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Had a super duo shoot with John and Amber Tutton . I found John to be super polite and fun to work with . He had some great ideas and really enjoyed the set on the stairs and cant wait to see the end results.

More than happy to work with John again and hopefully he feels the same also.


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Amber Tutton

Worked with John at the Duo event with Ashley Ashton and myself, wow! We all got on so well, the light was good to us and John knew exactly what he was doing with the camera which made it so much easier for me and Ashley to pose freely together ! We all had a fantastic shoot and I for one had so much fun!

Highly recommended and hope we can do more very soon!

Definitely can’t be the last!

Big recommendation!

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Rachelle Summers

I absolutely love working with John!

Thought somebody should probably be present to give us a kick up the butt when we chat too much hahaha :P

John is honestly such a lovely guy! Great company, so friendly and down to earth and I really enjoy working and catching up with him :D

The time flew by as always and we just about managed to get some beautiful images created in amongst our chatting haha :P

Highly, highly recommended by me!!

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theresa louise

Honestly can't believe it's been 2 years since we last worked together.

It has to be said but John is one of my favs :)

Just such a genuinely nice person, super chilled, easy to get on with and we have such a laugh whilst shooting.

May I add he's a flipping good photographer too.

Let's not leave it so long this time.

Highly recommended


T x

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Had my second shoot with John today and he’s one my favorite togs to work with, he’s so easy to work and communicate with, I absolutely love shooting with John! We are already arrange a next date to shoot.

He hired out an amazing hotel room to shoot from and the images could not be better! He’s a pro & he’s bloody awesome!!

I can’t wait to see all the images and get posting them!! I would highly recommend John to anyone! We smashed it!!


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Had my first shoot with John last week at my place.

Pre-comms were great, he sent me ideas regarding to themes and outfits he is looking to shoot on the day.

He arrived on time, well prepared.

It was really fun shoot with ideas flowing and the time was just flying by!

The images looked stunning at the back of the camera, and I can't wait to see the final result :)

John is an amazing photographer and comes highly recommended by me!

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Wow! I had my first shoot with John yesterday and it was incredible I can’t put into words how good it was! John is a fantastic guy, he’s easy to get on with, we had lots of fun and jokes. It couldn’t of gone better.

We created the best images ever, every shot he had taken I couldn’t believe my eyes I kept getting more and more excited throughout the shoot! I can’t wait to show everyone the images we created!

John is an overall amazing photographer as well as a great person, I can’t wait for our next shoot to be organized very soon! Thank you once again John! You are fab!!! A**

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Alicia K

I had a fantastic shoot with John today! Although we have worked together in the past, this was our first 1-to-1 shoot, and it was a pleasure!

Communications were excellent, I knew exactly what sort of thing John wanted to achieve so I could plan accordingly. John was so easy to get on with - polite, respectful and friendly, and we had a lovely, relaxed but productive shoot. An enjoyable day with fabulous results! Thank you John, I can't wait to see what photos you choose :) Highly recommended from me!

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Had my first shoot with John on my studio day at Joel Hicks Studio. Was really lovely to get to work together. Everything ran smoothly, right from pre shoot communications through to our shoot on the day. John is very relaxed and friendly and I felt at ease straight away. I would definitely recommend working with John if you get the chance and look forward to catching up again some time in the future. Thank you again for a great shoot.

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Alice Mae

Had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely John for a group photoshoot at Aura Photographic Studios.

I cannot recommend him enough, he was very friendly, laid back and professional from start to finish.

I highly recommend John to any model & I would love to work together again :)


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Sarah Elizabethxx

Loved my shoot today with John, got some really good images! I was very impressed :) very easy to get on with, lovely guy, really enjoyed our shoot. Thanks again! Xxx

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I had a great second shoot with John a couple of weeks back at my Studio day at Saracen House.

John is so easy to work with, lovely guy, great to chat with and also very good behind the camera. Our two-hour shoot flew by and the 'winging it' approach worked really well as we got some amazing shots.

I am looking forward to working with John again and would highly recommend him to other models.

Thanks, John for a fab shoot :)

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I had another awesome shoot with John!

We got through a number of different sets in a really nice location

John is respectful, laid back, friendly chatty and very talented!

I really enjoyed our shoot and love the images

Thanks John hope we can shoot again soon :)

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Rachelle Summers

Another wonderful shoot with John!

This time at my apartment in Birmingham :)

We worked out way through several different looks/changes and from what I saw on the back of the camera we got some incredible images! I can't wait to see the final results :D

The 4 hours whizzed by and we had a good little natter during the sets too!

Would highly, highly recommend John and hope to see him again soon :)

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Rachelle Summers

Another superb shoot with John :)

This time we did a late evening shoot doing some street fashion and portraits in Birmingham. It was a lovely 2 hours and we had a good old natter and John showed me some of Birmingham sites :)

Loved the images I saw on the back of the camera and look forward to working with him again! Highly recommended by me :)

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Studio Fifty Eight

John came along to Studio Fifty Eight today for his first time. John turned up n time and had great communications with Gabbie. John is a really nice guy and very thoughtful about the next photographer wanting to leave the studio how he found it within his time. That goes a long way in my eyes!! Throughly recommended to any model wanting to work with John. Thank you and hope to see you again. Best regards Andy.

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Lucy xx

John booked two hours with me at Studio fifty eight. he turned up on time and was well prepared. including a white shirt which was discussed between us. he had a range of ideas of what he wanted. quite the gentleman and made me feel at ease from the start. he let me pose freely and suggested ideas when he wanted a certain shot. I would highly recommend john and would love to see him again on my next studio day in June.



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Claire L

I had a great home shoot with John :D he is definitely awesome company and not to mention a great photographer. We had lots of cuppas and chats and every so often took a picture ;) the pictures that we did take looked great! Thank you so much for a lovely shoot and I’m looking forward to our next one (counting my chickens) ClaireTopaz

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Rachelle Summers

Incredible shoot with John this morning, after talking about shooting for quite some time we finally managed to match up our dates and I’m glad we did.

John is super relaxed, gives you plenty of breaks in between sets and makes you feel so at ease. He’s great company and I found him really easy to talk to :)

Genuine, lovely person and a true gentleman!

Highly recommended by me!

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My second shoot with John

He is a true gentleman ,easy to get on with,creative and very professional.

He came with ideas all sorted.

I cant wait to see some finished images as looked lovely on back of camera.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Highly recommended


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