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Had my first shoot with Jonathan, & wow I can't describe how great it was in words! He was already at the studio when I arrived setting his lights up, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease, he had lots of ideas which worked really well! If you get the chance to shoot with this photographer I would highly recommend it! Look forward to working with him again in the future! Thank you for a really good shoot!

Kind regards


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Saturn Photographic Studios

Exceptional Photographer With High Dedication & Devotion To Achieve Sensational Results, Recommend Highly To Anyone Considering Future Work With Him

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Jonathan turned up nice and early to get ready for our shoot! Very chatty and bubbly guy, made me feel instantly at ease.

Absolutely fab photographer he nailed 9/10 shots everytime we snapped a few different looks and I was very impressed with what I saw looking on the back of the camera :-) he gave me great direction and excellent poses to flatter me and I've come out of this shoot feeling like a new improved model! Thanks so much Jonathan for a lovely afternoon.

Look forward to the next shoot we arrange!


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I had a lovely shoot with Jonathan. He was courteous, humorous, knowledgable and a pleasure to work and talk with. It was a very much no-fuss shoot and it went effortlessly, we seemed to get on quite well and it's always a pleasure to work with someone who you enjoy chatting with - the time flied by because I enjoyed myself so I would definitely recommend Jonathan to any other models! Thanks again for such an enjoyable shoot!

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Nicky Model

Amazing first shoot with Jonathan!

Pre communication was excellent, he was very professional during all the shoot and always tried to make me feel very comfortable (which I was of course). We’ve been looking at the photos during the shoot and.. wow ! Such a result!

Looking forward to work together again and highly recommended!

Nicole G

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I had great first shoot with Jonathan in my house. He is very creative person and he knows what he wants to achieve. Good eye for details. Shoot was diffrent for me because all it was about communication in good way as he posed me and he was basically telling me what he expects from me and my body.

Thank you Jonathan

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Tace Marie

Had my first shoot with Jonathon on Saturday. What can I say it went wonderfully.

It was a home shoot at mine, he turned up 10 minutes early with all his equipment. For the entire shoot he was kind and courteous the entire time.

He gave great directions and we captured some amazing images.

He was happy for my partner to be in the house while we worked and even had him helping with hair and make up.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Jonathon as it was a great shoot.

I'm looking forward to the next time we work together.

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Had my second shoot with Jonathan yesterday, was a solo rock chick themed location shoot. Had a fantastic time, and Jonathan has lots of great ideas and creativity as well as being a lovely person and a good laugh. Will definitely work with Jonathan again and would recommend

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Had a wonderfully group shoot with Jonsthan today has part of a group shoot with Lipstick and Lashes and Tyna Lace, what a lovely man he has lots of ideas for poses and took his time to make us all feel relaxed, gave each of us his time both has a group and singular I would love to work with him again :) xx

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Teena Lace

Had a great shoot with Johnathan yesterday afternoon, along with LipstickandLashes and Little_Iridescent_Bird - our first time working with him. He was friendly and professional from the off but laid back too & was right on time. He answered Lipstick's casting call for a Pride shoot celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. I very much reccomend him and I would work with him again. He has great ideas and directs brilliantly

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Had my first shoot with Jonathan and hopefully not my last. Pre comms were clear and jonathan was very friendly and professional. Thank you again. Would highly recommend

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Had the pleasure of doing my first shoot with Jonathan today, we did a ‘Celebrate Pride’ themed shoot with fellow models Tyna Lace and Little Iridescent Bird. He was a gentleman, he welcomed ideas and did everything to get that perfect shot. He was happy to direct when needed and also to let us get into our own poses. He was also a lovely, open person with a good sense of humour and true creativity. I definitely would like to work with Jonathan again.

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I had the pleasure of working with Johnathan on our first shoot at Rutland house studio his pre coms where great and he had plenty of ideas to go off with a range of looks he wanted he worked very professional and managed to have a laugh at the same too I'd definitely recommend him and hope to work with Johnathan again soon.

Frankie x

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Daisy Lee

Had the pleasure of working with Jonathan at my home today for our first shoot together. I found Jonathan to be a gentleman, professional, easy to work with and had a good sense of humour. I was able to suggest poses as well as take direction for each style of poses to create the images we wanted.

I really enjoyed this shoot and working with Jonathan and would highly recommend him to any model. Thank you for a fab shoot Jonathan I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again in the near future.

Daisy xx

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Confidence Boost Studio

Jonathan worked at Rutland the other week ...Great photographer.. He totally respected the studio and worked very professionally with his model...

Comms were spot on..

He will always be welcome here..

We have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to any Studio or Model out there.. MIKE

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Jonathan was lovely to work with and had lots of ideas pre shoot, although fairly new, had no problem directing me with his visions in mind.

Jonathan likes creativity and we bounced ideas backwards and forwards throughout the shoot.

He brought me back home from the studio and was easy to get on with throughout the four hours we had booked at Rutland House Studio together.

Great coms before, during and after and would be glad to work with him again. :)

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Ooh La Lea

I had my first photoshoot with Jonathan yesterday at village hotel and he was a pleasure to work with. Pre comms were great and he knew exactly what he was aiming for.

Jonathan was very accomaditing, made sure I was comfortable through out and also gave great direction through the shoot.

Highly recommend to any model and looking forward to working with you again 😊

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Milly Milita

Had a great shoot with Jonathan last week we shot some cosplay with a twist and some nude implied. I felt very comfy with him throughout the shoot. His pre shoot comms were great and he arrived ready to shoot on time. I totally recommend him and will work with again.

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Had brilliant shoot today with Jonathan, pre communication was great and very professional. I arrived today at my shoot, Jonathan was very chilled layed back made me feel at ease. I would also like to add how polite he was always asking if i was ok which i was, once we got shooting we had great chats and also he knew exactly what he wanted to shoot, had lots of ideas ect.

I would definitely recommend Jonathan to anyone who wishes to work with him.

Thanks for the shoot, Hope to shoot again


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I had my first shoot with Jonathan today and I'm pleased to give him his first reference on PP :)

I rarely work with people without references, but Jonathan's communication was so professional that I decided to work with him based on the respectful and professional tone of his emails.

The shoot was fantastic, he picked up me, got lunch and coffee for me, the whole session was comfortable and easy going. We tried some different styles and he was very respectful of my levels and comfort zones the whole time, he always made sure I'm OK with all poses and styles we shot.

Also he's lovely company, very cheerful and nice :)

I definitely recommend working with Jonathan :)

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