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Had a great shoot with Ruby today.

Despite issues with the trains she persevered and I am really glad that she did.

She brought a good selection of outfits and our 4hour shoot just flew by.

She is very professional in attitude, works hard and is easy to get along with.

I will certainly be looking to work with her again.

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Had a amazing location shoot with jess yesterday i have worked with jess 3 or 4 time and she gets more amazing the more shoots we do

she works really hard and you get 100% time after time i am happy to recommend


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Worked with RubyGold for the third time, this time shooting at OpenSpace studio.

Pre-shoot communication was good and we had discussed a few ideas for shots and sets. As always, she was on time for the shoot and came prepared with a great selection of lingerie and outfits, we also tried a number of outfits from the studio's wardrobe!

RubyGold worked really well in the studio environment and we shot a number of different sets and styles. She was always confident and enthusiastic, and happy to share ideas for shots.

RubyGold is highly recommended by me, and hope to work together again soon :)

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What can I say? RubyGold is always a joy to work with. She is always committed to the shoot, very chatty and with a wonderful smile:) She always brings stunning items to wear:) An out door studio set and location work for this shoot and the time flew by:) Always will 100% recommend, and I look forward to working with her again:)

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Brilliant day of location shooting with the ever stunning Rubygold - what can I say? she is a wonder to work with and does cope with a lot of strange weather conditions - brought some fabulous outfits and remained chatty and cheerful throughout - The day could not have been better - Look forward to our next shoot already being planned:)

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I had a wonderful shoot with ruby gold in the old part of kings lynn on a sunny but windy day ruby looked awesome the outfit she had put on for the shoot was just the job she worked hard so we got the shot i was looking for well dun, thank you for the shoot hope to do some more shoot with her soon

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Another wonderful shoot with the vivacious RubyGold - this time in an abandoned building. RubyGold remains an absolute joy to work with and she is always up for a creative challenging shoot - her speciality avoiding broken glass:) . As always plenty of bright costumes and clothing brought to bring strong colour to the shots. I will always 100% recommend RubyGold and look forward to many more shoots to come

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Another wonderful social distancing location shoot with RubyGold in the early hours to avoid the crowds - precoms as always were perfect and Ruby remains a stunning model to work with - highly 100% recommended every time. Look forward to our next shoot.

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Mike Stone

First time shooting (remote) with the very awesome RubyGold and hopefully not the last :-)

RubyGold's posing was top and her ability to work the available space was fantastic. Considering we were doing a remote shoot for the first time with all the that entails RubyGold was amazing.

Such a pleasure to work with RubyGold, she really is a top model, creative and original so no problem highly recommending.

Many thanks RubyGold for a very awesome shoot

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Social distancing shoot with the wonderful RubyGold in a wood - as always precoms were perfect and I was able to set up an out door studio and achieved amazing shots - Jess is very versatile with her positioning and willingness to get down with nature (and the insects). 100% recommend and am looking forward to our next shoot.

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Wonderful first shoot with Ruby - bubbly personality with bagful's of energy.

precoms were perfect. very chatty and very easy to get on with. What can I say? - a star in the making! Would recommend 100% and look forward to working with her again.

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Highly recommended model is RubyGold!..Delightful young lady stunning figure and total pro'..can't wait for warmer weather and some location activity soon along with Keranda studio and top facility...good job!

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Tim Jackson Photography

Had my first shoot with RubyGold on Saturday, a duo with her and Joshenton.

Our pre-shoot comms was very good, and Ruby arrived with lots of outfits and ready to go. Although they had not worked together before, both Ruby and Josh's professionalism shone through from the start and they were soon posing effortlessly with each other.

As well as throwing herself into the ideas I had created, she also came with some great ideas of her own. I have to agree with Josh's reference - RubyGold is a star in the making.

RubyGold is a great model that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend, or to work with again if the opportunity arises.

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Wow oh wow! A talent, a beauty and a brilliantly funny and down to Earth girl.

RubyGold came fully equipt with so many ideas and outfits. Very professional and respectful but still fun and made shooting a great laugh.

She poses effortlessly solo and as duo and is a hidden crystal in the industry who will go far!

So happy working with her and would love to work together again soon.

Highly reccomend, a must work with model!

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Great first shoot with Ruby, was very helpful in developing my Chainmail project and picture series. Great fun and easy to work with.

Also great in developing the low key picture theme also undertaken on the shoot. Would recommend her and thanks again for a great shoot

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Ruby had excellent pre comms and was waiting at the studio to start shooting on time. She brought a good selection of outfits and worked hard to get the shots taking direction when required but posing without also. She is a friendly girl with a nice personality and a lovely smile and a professional attiude. I would highly recommend her.

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Ruby was slightly delayed by traffic, but kept me informed. Ruby was well prepared for the shoot with a good range of outfits, our pre-comms were excellent.

Ruby is great fun to work with, has a variety of poses, and easily takes directions when occasionally needed.

It was a very enjoyable shoot, and we’ve managed to create some amazing images between us.

Thanks Ruby for a great shoot, and I would recommend her to any photographer.

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Ruby answered a short notice casting that I posted for a shoot at Thurston Lodge, we sorted the details with the minimum of messages. Ruby was enthusiastic from the start and posed confidently and without direction plus was very easy to get on with - friendly whilst still being professional & cracking on with shooting. Time flew by & I now have a whole pile of great images to work through! I can highly recommend Ruby.

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DigiBlue Photography

Had a great shoot with Ruby.. lovely model and easy to work with.. will be shooting with her again soon

Highly recommended

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An amazing first studio photoshoot with Ruby at Butterfly Studio. Excellent, concise communications and Ruby arrived beautifully made up and ready to work. It was my first duo shoot but Ruby quickly settled in to work well with Gemma Marie and the time sped by creating a series of stunning images. Ruby is a hard working model with a very professional approach and is highly recommended by me, I look forward to working with her again.

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