, arriving on time with all the outfits we'd discussed. Jumped straight into the various themes, moving effortlessly from one pose to the next and the next.

As you can see, Joleen has a great figure, perfect for the fitness, swimwear and lingerie elements of the shoot. She is professional, friendly, open to ideas and an all round lovely lady.

I can't recommend Joleen highly enough, so if you get the chance to work with her, don't give it a second thought, just say yes.

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Ben Smith Photographer

Had a great shoot with Joleen. I was in her area and decided to contact her with only 2 days notice. Pre comms were great and we both knew exactly what to expect on the day. She arrived on time with a nice variety of lingerie for the boudoir shoot.

Joleen can pose herself and takes direction really well too. We created some really nice, creative photos together and I recommend working with her.

I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you

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Stephen J Griffin

Just finished a shoot at Gloucester Prison with the beautiful, elegant and classy model that is Joleen Turner. Jo turned-up full of enthusiasm and energy, and was 100% professional from start to finish. We shot for 2 hours in damp/cold conditions and Jo just went about her business with no complaints. I will be looking for an early opportunity to work with Jo again and recommend her highly to other photographers.

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Had a shoot this weekend with Joleen at Breedon hall. We got through a wide variety of image themes and sets/scenarios at Breedon hall's classy Georgian style rooms and even a few in the walled garden too!!!... Joleen is a total professional, and has a suburb figure that is very photogenic and statuesque. Highly recommended!

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Chris Reeves

Another shoot with Joleen at Far Forest, we were able to shoot inside and out, she worked so hard through different styles with her usual friendly and professional attitude, as always, on time, communications great, another productive and thoroughly enjoyable shoot,

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For our third shoot together, we visited Far Forest Studio to make the most of a new venue that offered potential for both inside and outside images.

We experimented with the poses, props and outfits, generally following themes we haven’t tried together before. I was, as ever, delighted with Joleen’s willingness to ‘have a go’ and make the idea work. In many of the thots, it’s her smile and eye contact that brought a sparkle to the image.

I was delighted to organise our third shoot together, which is perhaps the strongest recommendation I can give for Joleen.


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Orson Carter

Second shoot with Joleen. It was a pleasure to work with her again.

There's nothing new that I can add to Joleen's 200-plus references - it's all been said about her before - but what the heck. I'll say it again anyway... Joleen is experienced, versatile, creative and enthusiastic. On top of that there's her excellent communications, reliability and all-round professionalism. Hang on. I haven't finished yet. There's also her lovely gentle personality and good sense of humour, so a day's shooting with Joleen is not just productive but also very enjoyable.

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Had an excellent shoot with Joleen. Pre shoot comms were clear and precise even when we had to postpone things due to inclement weather. Managed to grab a host of great images and would definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Had an excellent shoot with Joleen in the Forest of Dean, comms were excellent and she came well prepared for the shoot.

We managed to get some lovely images in the style I was planning and couldn't be more pleased, I really hope to get to work with Joleen again soon.

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