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Michael Illas Photography has 8 references; 8 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Michael is a talented photographer who is focussed, professional and a pleasure to be around - good in the studio and down the pub!

He knows how to work both sides of the camera, with all the photography/studio skills needed to capture a perfect image, as well as the directing skills to shape a perfect pose.

Five stars, highly recommend!

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Josie May

I had the pleasure of having my first ever shoot with Michael last week. He made me feel comfortable and was patient with all of my questions. It took me a while to get into the flow of things but he always helped me out by demonstrating poses and showing me photos to copy. If something wasn't perfect, Michael would change it until it was 100%. As well as being a lovely person to work with in the studio, I received the photos only 3 days after the shoot! Would highly recommend Michael for anyone who is nervous or new to modelling.

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Michael is very passionate what he is doing,he has great knoledge on both sides of camera, taking pictures (making sure the lighting is perfect) and giving directions to achieve great pose. He knows what he wants to get out of the picture and will work until he will get it perfect. He is very easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable.

Highly recommended.

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Maisie Duff

The shoot was good fun. He taught me a lot about posing etc, and even taught my chaperone how to set up shots etc. Had a clear idea of what he wanted from me from the beginning.

Michael is a passionate and talented photographer. Overall a great shoot!

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Michael is an incredibly talented photographer and a great guy! Straight from the initial arrangement of the shoot right through to the final images, Michael has been absolutely brilliant. I'm fairly new to modelling and I can't thank him enough for his expertise, direction, and advice that I'll not forget. We had great communication choosing the final images (I have to say it was so hard to decide as so many were amazing!). I felt very comfortable, inspired and I'm so pleased that we got to work together. Michael is generous, funny and wonderfully talented, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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Cynthia Valeria said...

Can't go wrong with Michael.

He has a great eye for detail, always wanting to improve upon his photography and is great company.

We did try a "new" look and with help from an amazing hairdresser (Grazka K.) we managed to achieve exactly what we set out to do. The results he has been teasing look amazing!

Thank you once again for a great shoot! Highly recommended.

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I don't have favourite photographers, that would be terrible wouldn't it? But, if I did, it would be Michael.

He is very talented, exceptionally easy and enjoyable to work with, and captures beautiful images. Very good at directing but equally good at listening, and achieves world-record speeds of returning a huge selection of images for you.

**** 5 Stars!

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Cynthia Valeria said...

Very professional photographer with a lot of ideas! Had my first session with Michael a while ago doing a James Bond themed shoot, it was a very pleasant experience. He was well prepared with all his kit in order, was very good at communicating and helping me understand what he was trying to recreate. Also a fun guy, easy to get along with. Recommended!

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