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I shot with John today and I had such a good time. He made me feel very comfortable and boosted my confidence massively too. We worked on location in Exeter Town and we managed to get some amazing shots despite battling the weather and public. Comms were brilliant the whole run up to the shoot and I had my photos back within a couple of hours.

I highly recommend John and hope to work with him in the future!

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We had our first shoot today in my home.

We shot lingerie and nude.

It was a 3 hour shoot and it flowed really well.

John is an extremely polite and lovely guy.

We got lots done and John had lots of great ideas too.

Big thank you for todays shoot and hope we get to work together again soon.

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Ivy Vxlentine

I had a wonderful shoot with John today, he came very prepared and knew what he wanted to capture, communication was very good before and during the shoot! He made the effort to catch different angles and styles; was very professional and considerate throughout and he was fun to be around, three hours went so quick!

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I had my first shoot with John on Thursday and it was an absolute dream. From start to finish the shoot just flowed perfectly, I felt completely comfortable and safe in his presence (which is a jig thing for me) and we created some beautiful images that I am very happy with.

Pre comms were excellent and we both knew what images and ideas we wanted to achieve and we discussed outfits etc so I knew what to bring with me. I found John to be reliable, punctual, friendly and professional.

I would highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again.

Thanks again!


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What a great shoot!

John is respectful and made sure that I was comfortable at all times, and he allowed me to express myself creatively while offering the odd prompt here or there where necessary. He had some awesome locations too. He had a good clear idea of what he wanted and was also considerate of my limits. I would definitey recommend and happily work with again in the future.

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I had a second photo shoot with John.

He was professional all through our shoot and has talent.

We make a great team and I can’t wait to see my photos.

I would totally recommend him to anyone .


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Kitty Karnage

I had a great shoot with John. His pre comms were fantastic and he turned up an hour before the shoot to scout out the area so he had a rough idea of where he wanted to shoot. He had a great concept of lighting and adjusted accordingly when the sun was in and out. John has a very creative eye and understands the importance of making a model feel comfortable. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Highly recommended.

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John is a great photographer.

He showed up on time and was completely professional and enthuastic.

We created some good photos which are a good asset to my portfolio.

I’m already thinking about a second photo shoot with him.


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I had the pleasure of shooting with John in my home on Saturday. Pre comms were excellent leading upto our shoot. He had ideas that he wanted to capture so we did three sets. John was a gentleman at all times and was so polite and made me feel really relaxed throughout the shoot.

John was happy to shoot in different parts of my home to capture that image and was kind to show me back of camera which I loved what I saw.

He just gave a little direction which helped,but other than that he let me do my thing.

All in all a very productive and pleasurable shoot with John which I highly recommend to any new or experienced model.

Thank you so much John,you certainly made my weekend 😊

Jackie xx

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Nella B

I had a 3 hour shoot with John and the time just flew. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to capture and we managed to get a few sets done. He is friendly, communicative and most importantly respectful towards me and my levels. I would definitely shoot with him again

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Bad Dolly

Today I had a lovely 4 hour shoot with John who was on time and had a fabulous lighting set up that worked perfectly for a home shoot. John was very friendly and pre communication was great, he told me everything I needed to know and the shoot went really well :)

He gives great direction when needed and also let me free pose. He put up with my dry wit and we had a lovely afternoon

Highly recommend from me! Thank you xx

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First shoot with John out on location and at my home.

Great communications and interesting ideas. Very clear on what he wanted to achieve, but flexible and open to ideas as well.

Very polite and respectful, and i have some great images from the shoot too. would happily 100% recommend him.

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Aurora Phoenix

Shot with In The Light on Saturday in Central London.

Communication was great prior to shooting and themes and concepts were shared as well as mood boards.

I love the input I had during planning this shoot and particularly enjoyed showing this photographer around kings Cross. We shot at a variety of locations and explored so many themes and different looks.

I really loved the different angles and perspectives this photographer explored during our shoot. He definitely looked for the extraordinary in our surroundings which suprised and amazed me. We truly took some really unique and fantastic shots.

100% recommended.

What a great photographer a pleasure to meet and work with him.

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I had a great 4hr shoot with this one yesterday. Great pre comms, very clear on concept and outfit requirements. I thoroughly enjoyed our first shoot and really looking forward to seeing the images. Would highly reccommend !!!

Hope to work with you again sometime 🤗

Ps thank you for the biscuits 😊

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Great guy that takes great pictures: thank you very much for being a star! Very talented guy! And has great ideas with lighting too!

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Had an amazing shoot today with John while I was on my 2nd July London tour in Central London

He's fun and very professional, the shoot just flew by and we got some stunning Images :D

He is a lovely person and a great photographer

We produced some awesome Images, I very highly recommend John to all

Thanks again for a great shoot

Scarlet :D

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Eirwen Creed

Had a great shoot with John .very thorough communication before, and during .very clear about the facial expressions , he would like ..Really got to practice with smiling, a bit more which helped with building my confidence as a model. totally respectful of my boundaries and levels and a real gentleman when making sure I;m ok and John really puts a lot of thought into the shoot, and if asked he gives you a very rounded view of your strengths and areas he can help you improve I would highly recommend John

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Lady Elite

I am happy to be John's first reference on Purpleport, as I had an enjoyable shoot with him and definitely managed to squeeze a lot of shots into the time he had.

I hope to see him improve and gain more references now hes a part of the community.

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