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Highly recommend JC Hermier. Very professional, talented, easy to work with. Had few photoshoots with him in different locations and always have the great images at the end. Great eye to details. Trust him completely. Massive thanks. EvaEvk

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Naima Higgi


Personally there are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how amazing and compelling JC'S work actually is. So ofcourse when approached to shoot, it was a no brained! !

He was polite, energectiv, talkative, Confident and most importantly kept me at ease throughout the whole shoot. We were always talking and interacting throughout the shoot which allowed our ideas to merge together beautifully. He gave me great direction, but was also very open to my suggestions, whether that be a pose, make up choice or piece of clothing.

Definately one of the best I have worked with to date and look forward to hopefully shooting again and again and again and again!! ( Yes! I'm serious, he's that amazing).

Kisses from South Londonxx

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SK Model

Recently done a shoot with JC, what a pleasure to work with!

Very friendly, easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable at the shoot.

Good communication and really happy with my photos.

Would 100% recommend his work because it's amazing =)

Stephanie x

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Shot with Jc the other day and i am soo happy i did. He is very easy going and great fun to be around and chat with. He is an amazing photographer and does the job to perfection. The shoot was very fun and laid back, i felt very comfortable and at ease with him.

I am absolutely in love with the images i got back from him, this mans work is really beautiful and i would more than love to work with him again (NOTE: the pics he has here aren't all you should judge his work by. Ask him for his main port and you will be blown away!) Stop hiding the good stuff Jc! Haha.

Thanks for working with me Sir! :D xx

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Floret Fauna said...

What to say about Jc, he is a great photographer kind and fun, always up to a lough and able to teach!

Yes ladies and gentlemen JC Hermier spent time to teach me how a photographic camera works, and the lighting too, spectacular!

More than kind is really talented open minded; ask for his main port!

I will work with him trough all the year for sure?

And if you are thinking on booking him, OO MY DAYS you must!

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