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Athena Rose

Fantastic First Social Distance Shoot Comming Out Of Lock down With a true Gentleman! Pre-comms were great, with plenty of details so easy to organise my side. James is lovely to work with and has a chatty, relaxed and caring Manor which made the shoot feel relaxed and free.I absolutely love the images we created and James gave good advice/tips along with some lovely compliments during our shoot which is lovely to hear and boosts confidence. I would 100% recommend James so please feel free to pm me happy to help🤗... Looking forward to our next shoot combined with fluffy sliders, Country music and a bottle of that shampoo you use.. 🤗.. Athena Rose 🌹

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Bumble Blush

I had my second shoot with James yesterday and it was one our best ones yet. It’s so nice when you find a photographer who you really get along with. He captured some absolutely beautiful images, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

Also he has a great sense of humour which is one thing I love!

Looking forward to working with him again in the near future :) x

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Bumble Blush

Recently had a shoot with James, and I absolutely loved it.

This was my first outdoors shoot, and he made me feel really comfortable. He has a way of making you feel at ease and we got on really well. His years worth of photography experience makes him suitable for models of all levels.

I also loved the fact that he is so organised. I turned up on the day knowing the theme and style of the shoot, how long we would be shooting for, the outfits etc. He even turned up at the location beofre me to find the perfect area. Its the small things like that that make him such a great photographer.

Overall I had a really lovely day, he is an amazing guy to work with and I wish him all the best :) x

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Had a fantastic day with James today :)

He's a lovely guy who is very enthusiastic and a real joy to work with, a total laugh.

He brought some great clothes which I loved and can't wait to see the final edited photos, I'm sure they turned out great.

Thanks James :) x

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Lily Fawn

Pre-comms with James were brilliant; kept regular contact and is highly organised. James is a kind and lovely photographer - time with him just passes by.

He has a great eye for images and has brilliant ideas; we had a great rapport which meant we bounced fab ideas off of each other.

Thank you for a brilliant shoot - hope to shoot again soon! Highly recommend.

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Me and James hit it off first time straight away and the second wasn't any different.

Feel like we're more friends than anything now and it really shows when we shoot!

Again amazing shoot and already booking our third:)

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What can I say!

Honestly had the best day with James.

we had the best laugh and found some reat places to shoot!

Cant wait to see the pictures... what an incredible photographer :D

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A beautiful day out with funny Jimbo made me very comfortable and brought out lots of creative ideas on both sides. He explained everything he did with the camera and was eager to try out odd ideas. He knew the most amazing spots and really had a feel for nature and beauty. I enjoyed our shoot very much and feel like I've progressed a lot modellingwise and in my knowledge of cameras. Thanks James!!!

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Frankie Jay Suicide said...

Such a gentleman! Gave me peaches afterwards :) Highly recommended - such a pleasure to work with! Took me out of my comfort zone which I was super impressed with!

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I had one of the best shoots with James on Friday!

He comes loaded with idiotic puns that left me groaning (and smirking, not gonna lie) and is super duper friendly!

He ticks all the boxes he shoot - great pre-comms, professional, made sure I was comfortable, arrived when he said he would, made sure my ideas where covered and has already edited some pretty pictures, yay!

I genuinely had a fantastic time and would definitely work with James again, even if it means sitting through his silly jokes! :D

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Gabriella M

Fabulous enthusiasm and passion for his art, plus, he's a funny person, which made the job fun and spontaneous! He also has a broad range of beautiful bucolic locations to shoot. Such a bonus! Would recommend :)

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Lara Ontiveros said...

He was super punctual, reaally nice, we went for coffee before starting the shoot and for lunch when we finished. It was a pleasure working with him, got lovely pictures for my portfolio and got to meet an amazing person! Hope to shoot with you again in the future James, you are awesome :)

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Luisa said...

Had my second shoot with james today. was a pleasure to work with, as he was the last time!

I felt that today's shoot was incredibly productive as had a vast variety of ideas/styles, and had a lot more humour and fun :) excellent photographer, all round lovely person ! would recommend!

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Adriana Timofte said...

Had a good time working with James today, we have started to shoot in a tube station ( Jim 's great idea) then we went to a cemetery , although not worm enough the shoot was a good fun, James is very friendly and easy to get on with, I hope to work with him again in the future !

Highly recommended to everyone

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Luisa said...

Polite, punctual, productive and a pleasure to work with. Cannot rate highly enough!

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I had a pleasure to work with James recently and it was great! He had a vision and idea I liked and it all started from there. I enjoyed shooting with him as he is very friendly, professional and easy to work with. He created relaxed atmosphere on set - despite the theme being a bit disturbing and uneasy. His pre-shoot communications were clear and sent quickly –he updated me everyday :)

I'm looking forward to our next shoot and I highly recommend working with him

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dmarie63 said...

I had a shoot with James a few weekends ago, there was great communication, he comes prepped with wardrobe items and choses some fantastic locations. He is kind and friendly, respectful and a great photographer. Would highly recommend him for any shoot.

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Dnd Visuals

Ive had 2 tuition's with James at farnham studio, really nice guy to work with and learnt so much from the tuition, would love to work with James again in the near future.. would highly recommend james...

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Indi Robinson

I had an impromptu shoot with Giacomo this Sunday, and as you can see....we got some corkers! I'm proper made up with the shots.

I had such a ball on the shoot too. James was easy to get along with and even tried his hand at humour, lol!

Things weren't done by half, we had a lovely cottage to work from. Super, Smashing, Gravy.

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I've been really looking forward to my shoot with James and it did not disappoint!! He is a fantastic photographer, very professional, he was a pleasure to shoot with fun, chatty and had loads of ideas. Pre shoot communication was excellent and we discussed ideas before and during the shoot. He took great time getting the scene and shot just right, and the couple of images I've seen show that it pays off. Brilliant! Can't wait to see the rest.

James is highly recommended and I would love to work with him again, thank you James :-)

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