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Sam Rawlins

I absolutely loved working with jfFrank. He has excellent communication, a lovely attitude and is a perfectionist. I was extremely impressed with his preparation: planning everything in fine detail and knowing exactly what he wants to achieve. I always felt comfortable and he discussed the shoot with me beforehand well in advance to ensure that I was happy with everything. He has wonderful equipment and makes sure that he is getting the very best out of the model, in order for his vision to be captured. I shall very much look forward to working with him again! I cannot recommend any higher!

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 Really enjoyed our shoot, it was well planned in advance and good that we could exchange ideas. He is easy to work with, considerate of my input and very knowledgeable and professional and it showed in his preparation and the result. A photographer with passion for his work who I would highly recommend. Thanks again for a great time and look forward to meeting up again in the future! JGJ

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Recently done a shoot with jfFrank, and was a great day from start to finish. Very compassionate about his work and photography, with high end talent. I was made to feel comfortable as soon as we met.

jfFrank came up with great ideas and different poses for each shoot before we met, which we had discussed before hand, which shown positivety and being very organised.

A great host and a great photographer!

Looking forward to working with jfFrank again in the future.

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