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I had the most amazing time with Joan recently on a workshop organised by himself in Barcelona, whilst I was over there visiting.

I cannot thank him enough, from the very first message I knew we were going to have an amazing day, Great communication, such a charming gentleman. Himself and his photography

partner David were the best hosts any model could ask for. We all worked very hard and had a good laugh along the way.

I met a variety of photographers on the day, all shooting different styles.

I cannot wait to go back now!

Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to working with you in the new year!


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Connie Cohen

Joan C. Marco is an exceptional photographer.

Very professional and passionate about this art. His shootings are very interesting and the results are successful. I have been fortunate to meet him and to work together in many occasions.

I highly recommend it...!!!!

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I've worked with Joan a few times now maybe 3 different occasions and around 8 different workshops

He's a very good organiser. A very genuine and nice guy

He is always very acommodating. Wether it being making sure I'm eating and drinking we'll. collection me and dropping me to the airport. Pre communications are always great and he is very easy to work with and get on with

We've shot in a few different locations. All equally great

He organised workshops and I've never had a problem with anyone who has attended

I would highly recommend joan as a person and a Photograoher

I can't wait to work with him again in October.

Sorry I didn't leave you a reference sooner

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Faith Starr Model

I had a amazing weekend shoot hosted by Joan in Barcelona. The workshop was well organized and every photographer that showed up was very respectful and professional. I was collected and dropped off at the airport, and Joan was an amazing host, professional and a lovely person. I am looking forward to visiting Barcelona and working with Joan again. Very highly recommended!

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