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I did my first shoot today and I couldn't have picked a better model. Roxi is an intelligent, creative, energetic, positive, confident, professional and fun girl. She took direction well and contributed with lots of her own ideas. I loved every second of our shoot and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to anyone else.

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What can I say: brilliant model - professional, highly skilled - brilliant person to work with, excellent company, splendid contribution. One of the best models I've worked with.

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I had my first shoot with Roxi today and it was really enjoyable. She arrived with an abundance of clothing and needed little direction. A great model as well as being a lovely person. Definitely recommended. Thanks again Roxi and look forward to our next shoot.

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Roxi had been booked by a photographer and arrived early and although it was her first time at BlingShot she oozed confidence and it was easy to see she was every bit the professional model. She was appreciative of the hospitality and even wanted to wash up the crockery! I will be looking forward to seeing her again in the very near future I hope. Hurry back Roxi!

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Adrian Stewart

Just spent an amazing fun afternoon with Roxi.

She put me at ease immediately, and was more than happy posing without direction. She has loads of energy and her magic rucksack just had some many outfits, I don't think we managed to get through more than half of them.

I can't wait to work with this fun, energetic model again.

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As with Giacomo, I booked Roxi as a last minute replacement: at 9am I got a text from a model cancelling a shoot for 11am. (Thanks, Dear.) I messaged Roxi and got a reply at about 10am saying she would be there. She was.

Roxi was an absolute joy to work with. She was eager, chatty, fun to be with and immersed herself in the shoot. She took direction well and came up with some (very good) ideas of her own.

I really don't know why I didn't book Roxi in the first place.

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This young lady saved my bacon and more.

Had a cancellation and she came to the rescue.

We only had a few hours prep and she was excellent on comms before the shoot.

We drove down to the studio together getting the rapport going.

By the time we got to the studio my mac book was out going through ideas.

We had 4 hours max as the suns was limited this time of year.

We had a great time, I will work with Roxi again, and she has great ideas also.

10/10 :-)

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Pre-shoot communications were excellent

Roxi’s make-up was spot on and she was ready with ideas and a lot of outfits. Nothing was too much trouble; Roxi is not just an exceptional model but also really good company, which make the act of taking photographs so easy! The images from our shoot...amazing, as she is so versatile and has supreme confidence in her modeling,

Recommending to other photographers,

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Saint Images

Roxi is one of those models that you just think "why the heck didnt I meet you sooner". She is warm, punctual, engaging, talented and above all else fun to work with. This was an impromptu shoot that happened due to my own diary being shelved for a day but Roxi stepped in and made an unexpected shoot opportunity a really worthwhile one. I think it is my responsibility to ensure that next time I have an idea for a shoot I make sure I book Roxi as she is very versatile and extremely helpful to work with. Top girl, class act and above all else a great model. Thanks Roxi.

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Today I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the wonderful and stunning Roxy. Very beautiful and very professional. Able and willing to look both sophisticated and elegant, edgy and provocative. Her range of poses and expressions was beyond compare leading to a very productive shoot for me.

With bundles of enthusiasm Roxy was warm and friendly and a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her enough to any photographer wanting to shoot a top class, versatile model with breathtaking looks.

Thank you Roxie.

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Roxi is an absolute charm to work with, and despite the terrible Bank holiday transport, she arrived as promised, smiling, happy and ready to go!

Roxi has a great personality, good coversation and is very excellent with direction.

So sad we couldn't shoot for as long as we had planned, but due to the bad transport Roxi had already informed me prior to the shoot of another engagement she had. But i'm pretty sure many models would not have turned up or even set out, and this alone shows the dedication of this young lady.

I'd definitely recomend Roxi as a very professional model.

Hopefully sometime in the future we'll finish off the shoot :)

(PS.. Sorry about the bad Bus info...)

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DennisValdez Photography

Collaborated with Roxi for the second time around and i enjoyed it again shooting with her. She is always energetic, can carry a decent conversation and most of all gorgeous and very friendly. I highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again.

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Professional. Artistic. Creative. Versatile. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Collaborative. Tireless. Finding words to describe working with Roxi is actually quite easy. But as a complete novice photographer it was her charm, patience and understanding which really made our meeting for me. I unreservedly recommend her for your shoot, and look forward to working with her again in the not too distant future.

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Second Glance

Roxi is simply fantastic. Complete package of fizzing creative energy and she totally sizzles.

We were really comfortable working together from the start and Roxi was brilliant with her patience over my daft lighting ideas.

It's an added bonus that she's absolutely lovely and the shoot flew past listening to the music from her own band.

If Carlsberg did models...or what?

Already fixing our next shoot - if she'll have me....

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I've just finished my second shoot with Roxi, and she was brilliant throughout. She has poise and beauty, and can pose readily either to instructions or through her own repertoire. She worked tirelessly and is a charming, cheerful and wonderfully collaborative person. I can't wait until the next shoot.

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I really enjoyed working with Roxi - brilliant comms and she quickly adjusted her schedule when the shoot was slightly delayed. She swiftly grasped the concept we were creating for and was full of ideas to interpret it, which she then executed with relaxed ease. Witty, cheeky, absolutely professional and a gorgeous look, I couldn't ask for more - Thank you Roxi.

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Had a great shoot with Roxi recently. Roxi turned up on time with loads of kit, energy and enthusiasm. Great posing and great fun, definitely recommend.

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Booked Roxi for a second shoot, again got the shots I wanted & a few more besides.

No doubt I shall be booking her for a 3rd time simply because she's a reliable class act.

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DennisValdez Photography

Shoot with Roxi today with Annabelle the MUA and we really had a good time! She is friendly, chatty and very energetic! I am impressed as we manage to shoot with 10 different costumes! She can carry a very intelligent and sensible conversation too.

Would love to work with her again soon and I highly recommend her.


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Harvey Gordon

Roxi is amazing !! Experienced, artistic, professional and fun. Our shoot was a non stop roller-coaster which produced great images. We never ran out of ideas, just time. Eight hours disappeared in a heart beat ...but there is always next time :) Very highly recomended.

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