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Eye Made Quiet

I had my first shoot with Jordan yesterday and it went very well. He was communicative and punctual in the run-up to the shoot, and friendly and enthusiastic during it. I asked him to dance, which is always a challenge, and he simply went for it, producing some great shots. He's very comfortable in the nude, with no body issues that I could see.

A good model. Recommended. I will certain photograph him again.

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Fred's photography

Jordan was grate in front of the camera highly recommend

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Great location shoot with Jordan, with terrific results capturing the essence of what I wanted as discussed pre-shoot. The guy has great presence in front of the camera. Can't wait for our next shoot

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Had the pleasure of meeting Jordan and what a lovely, chatty, interesting guy. An absolute natural in front of the camera and really fun to work with. We'll certainly work together again. Highly recommended

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