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Photographer / Kingston upon Hull, City of, United Kingdom. (Map)

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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 5 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
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Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Cosplay, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Sheer, Swimwear and Topless



I'm relatively new to this site and as such my entire profile is still very much a work in process so please bare that in mind:


Hey I'm Joe, a 23 Year Old Hobbyist Photographer from Hull. I'm a chemical engineering graduate so photography is my creative outlet. 


Although I've been shooting since I was about 10; mainly on DSLR's however I have also shot some 35mm film (Refer to descriptions of photos within my portfolio), I have very limited experience working with models who aren't friends / family. As such I'm aiming to do a few workshop shoots in order to build my portfolio and rapport skills, once completed I will start utilising purple port to hire models for my own photo shoots.

Creativity / Style

Storytelling is everything, although standard portraiture is very nice, and there are some very technically talented photographers out there, a lot of images just fall flat for me as they seem like snapshots that don't emote anything from the viewer. I want to forge something modern, new and original. Hopefully encompassing elements from a models individual personality into the storytelling of the scene. I welcome any models who want to share ideas and become part of the creative process, so we can work/experiment to create something truly unique and beautiful. 

Below is a list of things I want to try more of:

  • Light & Shadows
  • Interesting Light Souces (EG fairy lights, sparklers, lanterns, etc)
  • Atmospheric
  • Detective Noir Themed.
  • Using Smoke (Stage smoke or smoke in a can)
  • Location Portraiture (Beautiful Fields, Towns, Walls, Forests, etc)
  • Dance (Interesting postures / body contortions that dancers acheive)
  • UV Paint


Due to the COVID-19 lock-down I am currently not available.


Please feel free to checkout my Instagram, it is mainly my creative photos that I post and a public account so you can see everything. You can also check out my website:

Instagram: joes_instography

Facebook Page: Joe Curtis Photography

Website: Search google for "Joe Curtis Photography" :) or click the link in my instagram bio (I don't have PP premium at the moment so it won't let me post links unfortunately)



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