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apex images

Well after a 9 year gap Jes and myself finally got back to working together. Great lil catch up before falling straight back in to where we left off many moons ago.

Jes is the complete professional. Great ideas, poses beautifully and is an absolute joy to work with. Fingers crossed it’s not going to be another 9 weeks never mind years before we get to shooting together again!

Highest of recommendations!

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Full Moon

My first shoot with Jes in 4+ years and it was an absolute corker! A great model but also great company: it was a really fun - and productive - shoot.

Highly recommended!

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So did my first boudoir themed shoot with jesamine today.. we used her house as a setting and she was very welcoming and made me right at home and the atmosphere was relaxed throughout.

Jesamine came up with loads of ideas which was good at it was my first time. The banter flowed and it was a good shoot.

Would definitely recommend working with her and will definitely be doing more shoots in the future.

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Nick Parry

Jesamine is a very professional model. For our shoot she had arranged a competent makeup artist and had a fantastic variety of outfits available to choose for the shoot. She models very well, and is expressive. Jesamine has also previously asked me to do some post-production of some images with the permission of the photographer. These showed her potential in a genre that I don't shoot, as I am mainly a portrait photographer, and my skills were just to add the cherry on top of the cake.

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100th reference! Jez saved the day last minute for a shoot I had arranged when a model had not replied! She came prepared with number kid outfits. She models well and I always enjoy working with Jez. :)

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Love working with Jesamine. This is possibly the second time I have done make up on Jez for a shoot. She has lovely skin to work with and beautiful facial features. Pre comms with Jez are always spot on and she works the camera perfectly

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Ario Khosroshahi

I loved working with Jesamine.

She is very professional and talented.

She takes directions perfectly and has her own ideas as well.

I absolutely recommend her to all the photographers out there and hope to work with her again.

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ThePhotoPanda said...

Worked with Jesamine couple of years ago and had a couple of shoots communication leading up to the shoot was superb, was really welcoming and collaborated great, we got some really beautiful shots and came up with some neat ideas, would more than recommend Jesamine if your looking for a fun and professional shoot

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I shot with Jesamine a few weeks ago at my home in Cardiff and it was a tremendously delicious shoot! She made some scrumptious cookies to nibble on during our breaks and throughout the day we created some amazing shots. Jesamine was an absolute pleasure to shoot, beautiful, versatile, open to a range of different styles and ideas and with a personality to boot...essentially the perfect model! :)

If you get the chance to shoot with Jesamine I promise you won't be disappointed! I highly recommend her to other photographers and look forward to shooting with her again x

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Jesamine if my favourite model ever. I may be biased as she is my best friend but I am always chuffed with how well she models both hair and make up I do for her. We met through shoots and shall continue to work together im sure! We already have at least two shoots lined up!

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John at Dazzle (John Coles)

I love working with Jesamine. Cynics may say that is because she always brings the most scrumptious chocolatey, gooey, fruity cakes to a session - at least, she does for me:)

But in reality, it is because she is just so reliable, so adaptable, so wonderfully easy-going to work with, and she always turns in a great performance.

Jesamine likes to take a break from modelling now and again, so I was massively relieved when – for the second time in our working relationship – I asked her to come out of her rest period to come and work with me at the Amazing 'Curiosity Studios' in the Rhondda Valley. Not only that, but I asked her to work in some fairly close-up-and-personal poses with a male model that neither of us had met before. A minefield!!!

But we trust each other, and it turned out that the male model was brilliant, and a really nice guy, and we had a totally fabulous session, with the pair of them hitting all my suggested poses with ease and speed, and responding instantly to my suggestions whilst adding some great ones of their own. I can be quite picky and demanding to work with, as my regular models know:) so - even better, we had a lot of fun and laughs along the way, which always makes hard work more fun.

As ever, Jesamine was a total pleasure to work with, took everything in her stride, and was (as usual), lovely, helpful, delightful, hard-working, funny, punctual....hey, I'm running out of words here... so just a big 'Thank You' from me:)

Wonderful, and highly recommended - as ever:)

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Jamie Dancer

I modelled for the first time with Jesamine yesterday, and it was an absolute delight.

she is so easy going and friendly. and is just so easy to work with.

she is very open to trying ideas and just going with the flow of a shoot. plus she is a truly beautiful model, so it was a pleasure to work alongside her.

I would happily model with her again and would highly recommend her.

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Glamour Photography Studio

Had an outstanding shoot with the very lovely Jesamine yesterday. Superbly expressive model with a gorgeous body which she knows how to use to great effect.

I wouldn't hesitate to respond to any of her castings and I hope we get the chance to work together again in the not too distant future.

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Paul Jones - Cardiff

This was my second shoot with Jesamine, this time at her home.

Communications pre-shoot were fab - very detailed with example images sent.

Jesamine was ready to go as soon as I arrived, and had a variety of outfits which suited the shoot. She is very professional and was very patient whilst I adjusted lighting (and moved furniture around!) in order to get the right image.

She does put herself down a little about her size - this is nonsense as she is fabulous!!!!

Jesamine is a joy to work with and I hope the images, once processed, will do her justice.

Thanks for a great shoot (and lunch!) Jesamine!

Highly recommended to new and experienced photographers.

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Terry V

It's about 2 years since we first shot together and that was in a tiny room with rapidly fading light. I had wanted to shoot with Jesamine in my home studio where I can control the lighting. It never happened until last week when, finding her confidence again (don't know why she lost it), she agreed to shoot with me. Take no notice of her moaning about 'fat bits' - there's nothing that can't be sorted out with a little adjusting of the lights. We had a good laugh at some of the shots but I think she was happy with the results - I certainly was. Jez is great fun to work with and will work hard to get you the pictures you want. She's picky, yes, but that's want you want if you value your model.

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John at Dazzle (John Coles)

I totally love working with Jesamine. I love her because she is an outstanding model who can just 'slip into' a role. I love her because she is totally honest. I love her because she is totally supportive and inspiring to work with. I love her because she bakes THE most amazing cakes.

And this last weekend I totally loved her because when another model had to cancel at the last minute, and I called her at silly-o-clock, she answered "Yes" and was there, on set, just a few hours later.

And I should point out that this was a challenge - as she'll tell you, she had some rocky months when she fell out of love with modelling, and here I was asking her to not only do some nude erotic modelling again, BUT with a guy she had never worked with before. Challenging or what?

But the male model was Diego, who is always totally considerate of the models he is working with, and both of them have worked with me a fair bit before, and within less than 30 seconds we had the most fantastic rapport going, with inspirational shots just pouring into the lens of my camera. We shot my entire story-board, plus some. We achieved it within the time-scale we'd set ourselves, and we all got a real buzz from getting great shots.

So yes, Jesamine will be honest and tell you what she thinks are the bad bits, but ignore her, and book her (if you can, because she is picky) because she will bring a new dimension to your photography.

Thank you, Jesamine, for being such a star:)

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Diego said...

We had talked about working together a while ago but unfortunately it never happened, so when at about 11:30pm the night before the shoot John rang means told me that Jesamine had stepped into the breach I was rather pleased.

Now we'd never met before and although both of us had worked with John before it's always a bit of a risk doing an erotic nude shoot, but Jesamine was wonderfully relaxed and we just got on instantly.

She's very comfortable working to these levels with a guy, and I certainly felt very at ease.

A true professional with a great understanding of the poses, the lighting and the implications of different poses.

I'd happily work with Jesamine again and hope to do so.

Highly recommended

Oh and the cake was LUSH!

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I have worked with Jesamine on numerous occasions over the past few years on location and in the studio, no matter what the scenario she always delivers 100%. She has the ability not only to pose but to act the part, and this shows in all the shoots we've done.

She has a professional approach but she's also great fun to be with and give her an idea and she will even better it. A remarkable model that is highly recommended and someone you will want to work with time and time again.

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Lucy Purrington

Well I've been meaning to work with Jesamine for such long time, and I cannot wait to work with her again!

Where do I start? As well as being an epic model who is utterly natural and comfortable, she knows how to pose perfectly without any direction, she is also epic beautiful fun to be with, so amazingly easy to talk to and an epic baker of the finest cakes and treats!

Before the shoot took place, she made sure myself and the make up artist were well fed and and put on a lovely spread of food for us - come on how many models bake specially for their shoots!

During the shoot, (in the baking Summer heat) and with both of us being the owners of rather pale skin, we were 'tested' by the weather and location (battling through endless brambles and shrubs) - not once did she complain or let her usual fun loving mood slip (I however was swearing and curing nature.)

To end the day, she gifted myself and the MUA the most epic cakes to go home with.

Like I said, how many models can model this well, be splendid company, be cheery throughout getting lost in the wilderness and hay fever AND the summer heat AND bake...

Very highly recommended.

Thinking of booking her? Listen to Shia Labeouf and just 'do it.'

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Had my second shoot with Jes, but the first after her 6 month break from modelling. Jes is a really fun person to shoot with and very professional. We did two sets and the time really flew by. The shoot lasted for about 8 hours in total and I'm sure we could have gone on even longer. Jes is also a very talented baker and even brought cup cakes to the shoot for us all. I would recommend Jes without hesitation and will no doubt work with her again at some point.

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