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Helen and i had discussed todays shoot over the previous weeks with myself providing the briefest details of my ideas. Helen went away and gave much thought to how to interpret those ideas in the location we were going to use. She turned up with a pile of outfits and props, including down to cold tea and cake, olives and a false martini in a martini glass, all of which she apparently hates! the resulting images we achieved were wonderful! In short you get a wonderful looking model who goes the extra mile to produce great images. Highly Highly recommended.

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Mat Lynch

I attended a workshop in Folkestone at Studio Visage today and Helen was the model.

Very professional and enthusiastic, Helen arrived with a number of outfits for our group shoot.

Helen was wonderful at posing and no direction was required, this resulted in some great images.

I look forward to working with Helen in the future and would highly recommend.

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Lovely lady and model. Very professional, we sorted out what I was looking (poses wise), Helen was brilliant, calm, did not need direction, apart form small movements and angles. Highly recommended, will work again as soon as diary allows

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Matt Stabeler

This is the second time I have met Helen, and yet again I was really impressed with her professionalism and skill. Her experience shows through her ability to form varied and wonderful poses.

This time, was fine art/concealed nude, and it was a huge success. This was a group studio session, and we all took something great away from the experience!

Thanks again Helen! :)

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Matt Stabeler

Helen brought her professionalism and experience to our small group studio session, where we were practicing our portrait skills.

I really enjoyed working with her, and so did the other members of our group, and I am looking forward to working with her in the future!

Thanks Helen!

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Obaris Images

Great shoot with a very good model and lovely person

Shot a couple of genres , made the most of the natural light and really pleased with with sets we captured

A complete professional I would recommend Helen to all togs

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Johnny Rawlinson

Helen is an excellent, experienced model: well organised, friendly and easy to work with; her energy and sustained enthusiasm are admirable. She can hold a pose with quiet efficiency and stillness and without fuss and she’s prepared to be flexible and cooperative. I look forward to booking her again.

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Beautiful both inside and out, and an absolute pleasure to model alongside. With vast amounts of experience compared to me, Helen never made me feel inadequate. We worked together well and had a tricky job to synchronise poses, but it felt as effortless as it could alongside Helen. 100% would work with her again if the opportunity arose. Thanks again x

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Marco Bellimbusto

How many of Helens references were written by me? Regardless, here goes with another glowing report. Helen is a grafter. Pre shoot comms spot on. Turns up ready to work and work, then work some more. Underwater shoots are tough. Exhausting, both physically and mentally. Yet, this dynamo ends six hours working underwater with a workout rolling vinyl backdrops up out of the pool, and loading props and equipment. Stunning images come from every shoot with Helen. An absolute pro.

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Irida S

Had the pleasure of working alongside this incredible model today !

Helen is a joy to work with ! Full of positive energy and so extremely easy going and down to earth !

Her poses are effortlessly perfect!

A beautiful model inside and out and I’m very happy to highly recommend to all !

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I was initially struggling for words for this reference, but having read the recent ones on here I feel more confident. Today was my second shoot with Helen and just to make it a bit more of a challenge I asked another model to take part and set them some vague concepts that I wanted them to meet working together. it was superb, they nailed it and they made it great fun despite the British weather and challenging underfoot conditions. Helen can produce "that" look and forget age, in her case it is only a number and it is 30 years younger. Her life modelling experience comes out in her poses and her fitness comes through to produce great images. put simply if you want a great model who will contribute ideas and poses to your shoot and is great company and fun while doing it put your assumptions aside and work with Helen.

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Shaun Solent

When one hires a model who is closer to the age of 60 than 50, as a photographer one expects that leniency will be called for - lights that are somewhat softer, poses that are less demanding, and skin-friendly processing techniques. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Helen Saunders took my studio by storm. Did we say 'less demanding' ? Well, she started on the hoop - that great leveler that separates the aerial exponents from the pretenders. The images popped.

What about a pair of thigh-high boots and a tiny top to frame the abs and derriere. My lighting was hard - it showed tight ripped musculature, the slimmest of waistlines, and nigh-perfect skin.

Time to dress in rags and play Miss Molly Malone - WOW ! Also, time to rope in Salient Lupus as one very lucky, although a somewhat badly-behaved fisherman. Let's just say that our Molly succeeded admirably in distracting the old salt from his net-mending chores . . .

You have to hire Helen. With that beautiful physique, she brings skill as well as a calmness and maturity you will not easily find in younger models. She is a pleasure to work with.

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I’m so glad that Helen responded to my casting and I had the privilege of shooting with her in Kent. An extraordinary model, it is easy to recommend Helen in the highest.

Helen put great effort into styling our “outrageous fashion” theme, which I really appreciated, and worked hard covering a lot fo ground in a limited time. She has a truly exceptional ability to pose and adopt expressions, her life modelling experience paying dividends. Fun and great company too!

Quite unlike any other model in my portfolio, I hope we will find the chance to work together again. I highly recommend you do too.

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Helen's portfolio speaks for itself. I'd wanted to work with Helen for a while and I was delighted with the shoot. She is highly professional, very helpful with ideas and great company, which made for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive afternoon and I can't wait to process all the results. Thanks Helen.

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Marco Bellimbusto

Yet again, Helen delivered the good, underwater this time.

Always a pleasure to work with, and always on the list of my “go to models”. She works harder than any other model I’ve ever met. On the shoot in question of five models she produced more than half of the shots in the camera. Thank you so much Helen.

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Great shoot with Helen today. Comms were very good. The shoot itself flew by. Helen went to great length to get to the shoot on time despite bad traffic conditions. Great company and chat during the shoot. Thoroughly lovely lady, relatable, polite, professional. She is everything you could ask from a model and more I hope to continue shooting with Helen for many years to come. Planning shoot for early September. Very highly recommended.

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Helen is a striking model and as a very inexperienced person shooting models I had a great morning with her, taking many images I loved. Helen handled an inexperienced tog amazingly well and her experience resulted in her choosing locations and looks that fitted the sort of images we had previously discussed very well. I hope to shoot with her again. (and will be disappointed if we don't)

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Daniel M Pettit

Helen modelled for a group shoot I attended and was superb throughout. She was incredibly enthusiastic with all of the ideas and was able to immediately deliver excellent pose options, which allowed us to maximise the limited time slots. Very much enjoyed working with her and hopefully will have further opportunities to work together in the future.

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Darren Griffen Photography

So my long awaited first shoot with the fabulous and beautiful Helen finally happened today and boy it was worth the wait, great pre-comms a fashion styled theme along the river on her home town was the plan, Helen had three fabulous outfits ready to go, when shooting with Helen you soon realise the elegance of her poses and the ease to which pulls them of, we used various spots in the one location and got a fabulous selection of shots from each. Helen is joy to work with easy going and relaxed with a great sense of humour, and we are already planning the next one too.

Thank you for a great shoot today and looking forward to the next one

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Marco Bellimbusto

Once again back in the water with Helen, and what a star she is. I've lost count of the shoots we have done together, but I never want them to end. Helen is all I could ask for in a model. Smart, reliable and inventive. Never lacking in ideas, and always willing to push herself in order to make them happen. Thanks for yet another great shoot Helen.

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