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So this was shoot number 3 with Hexed Pixie, working alongside my friend Tom.

Another great shoot and Ilia excelled herself as usual

Works tirelessly to ensure you get the shots you want,and is not happy until YOU are happy with your shots. Always a joy to work with.

We shot mostly lingerie and a little fashion and the time just flew by.

Looking forward to further shots with Ilia and can't wait for number 4

Highly recommended.

Thanks again Ilia from Roger & Tom.

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Myk G

I was so impressed with Ilia from her first shoot with me that I asked her to come for another shoot pretty much straight after it and as expected she blew the shoot out of the water.

on time make up done to perfection, totally professional and works hard and succeeds to produce not only the genre asked of her but adds her spin to create stunning images as well.

I could go on and on but as ive now added two references its enough to say she's a stunning fab model that if you dont have her in your portfolio then you really need to book her now.

highly recommended to all togs of all levels.

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Myk G

What an absolute pleasure it's been today working with Ilia. We were instantly on the same wave length the minute we met. I booked her because she had a look that I felt was different enough to make her special. I was not wrong, her make up skills are awesome and I was blown away by how perfectly it suited her.

Whilst Ilia hasn't been modelling that long she is already a brilliant model, she's very keen to be the best she can be and with that in mind although she doesn't need directions because she has a wealth of great poses of her own she listens learns and put into practise what she's being taught.

I'm not easily impressed but I truly wish every model I shoot was as beautiful, fun to work with and Produced the awesome pics that she has.

Add to all this great conversationalist, fab figure, beautiful, quirky fun to work with, and totally professional which makes her the complete model.

1000% recommend by me to all togs.

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It reads like a fairy tale of a cursed Pixie in a magical wood, but the curse on this pixie is a good curse and the wood was at Far Forest Studio.

The Pixie in question turned out to be a model that learnt quickly worked with magical ease creating a superb set of images. Pixie Illa danced between sets working with a smile, making the shoot pass very quickly.

So would I use my knowlege of Elvish to summon up this pixie for another shoot, "uma amin " (yes I would).

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Well this was shoot number 3 with Ilia, working alongside my friend Tom.

Another brilliant shoot and always a breath of fresh air to shoot with.

As I have so many clothes to work with , all Ilia had to bring was her makeup.

Needing very little direction in posing, but also happy to pose to the photographers requests.

Time passed far too quickly, but looking forward to number 4 shoot soon.

Thanks for another great shoot Ilia, you are 100% recommended.

Roger & Tom.

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This was my second shoot with the lovely Hexedpixie (ilia), and it was as enjoyable as the first. Pre comms were all arranged the same as the first shoot, what style of shooting, make up, clothes, times etc. And like any good model Ilia brought extra stuff just in case we needed to do other things that hadn’t been thought of.

Ilia is a beautiful petite model with striking features, she is also very professional in her work, but just as important Ilia can build up a great rapport between photographer and model which allows for a shoot to go smoothly and obtain the shots you were looking for. Another feather in Ilia’s cap is the ability to see what direction you are going with the poses and will seamlessly take over and produce some fantastic images.

I love working with Ilia and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any experienced tog or amateur and look forward to many more shoots in the future with her.

Chris x

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Repzee Photography

Amazing person to shoot with, great conversations and great personality 10/10 definitely recommend

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This was my first shoot with HexedPixie (ilia). Response rate and Pre comm’s were excellent and very smooth, everything was covered in detail from hair, makeup, items of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and what I was looking to get out of the shoot. Levels was already stated and clear in ilia’s profile.

Ilia is a very beautiful young lady, she is small and very petite, polite, very friendly and from the very first minute engaged in conversation and continued throughout the shoot. For me personally this took any tension and awkwardness away and shooting from then on was effortless and really good fun.

Ilia remained professional throughout the shoot, worked effortlessly without direction, and responded excellently to direction. Ilia even genuinely said that she wouldn’t leave until I had the shots I was looking for. In summation, Ilia was far more than I expected, beautiful striking looks, lovely small figure, and a great personality. I would 100% recommend ilia to any level of photographer and I look forward to working together again very soon.

Footnote: Ilia brings a chaperone, and I can hear togs now saying “oh no” no chaperones, and yes, I know there are bad experiences to be told. But Chris is very polite, friendly, and chilled. He is not intrusive and does not distract the model in any way. Chris will happily sit or have a walk around while shooting takes place. So, togs don’t let this put you off because it will be your loss in the end.


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An absolutely brilliant 2nd shoot with Ilia, which was a duo shoot with my friend Tom.She was a joy to shoot from the word go.

Arriving bang on time to my home studio, she flowed from pose to pose like a true pro.

Shooting cosplay,lingerie and fashion the time just evaporated into thin air.

Ilia is polite, enthusiastic and caring,and she went the extra mile to ensure we got the images we wanted.

We are in talks for shoot number 3, which hopefully won't be too far away.

Thanks so much for another fab shoot Ilia,and can't wait for the next.

From Roger & Tom.

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What a fantastic first shoot with Hexed Pixie (Ilia)at my home studio. It was a shared shoot with my friend Tom.

Shooting a little lifestyle and lingerie ,the time passed all too quickly, leaving us lots to do for the next shoot, for which we are already in discussion about.Ilia excelled herself today

Ilia comes highly recommended, and I can't wait for the next shoot .

Thanks for a fab shoot ILia, from Roger & Tom

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Amazing session today with HexedPixie. Great communications beforehand, fantastic selection of costumes, and so very easy to work with. She contributed to the session with some brilliant ideas and we produced some great images. I'll definitely be working with her again.

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Full Moon

I’ve just shot with Hexed Pixie for the first time and I am so glad I did! Pre-shoot comms were excellent and she turned up well prepared and full of energy and enthusiasm. She’s a beautiful woman and her modelling skills and creativity belie her lack of experience.

She worked hard with me to get the shots, taking direction very well and adding plenty of her own personality.

Book her!

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This was our second shoot, and with a friend of Ilia's too to make a duo shoot. As before all communications were perfect, and ilia had a bunch of ideas ready for the shoot. Her friend did a fab job as it was it first time in front of the camera. We came away with some great images at a great location, and the weather was just perfect all day.

As before, I can only highly recommend Ilia as a perfect person to shoot with, very reliable and fun to be around.

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Toby Lewis

I had a great shoot with HexedPixie this week. If she lacks experience it doesn't show as her pre shoot comms were efficient and well written, she arrived on time and with outfits discussed. In front of the camera she is natural and needed little in the way of direction. During the shoot she was friendly, enthusiastic and professional. She truly enjoys shooting and it shows in the results which are fantastic. I hope this was the first of many shoots we will do together.

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I came across Ilia's page several weeks ago and she caught my eye right away, we had planned to arrange something in the near future, but I'd recently been let down twice by another model, so I gave Ilia a very last minute message and she kindly agreed to meet up for a shoot. I had already planned an abandoned hospital as the location, I picked up Ilia from home after choosing all her wonderful outfits, and we chatted the whole journey there, Ilia is such a friendly person, very easy to get on with, and her communications are perfect. We managed to shoot in many areas, and although it being a little cold, Ilia posed brilliantly and we came away with some great images.

We will be shooting again soon for sure as I have several ideas to suit her wonderful looks :)

I can't recommend Ilia highly enough for anyone wanting a fun, reliable, and competent model.

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Billy Cee..

I've known Hexed Pixie for a few months now, and thankfully she took my advice and joined Purpleport.

We arranged this shoot some months ago, and "WOW" what can I say, she has it all, she had a blow out on the way, which resulted in a wheel change, but undeterred she arrived a just a few minutes late, and with a great selection of outfits, and a wonderful enthusiastic approach, when I say this model has it all, she really does, she needs no help with her posing, glides effortlessly from one pose to another without direction, and her attention to detail is second to none.

I really can't recommend this model highly enough, she really is first rate, and I'm sure she has a huge future ahead of her, if you are looking for an English Rose, then please look no further, as Hexed Pixie, is the model for you...

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