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Jenny James has 115 references; 114 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 0 no-shows.

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I had a splendid shoot with Jenny at her place and it went by without a hitch.

Jenny clearly possesses skill, experience and a deep understanding of posing, lighting, angles, post production and much more. Her ability to captivate, embody emotions and visualise exactly what the lens sees is superb!

These are highly commendable attributes for a model to have, yet they were second to her easy going, professional, bubbly and energetic character, which made the shoot fly by and allowed us to produce sublime photos and cinematic videos.

I very much look forward to working with Jenny again and HIGHLY recommend her to all others

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Dan Hawken Photography

Had an amazing shoot with Jenny at her place. Jenny was prepared and friendly.

We worked through a number of different looks and happy to work with me to get some shots I was hoping to achieve.

Jenny is great at posing and happy to take direction as well.

Really happy with the results from the shoot and would recommend Jenny.

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Refocus Photo

Jenny is an amazing person to work with. Despite circumstances that conspired against us, she put 110% effort in to the shoot, worked professionally whilst being friendly, funny and fascinating. Before the shoot, communications were excellent and on arrival, I was greeted with a nice cuppa and a welcoming smile.

I can not recommend Jenny highly enough. The skill and enthusiasm that she brings to a shoot is very rare, and should be cherished!

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I have just had my third shoot with Jenny and the fact that I am looking forward to a fourth speaks for itself.

This time we were covering a theme that I have wanted to do for a long time and I have to say she absolutely nailed it.

Jenny is very experienced and professional, and contributes a great deal more to the success of my shoots with ideas and suggestions for what might work well to achieve the aim.

I am very much looking forward to the editing phase, having secured the images that I need for my project.

Happy to recommend, of course.

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Absolutely fantastic first shoot with Jenny, she is such a lovely person to work with.

Comms were excellent, friendly, chatty & we had loads of laughs, I couldn't wish for anything more from a model! A true prefessional! :-)

Posing was superb & the images produced are simply awesome!

Thank you so much, Jenny, for a wonderful shoot, you are a MEGASTAR!!!

Hope we get to shoot again real soon! :-)


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James Symons

1656806400Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Phil Waterfield Photography

I had my first shoot with Jenny this weekend.

Even being arranged with only about 4 hours notice, and Jenny being at work at the time, She was on time, looking incredible and ready to go.

We shot at her home studio ‘Jenny’s Place’. After a cup of tea and a brief chat to confirm the looks we wanted to go for, Jenny gave me a tour of the studio spaces, then it was straight down to business.

Jenny goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident that you will get the results you want, and the resulting shots do look amazing.

Jenny is by far the most experienced model i’ve worked with, and she knows the job from the photographers side too, so is brilliant at suggesting poses/angles to best catch the light.

After each look, we looked back through the shots and picked out favourites and had a chat about what we could have changed to improve them!

I can’t add anything that hasn’t been said before in Jenny’s other references but her passion and enthusiasm for modelling is unbelievable.

Could not recommend Jenny enough and i hope to work with her again in the future!

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BGA Images

I answered a late casting call from Jenny for the next day and I was very pleased that she accepted my request with only two messages either way.

The shoot was at Jenny’s home which has many areas to shoot in with lots of natural light. Before the shoot we had coffee and we chatted about the shoot and various other topics including her modelling career and her photography.

Jenny is a absolute natural when it comes to posing which enables you to get some great images. All the time during the shoot we chatted which made the whole experience pleasurable, fun and memorable in every way. We had many changes of sets and the four hours just flew by.

I recommend Jenny 100% with confidence to photographers of any ability as she is a great model in every way.

Many thanks for a great shoot and I look forward to more in the future.

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Did a shoot with Jenny at Red Tree Studio in Nottingham and we had a blast. She brought lots of clothing options with her and hung them all up and made suggestions on which ones would go with the looks we were shooting. Her feedback was extremely valuable when shooting tethered and she quickly adjusted poses to get stunning images and also made lighting improvement suggestions. Very easy to get along with and would highly recommend her to other photographers.

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Arrested Angels

Loved working with Jenny takes direction well and comes well prepared look forward to next shoot

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Phil Walker

Had a fantastic shoot with Jen at her home studio which has great natural light and plenty of great spots to shoot in.

Jen is the perfect 10/10 model and host, she's welcoming, chatty, funny and her modelling experience just shines through!

Had a great couple of hours and I will shoot with her again :)

And remember to take Jaffa cakes with you when you're on a shoot with her!

Thanks Jen :)

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Had a fantastic shoot with Jenny, used her home location which has plenty of great spots to choose from. There's lots of natural light as well as blackout curtains that can be used to form some fun environments to shoot in.

She's very easy to get on with, making this a very fun shoot. Jenny's experience really shone through (pun not intended!) when we were deciding on different lighting arrangements for our pictures.

Would thoroughly recommend :)

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After my first shoot with Jenny there was absolutely no doubt that there would be a second if I could arrange it. We did a spring location shoot, and fortunately the weather was kind and we could make the most of the beautiful location that she suggested. Pre-shoot comms were great once again. I didn't make a detailed plan this time, as I often do, but instead brought outfits and the flexibility to use varying natural light and a vast location with limitless possibilities. It was a really enjoyable shoot, and I have some wonderful images. Planning now for a third, to take forward some of the ideas we discussed today.

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Marty Wild

Jenny James absolutely fabulous! The gals in a league of her own, nothing was to much trouble. Jenny has a great home loads of natural light and good block out curtains so setting up flash is no issue. I pushed myself and left out my background sheets was not disappointed Jenny is bubbling with ideas which I like the Input. Jenny is photographer herself and knows the crack lighting is the key. The booked slot was up and over in no time. I’m off to the edit room. Thanks Jenny soon as I’ve cherry 🍒 pick them I send a few across

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T5 Images

Had the great pleasure of shooting with the Amazing Jenny today.

Was my first shoot since Lockdown so still a bit rusty, but Jenny made the shoot fun, varied and relaxed.

Shot at Jenny's place which offers fantastic natural light and a good selection of rooms to shoot from. (Plus a cracking cup of tea)

Next shoot already discussed and I can't wait.

Thanks Jenny :-)

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I had my firs amazing shoot with Jenny last Saturday. Shoot had place at her place aka "Jenny's Place"

Jenny was polite and very professional. All my outfits fit her perfect, I would say much better that I expected. Jenny is very easy to work with and she got nice sensie of humour.

I would recommend shooting with her and I look forward to shooting again.

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Mark Bellot Photography

This was my second shoot with Jenny and it was just as good as the first one. The shoot was smoothly booked in and everything was ready on arrival. Jenny was great and posed effortlessly and added her own ideas to the shoot. I am extremely happy with the results and would 100% shoot again.

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Paol Foto

What a way to open the new year with my first shoot with Jenny and what a hoot it was. Fabulous bubbly personality oozing class and a smile that Colgate would be proud of, Jenny brought a wonderful selection of outfits and posed in them on the various sets we chose to perfection. Was a joy to work with and Jenny also provided excellent feedback throughout the shoot.

Highly recommended and cannot wait to shoot with Jenny again.

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This shoot was a long time coming, having been frustrated by lockdown then the planned studio closing days before we were originally due to shoot. I am so glad that we persevered because it was well worth the wait.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent and arranging things was very straightforward once the hurdles were cleared away. Jenny was lovely to work with, very chatty and easy going. We planned a hybrid shoot with lingerie indoors then a location autumn shoot. She was very helpful with both suggesting the location and overcoming my total lack of fashion sense to choose an outfit that would work well.

I'm delighted with the results and hope that we will have another opportunity to work together. Highly recommended.

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Met Jenny for the first time today. Lovely young lady, very sociable and a good conversationalist. Was on time with the outfits we had discussed. The shoot got off to a slow start as we had been briefed to expect a fire alarm test and drill :)

Once the fire drill was over we pressed on and got some great shots whilst maintaining a very interesting conversation too. All in all a most enjoyable shoot with a lovely model and Jenny gets the highest recommendation from me !

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