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I shot with Heln for some general portfolio, and for my tattooed ladies project.

Communications before the shoot were excellent and thorough, and she turned up with a great selection of outfits ready to go for a few different looks, including a vast selection of wigs.

She was both friendly and fun to work with, whilst being professional and able to pose well with little to no direction when it came time to work.

Definitely recommended to work with, an absolute pleasure.

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Loud Photography UK

Shot Heln today in the studio and she's brilliant! Communications were great, she was punctual, turned up looking amazing with loads of clothing and posed perfectly. Combined with a great personality I can't wait to shoot her again :)

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misty weston said...

Heln is a great model, I have worked with her many times with different photographers and she would be a wonderful model to feature in any portfolio. she is confident, she uses all of her body and face when she poses and is very aware of what looks good through a camera lens, She is also has an amazing personality and can make any shoot professional but fun. :)

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