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First time shooting with Jade and Raj yesterday at The Clock Tower London, pre-comms were great; Jade and Raj were so welcoming and easy to shoot with! They had great ideas and were very accomodating and friendly; even getting snacks for the journey and shoot. The energy of the shoot was so positive and they made me feel very at ease shooting. Jade herself was super helpful with giving direction when shooting and bought along some great outfits.

I would definitely recommend to all and hope to shoot with them again!

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Where do I start with Jade? Well first of all she is absolutely lovely, so easy to get along with and great to work with! Not only does she have an amazing personality but she is also such a talented photographer. She is incredibly creative when it comes to coming up with great concepts and really works with the area around her to create some awesome photos.

Overall it was such a lovely shoot and I would highly recommend working with her! Thanks for a great shoot :)

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I worked from Jade's beautiful home studio earlier today. The shoot flew by and we got a great selection of looks which is the perfect scenario on a collaboration.

Jade is super friendly and welcoming!

I highly recommended :)

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It was lovely to work with Jade today on a maternity shoot!

She's really great to work with, full of positivity and a fantastic photographer. The photographs looked incredible on the back of the camera and it was a real breeze working with her!

I recommend Jade 100% to all models, new and experienced, and I can't wait to see the final images!

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Natasha AK4790

I got to model for the lovely Jade recently at Frensham ponds! Her style of photography is so lovely and I generally enjoy working with her (be it taking photos of her or modelling for her!) Her pictures are always of quality and she’s great at giving direction. All round awesome girl and love the photos! Book her now!

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Felicity Jayne

Jade is great! She's so sweet, professional and a very talented photographer she has the patience of a saint and a great sense of humour.

The shoot was well thought out and Jade's directions where clear so I knew what she wanted from me straight away. The 1st location we went to was beautiful and well scouted and we got some stunning shots. And our inside shot where just as good so we had ended up with a great variety of shots.

Pre shoot communication was good and from what I have seen of the photos so far they are looking awesome.

I had a lot of fun shooting with Jade and cannot recommend her enough :)

would love to shoot with her again!

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Jade is an awesome photographer! I really enjoyed meeting her and instantly felt comfortable around her! I'm in awe of the photographs she's taken, all the colours are amazing and they look hugely coordinated despite it being a spur of the moment shoot. I would highly recommend working with her.

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Charlotte Colman

I worked with Jade and Raj for a STUNNING wedding shoot earlier this week and have simply been trying to gather my words as to how wonderful this shoot was.

I simply cannot reccommend these hard-working, self motivated, professional and bubbly photographers enough. From start to finish the shoot was SO well orgsnised and nothing was ever an issue or 'too much' for them. Baring in mind this shoot constisted of 2 photographers, 1 videographer, 5 models, 1 MUA, 1 Hair Stylist, 1 Jewellery Designer, Venue Staff and 30+ extras running from 8.30am ish - whenever they left (I left at 8pm)...crazy right!!!!

Im just going to paste in a part of my thanks email that I sent to them as I feel it sums the day and themselves up best -

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for yesterday. It was an absolutely wonderful day, conducted brilliantly and simply the best shoot I've ever done. The lengths yourselves and Jenny (lady at the venue) went to to put the entire day together and your work ethic in general is nothing but totally admirable. It was a pleasure to work with such professional photographers who understand and can adapt to the model(s) so well, give great constructive direction and at the same time have a laugh and create beautiful images from ideas suggested from both parties.

Thank you guys so much for this memorable day.

Charlotte x

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Jade was so lovely and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a great photographer and we got some brilliant results, she is also a great model herself and has expertise in all areas! Thank you Jade :)

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Holly Stone Model

Jade and I finally got the chance to work together recently after a gap in our busy schedules came up, we shot milk bath shots at Jades home and I felt immediately comfortable with her and welcomed into her home, on arrival she also provided drinks and snacks - what more could you ask for?!

Jade took care and precision to set up the shot, which wasn't simple, she beautifully arranged flowers round the bath and set the scene so I could pose, the pictures look effortless.

Jade is fantastic to work with, easy to chat to and a great photographer, looking forward to our next shoot, highly recommended by me :)

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Fauna Kate

Had a 'milk bath' shoot with jade today, she is super creative and gave great direction to get the exact shot that she wanted.

She is super professional and really prepared, she told me exactly how she wanted the shoot to look before we met so we had a lot of time to get great photos.

I would defiantly recommend her and I'd love to work with her again 🌸

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I love working with Jade. The shoot was planned perfectly! The team was amazing and I had a truly amazing time.

The location was wonderful, I'm so excited to see the results! We went through so many ideas and it was a truly amazing experience.

Work with Jade she is amazing

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So today I had the pleasure to work with Jade and (her boyfriend) Raj on a very spontaneous shoot at an abandoned church in the middle of insanely stunning woodland. I must say they are both so lovely and I couldn't of spent my afternoon in better company, they are both very interesting people not to mention how talented they are! Jade gave great direction, and from what I saw on the camera we got awesome images. Jade was even nice enough to make us tea in a flask! I can't wait to see the images, and I really hope we work together soon😊

Thank you jade xxx

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Bethan Rose

It was great to finally get to work with Jade! She is a very talented photographer and I love that her ideas are so unique and creative. She had the idea to photograph me amongst some furniture she set up in a flooded park - I'm so pleased with how the photos look so I'm excited to see the finished images! Jade was really friendly and easy to talk to so I enjoyed her company this morning, I am looking forward to working together again and definitely recommend her. :)

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Emerald Cloud

I had a fab shoot with jade last week, she's so lovely and had so many good ideas! The place we shot at we so insanely beautiful and I loved the charity chic idea! Can't wait to see te photos too!!

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I had a wonderful time working with Jade Lyon and her boyfriend Raj Khepar (who is also a very talented photographer)

We went to beautiful Chichester harbour and found a serene and fascinating part of the beach.

Jade had a very clear idea for the shoot and she managed to create the photos she had in mind beautifully!

She was very friendly and professional throughout and being a model herself she gave good advice on poses.

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Jade and I had planned to shoot for a while with a set theme in mind but had to change this at the last minute due to the ordered outfit being different to expected. Jade was fantastic in comms and excellent at adapting our theme to something new - and we actually ended up falling in love with the new idea on location! We were really unlucky with the weather - it rained....a lot! But Jade was really attentive and considerate of me as the model. She also has a fantastic creative eye and was able to spot a really great part of the location to shoot in (which was also under cover - bonus!) which created some lovely shots. I loved the back of cams and am really excited to see the final edits. I would really recommend shooting with Jade. She's a truly lovely girl, really considerate, and talented to boot!

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Katie Buckle said...

Working with Jade was very enjoyable. Loved working with a female photographer and was especially helpful with her also being a model. Helped me with my posing and was extremely organised throughout planning and on shoot. Would love to work with Jade again.

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Momo Ling

I was lucky enough to have a shoot with Jade on Brighton Seafront earlier this week and she was absolutely brilliant! It was a great experience working with a photographer who's also spent time in front of the camera, she was very accommodating when I was wobbling over the stony beach in teeny heels and even when working face on to the sunshine! Overall a really fun shoot and I hope to have a chance to work with Jade again in the future

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It was such a treat getting to meet and work with Jade. Brilliant organisation and communication from the go. The shoot was thoroughly thought through and such fun to be a part of! Glad to be in the warm now though! ;o)

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