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I would definitely recommend shooting with Kevin. Brilliant communication and a very well planned day. We took some photos outside and in his studio. We explored many different ideas and experimented with lights with lots of outfit changes. Kevin made me feel comfortable throughout and has lots of brilliant ideas and very knowledgeable. I have learnt tons from him so a very big thank you is needed! An absolute pleasure to work with and a true gentleman.

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Skye Blue

Kevin went out of his way to make me comfortable from the start.

You could see the cogs working the whole shoot as he was making sure he made every pose work for me.

He showed me the pictures as we went so we could decide what worked and what did not.

He has provided me with some fantastic pictures that are of great quality.

I would definitely recommend him and cannot wait to work with him again.

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Excellent professional photographer, really felt my confidence sky rocket.

Really hope we work together again.

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Dorinda Swann

A BIG ‘Thank you’ to Kevin for my first shoot after lockdown, incredibly day shooting.

We spoke regularly before the shoot, and on arrival Kevin made me feel very welcome and put me at ease when I arrived. He continued to check in with me as we went to make sure I was still OK & comfortable with what we were working on.

Kevin has a well-equipped studio, which we spent half the day in, and the morning on a location locally.

It was also great to see the photos as we went on the camera – and they looked amazing! Kevin was very positive throughout and knew where to push me to get THE shot!

Absolutely would shoot with Kevin again – thank you!!

PS - Kevin also makes an excellent cake & a good brew too!

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This was my first shoot since lock down, Kevin and I communicated prior to the shoot and discussed and shared ideas.

I was a little late a communicated prior too and Kevin was very understanding and on arrival assured I was happy, relaxed and comfortable and we sat had one of his amazing coffees and ran through the plan for the day (I even got my own slippers to wear!)

We spent half our time shooting in Kevin's studio a very cleverly converted garage he showed me images throughout, which looked better then I could of imagined, Kevin is clearly very knowledgeable within photography and knows exactly how lighting works in different ways to get desired amazing affects!

Kevin totally made me feel at ease and the time flew by, had the pleasure of shooting in Kevin's home for the other part of the day where Kevin was able to give me guidance and suggestions to help us produce some brilliant photos!

Cant wait to shoot with him again!

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I have first lingerie shoot with , Kevin.

So first i felling so scary and stressed 🙂 i think normally, but Kevin makes me so happy and proud of him , and believe everything what I do!

Him makes me more comfortable and relaxed doing the shoot. Also him can do so nice coffee 😁 and lunch !

And everything so safety, cleaned and nice :)

him think about yours relaxing the shoot all the time . Shoot is so nice , about all detail him thinking and done ! everything looks so professional and good !

Highly recommend , and see you , Kevin next time 😊

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My first shoot with Kevin who was punctual and has excellent communication, direction and organisation skills.

I can say Kevin really knows how to bring the best out of a shoot. We got on extremley well and it was a pleasure to work with such a talented photographer.

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Superb edits recieved today. I was blown away with them.

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Shannon Evans

This was my first shoot so was quite nervous but Kevin really put me at ease. He was great to work with and would highly reccomend! looking forward to working again together in future.

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Kevin was my first shoot from PP, almost 1 year ago and I was more than happy to go back and do another shoot with him.

Once again, he provided great comms before the shoot, explained what his aims were for the finished images as we went along and regularly made sure I was comfortable.

Highly recommend.

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Had an enjoyable shoot with Kevin. Really well planned out and structured. Communication up to and after the shoot was great. Very professional and calming attitude during the shoot.

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Natasha N

Had a fantastic shoot with Kevin.

He was very welcoming and calmed my nerves quickly.

Lots of brilliant ideas and sets that really kept the shoot fun and interesting.

The resulting images speak for themselves.

Thank you for such a fabulous shoot and look forward to working with you again soon.

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Had a great shoot with Kevin in his studio! It was my first studio shoot, and he took the time to explain the different lighting set ups and give me tips on posing for each. It was very helpful! Kevin’s pre shoot comma were great, he answered all of my questions quickly, and was very organised during the shoot itself. Highly recommended :)

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Lisa Michelle

A big thank you to Kevin for a brilliant shoot. I felt totally at ease and enjoyed every moment. Kevin shows to be extremely professional, well organised and ensures that you are happy and comfortable through out. I was very pleased with the outcome of the shoot and I do look forward to working with him again.

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Loved loved working with Kevin xx such an amazing photographer and even more an amazing person! Can’t wait to shoot more with you again xxx thank you and highly recommend xxx

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This was only my second professional photo shoot and Kevin made it all so easy. He helped me plan my outfits in advance and made me feel relaxed for the whole shoot. He explained why he uses different lights and equipment for different styles which helped me learn how and where to pose to get a good picture. He showed me the images as we went along. He made sure I was comfortable and regularly checked whether I needed a break. I'm very happy with how the shoot went and I can't wait to see the final images :)

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Eirwen L'amour Creed

Really enjoyed my shoot with Kevin ,he is really good at directing me and coming up with some good poses. I felt very relaxed around him, and once the shoot got going, I was able to really come out of myself ,he had some great ideas and happy to let me be experimental, with poses as well .very efficient with getting the photos to me I would highly recommend him .

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I would highly recommend Kevin. His communication was excellent, and once the shoot was confirmed supplied me with a list of outfit styles to bring, some of which I needed to update in my wardrobe ( what's to hate about that- retail therapy is always fun). When I arrived at his studio in Wiltshire, Kevin had a photo board of shot ideas and also gave me a tour of his house, pointing out indoor locations that we could get some interesting shots in, after a session in the studio. I was excited by the ideas and was looking forward even more to this shoot. The studio is well equipped for lighting effects and backgrounds to get different moods. Unfortunately a technical fault with the camera meant that we had to change some of the plans for indoor shoots. However Kevin was able to compensate for the camera problem by adjusting lighting and camera settings within the studio, which is evidence of a high technical skill knowledge. The shoot began and within a short time I started to relax, Kevin was able to give me clear directions for what he was aiming for and at the same time gave me tips on poses ( I am a fairly new model) and gently lead me through outfit changes and sets from casual clothes to lingerie and then topless to minimal clothing. At all times I felt comfortable enough to push my own boundaries.

The unedited shots were far better than I had hoped, so many great shots, it was so hard to whittle down to the number that we agreed would go through the editing process. ( with the aim of producing the final set for my portfolio). If I was offered another shoot with Kevin I would jump at the opportunity.

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I spent the whole day shooting with Kevin at his home studio, he was very prepared for my arrival and couldn't wait to tell me about all the ideas he had planned.

Being very new to modelling I was a bit anxious but Kevin knew exactly how to make me feel comfortable and I quickly loosened up.

Kevin was very complimentary but knew where to push me to produce some fantastic images!

Thoroughly enjoyed my day, would highly recommend!

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Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1488672000

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