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My first shoot with Shaun. I had met him briefly at a group shoot about a month ago and we decided to organise a shoot together and we have done it! Shaun had great communication prior to the shoot. We met up at studio 52 in Chertsey. Shaun is friendly, professional and has a sense of humour. he knows his lighting and gave me some great tips! thank you. 100% recommended!

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Tammy Riley

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Hodgie as part of a Group shoot hosted by Digital Dave at his gorgeous studio and grounds.

We didn't have a slot on the dance card for the day however he very kindly made time to shoot with me and I am so very pleased that he did! In the quick 30mins we managed to capture some really gorgeous images that highlight his skills and mutual enjoyment!

I am incredibly hopeful that Alora Lux and myself will have a chance to do a GG shoot with him soon as I have no doubt he will make us look truly angelic.

I highly recommend Hodgie x

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Camille Alexander

I had a great shoot with Shaun at my place! He was on time, he was very easy to work with and I felt comfortable posing for him. We shot a range of pictures going from Portraits to lingerie and Art nude. The shots I've seen from our photoshoot look great :)

I would recommend him to other models and definitely work with him again!


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Louisa Lu

Had a great shoot for the first time with Hodgie today :) very outgoing, chatty, friendly, professional and great sense of humour! Pictures look great too and very easy to work with! Definitely recommended! Hope to shoot again soon :) thank you Louisa

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It was a pleasure to work with him. He is professional and the session was great. He makes me comfortable and the photos look amazing. If you are a model with ou without experience I definitely suggest working with him. Love his dogs who joined us a little bit.

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Just had my first shoot with Shaun at my place and what a pleasure it was to collaborate with this wonderful gentleman!

So full of positive energy, very artistic/ creative, fun yet professional at all times!

I so much enjoyed our chats and coffee in between the shots :)

Pre shoot comms were spot on, arrived perfectly on time, very well prepared with amazing ideas! :)

Its so nice to see and work with someone who enjoys so much photography and has such an artistic approach towards getting those best images! Shaun is truly inspiring and I definitely recommend him to all 100%!

Looking forward to our next shoot hopefully in the near future ;)

Thank you once again and wishing you all the best!

Koneko xx

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Amelia Mary

Shaun booked me for a half day at Beltcraft studios in London, and what a fun & wonderful half day it was! I knew it would be cool because I have shot with this lovely gent before, and he had been saying for a little while about this amazing quirky tartan outfit that he believed would be perfect for my quirky self - and oh boy was he right!

Admittedly it was a squeeze but it fit like a very tight glove and the photos are just SO cool! Shauns lighting and eye for the shot are mint too - he uses beautiful depth creating really 3D images and Im just totally honoured to work with him.

I love the sets we shot and would always recommend Shaun, thank you again :)

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Ria Fantastic

I was just about to leave the Beltcraft when Shaun, who was sharing the studio, got a message that his next model wasn’t coming. I’m really glad I was able to stay on and step in. She doesn’t know what she was missing! Shaun is a great, friendly, funny guy who is a pleasure to work with. Moreover, I loved his creativity and the amazing shots we were achieving. He really was a blast to work with and I hope to see him again soon. Thanks for letting me feel like superwoman swooping in to the rescue Shaun! :P


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Emma Elizabeth

I had my second shoot with Shaun today at The Loft Studios. We have been trying to arrange this shoot since the first time we worked together and finally some months on we managed it.

Pre shoot comms were great as per usual. I knew the general direction we were going in and what I would need to bring. The shoot ran smoothly and flew by as we created a range of interesting images from fashion, to art nude, to dance.

Shaun is friendly, professional and knows what he wants making him very easy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to another model or to work with him again.

Super excited to see some edits, many thanks!

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Marie Jean Saxton

I would highly recommended Shawn!

I travelled down south to work together last week and had the privilege of staying with him and his wife. Such a lovely pair and I was very well looked after during my stay! We shot for four hours and Shawn had even hired a makeup artist for the day! What a treat! We shot so many looks during this short space of time and each one was just as fabulous if not more than the last!

Very easy to work with and fun to be around. A gentleman who takes good care of models and pre coms were spot on. Will definitely work with Shawn again!

Best wishes



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ชีวิตของนักศิลป์ (LifeofArt)

Working with Shaun first time at group shoot which organised by Dave. We were communicated before hand which made it easier when I met him.

Shaun was so fun, easy going man, professional. He is good at giving direction and also happy with my own pose too. We had shot slot shooting but I am happy with the results.

Thank you Shaun for a great time and being a great chef too. Highly recommend Shaun and hope to work again in the future. T

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I had my first shoot with Shaun a few days ago.

He is a very talented photographer, the atmosphere was relaxed and I felt very welcomed by Shaun and Amanda.

We got some great images as Shaun works hard to get the best shot and has fantastic ideas.

Very highly recommended by me.

Thank you


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Rosie Model

I had the pleasure of shooting with Shaun at a location shoot at the Clocktower Studios London. This was an impromptu shoot as I was shooting with another photographer for most of the day. Shaun is really easy to work with and gives excellent direction for poses and expressions. His ideas are creative and he makes great use of natural lighting.

Shaun’s turnaround of the edited images was really prompt and I’m delighted with the results.

I’m really looking forward to shooting with Shaun for longer be time , I can highly recommend him to other models. Many thanks Shaun ! 😊

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Emi Kenton

I shoot with Shaun at the Clocktower Studios London. His pre shoot coms were very specific which is always a fantasic help when getting together bits for the shoot (i.e makeup/hair styles) And he even provided the main clothing he wanted to shoot!

Shaun is really easy to work, he knows exactly what he wants when taking the photo, and is very speedy at directing the shots. I also really love his creative outlook, and the types of shoots he does, they are what caught me eye.

Images turnaround was very prompt and I'm happy with the shots we produced, And the opportunity to shoot In such a unique location!

I highly recommend!

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Emma Elizabeth

I had a shoot with Shaun today at Beltcraft Studio.

Shaun was epic to work with. He had many ideas, directed me when necessary and caught some incredible images!!!!!

One of the easiest, most professional and talented photographers around.

I am super excited to see some edits and get cracking with our next shoot idea.

Highly recommended and thanks for an awesome session.

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Amelia Mary

We finally got to shoot together! Yay! It was well worth the wait. We shot together at Ivory Flames event at the Hacienda; Electric Dreams.

I already knew it would be good as Ive seen Shaun work before, and his images are cracking. Shaun is super friendly, a lovely person, easy to chat to and work with, creative ideas flowing- the time flew by.

Shauns pre and post comms are perfect, his images are sooo awesome and his final images equally awesome.

So yes, many thanks Shaun. You're a legend. Highly recommended ofcourse :-D

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Ivory Flame

I got to work with Shaun again when he booked on our Electric Dreams theme shoot at the Hacienda!! Lovely to see and shoot with him again. He was enthusiastic and excited, positive, professional, got on brilliantly with everyone, shot fantastic images and was loads of fun to work with! :-) Happily recommended!

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Tink Kaos

I shot with Shaun for the first time at the Electric Dreams event at The Hacienda in London - what a brilliant dude! Not only an epic eye for creating AMAZING images, but a real lovely guy, super chatty, funny and ultimately awesome to be around.

Would highly recommend to all models, he's a fab fellow!

Until next time man!


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Loved shooting with Hodgie at the buckle factory in London - such a brilliant choice of location with unique props!

Hodgie is a tough task master which works well for me as an Athletic model always trying to achieve epic poses, and he certainly captured me well!

I could listen to his accent all day, its hilarious :D

Happy, jovial guy to be around, highly recommended :)

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Chloe Akasha

I had a brilliant shoot with The Hodge today! What a lovely man!

A true professional. An incredibly talented photographer, and a sweetheart.

He is incredibly dedicated to getting the best shot.

I have wanted to work with Shaun again after a long, long time since our last shoot when we first met (when I was 15!) ..and I very much look forward to working with him again soon! 5*

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