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Sherry Armitage

Had a joint shoot with Indi today. She was fab. Very professional and followed instructions well. Time with Indi flew and I would love to work with her again.


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This was our first studio session, and it was a pleasure working with Indi on this shoot. She is very reliable and has super pre shoot communication regarding themes and outfits. On arriving at the studio Indi had come prepared with some fantastic outfits and accessories which aided the shoot greatly. During the session Indi was very professional, involved and engaging, following modelling direction excellently with great interaction. I would highly recommend working with Indi and hope to work with her on future studio and location shoots.

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Kylie Martin Photography

Booked Indi to do a shoot today with my camera club.

She arrived on time and was very friendly. Indi quickly got into our routine with 2 set-ups and about 14 photographers and did very well with pose instruction and improvising where people new to studio shooting were a little lacking in direction for her.

A total pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with her again in a pro - studio in a few months.


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Ray H said...

Today I had the privilege of shooting with INDI.. She is a remarkable model. her attention to detail is exquisite. She was so easy to work with two hours flew by in no time. This lady and I are going to see a lot of each other in studio and on location. ! What a delightful experience. I am stunned by her natural beauty. and professional outlook. I can recommend INDI to any photographer. she is a dream model and gives her best 100%.. Recommend as a committed and delightful Lass. Many thanks INDI we will be shooting again for sure !!!!! Ray H

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My second shoot with Indi - and just as before it was a great shoot.

I previously said that Indi is hard working, presentable and photogenic - and she remains all that, plus professional and reliable.

She brought the outfit for the shoot, great accessories to fit, plus spares in the event that we needed a different look, worked hard to get the shots and was keen to help pick poses to try.

Highly recommended.

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Daniel Spence said...

I had the pleasure to meet Indi and shoot with her today and it's was just amazing.

She's such a beautiful young lady and a pleasure to work with ...

She is completely professional and she came well prepared, Indi kept her amazing smile and professional spirit throughout our shoot even in the cold wind ...

Thanks so much Indi and hopefully we will shoot again soon

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Indi recently in a studio, after she applied for a casting call I put out for fashion and beauty.

Indi communicated clearly beforehand, showed up on time, brought a range of quality outfits, did her hair and make up, and then stepped through a range of poses, to help create a great set of images. It will be difficult to pick the best of the images, but rewarding for our portfolios.

I would highly recommend Indi to anyone who wants a hard working, presentable and photogenic model.

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Indi was one of five models who came to a shoot I organised with a rather unusual car. This was a rather novel situation for me - I've shared a model with other togs, but never been the sole tog with several models. We seemed to cope, but I was aware of not being able to devote as much attention to each as they deserved, and the format was restrictive in terms of broad styles.

Indi provided the contrasts: other models were alternative, to some degree: Indi presented a perfect balance, and was immaculately dressed and made up in a style that would have fitted her equally in a meeting in my dayjob. I loved the way that she fitted into the group, and delivered such a beautiful counterpoint to the car we were working with!

And I'll add - she actually rolled up in a motor that most models would kill to be shot with. I am hoping to persuade her to do a second car shoot with her own wheels...

I'd also love to explore the fashion and ethnic side of Indi's modelling: she is awesomely beautiful, and I want to be able to focus (literally...) on her talent and style.

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I worked with Indi as part of a group shoot on 30/7/14 with ourselves and three other girls. Indi was a pleasure to work with! A truly lovely lady who I do believe will go far! I love her style, she's so elegant and graceful with her posing. Indi is more than capable of doing her hair and make-up to a high standard and was willing to give everything ago to get the best results!

Thank-you for a lovely day! Keep working hard at your modelling, you've so much talent and it would be a sad day for the industry if you were to leave! Take care xx

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Zodiac Photography1

Indi was amazing to work with , very professional and extremely photogenic. I cant wait to work with her again it was a pleasure and i highly recommend people to use her in their future shoots. Thank you again for an amazing shoot.

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Andrew Phillips

Indi did a shoot for a group of us undertaking a styling course. She was a pleasure to work with and always gave her all and produced everything we wanted despite having to deal with 3 fairly inexperienced photographers who all wanted different things and, in some cases, weren't totally sure what they wanted.

Indi was an absolutely pleasure to shoot, stylish, punctual and professional throughout and would recommend her to anyone.

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Sara Warrilow

A great professional model with the ability to work well in a team and on a location setting with other models and more than one photographer present. Fantastic personality and a pleasure to spend time with.

Highly recommended.


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SS Creative Photography

Great model to work with. Punctual, confident, creative and has absolutely striking eyes. Highly recommended.

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I had a shoot with Indi today and she was lovely. She arrived with plenty of outfits and was happy with the concept the make-up artist had for her - which was a pretty strong one but Indi pulled it off easily.

Indi takes direction well and is comfortable in front of a camera. I think she has the potential to be a very versatile model and I would be able to consider her for a variety of different shoots.

Thanks very much for the shoot Indi, you were a pleasure to work with :)

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Indi arrived promptly for the shoot and came with a good quality wardrobe to choose from. She worked hard on her poses and expression and was pleasant and chatty throughout. Indi has a good look about her and I think that she will go far in the industry if she can put the time in to continue with her shoots.

I would be happy to recommend her.

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I had a shoot with Indi last week arranged by an MUA, meaning the first we knew of each other was when we were introducing ourselves on the shoot - a completely stress free arrangement for me and she arrived on time, well prepared and eager to create the photos that we all roughly had in mind.

Indi is a very pleasant and easy person to be around, there were a number of people involved in the shoot and everyone had an equally positive attitude to getting on and working towards our goals, and as a result I'm really happy with the photos we've produced.

Indi is clearly a beautiful lady, but now I have the chance to see her page I am stunned to see her age. I'm normally a pretty good judge of age and I thought she was comfortably the youngest person present at our shoot but now I see how wrong I am - her face and skin have a freshness that would fit someone ten years younger.

I'd happily work with Indi again, and recommend her to anyone looking.

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