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Working with Heikole has been a productive and positive experience. He's professional and friendly, I felt at ease working with him. He knows exactly what kind of pictures he wants; besides, the pictures never looked the same, and all of them are classy and professional.

Looking forward to working with him next time in Berlin.

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I had a very pleasant shoot with Heiko, he was friendly yet respectful and open to ideas. The studio we shot in was wonderful. I really like the photos we made and would happily work with him again! Thank you again!

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Wonderdust Supertramp

I shot with Heiko in a wonderful studio in Berlin, we went through many different sets and backdrops, creating great images! Heiko was polite and professional, as well as creative in suggesting poses. Overall it was a pleasure to work with him, and I would highly recommend!

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Heiko is a talented photographer and really loves his work. This was the first time we have worked together and throughout the shoot Heiko was very friendly, yet remained a complete professional who knows how to obtain the delightful result, and I liked to feel the freedom of choice for way of posing, styling and music to listen :)

Thank you for a lovely shoot, I'm happy to thoroughly recommend the work with you to anyone and it would be a pleasure to get you once again.

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Du Lievre

I had an excellent shoot in an unrealistically wonderful studio. I think we achieved a great teamwork in a very professional and friendly atmosphere. I also managed to add several of our shots in my portfolio and these were quite successful, big boost for my profile!

Thank you again xx

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Kitty Dawson

I had a great shoot with Heikole at a very lovely studio during my tour of Berlin.

I felt comfortable at all times and he was very proffesional, kind, respectful, creative, easy to get on with and a genuine person.

I really enjoyed shooting with him up to art nude levels and I hope to see him next time in the future too :)

Recommended! :D

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Ankie vk

Really liked this shoot, wonderful studio and I could put on my own playlist. We had the same taste in music and I loved the end results, would be great to work together again in the future.

Thank you for having me !

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Emjay Rosso

Rundum gelungen und echt cooles Shooting. Klasse deinen Ideen und wie du sie rüber bringst.

Macht echt Spaß mit dir zu arbeiten.

Jederzeit gern wieder.

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Naked Soul

"I say he is incredible all round. A great photographer and first of all a great person. we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots. Pre communications were good, 100% professional."

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Quinn Linden

Our shooting with Heiko was a truly pleasure. He’s such a nice and respectful person to work with. We were shooting in a lovely studio and I felt quite comfortable to improvise and try new things. I’m so grateful for that time and hope to have a chance to shoot again:)

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I truly can recommend working with heikole-art.net. He's a very good photographer and an easy going and kind person. I'd be glad working wih him again!

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Miü kitty

l'm so happy to work with heikole:)

He is so gentle and talented photographer!

has a lots of ideas for shoot and was really great shoot together the other day!

Thank you so much!

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Heiko is very professional, easy-going and I loved his ideas and enthusiasm.

I had a lot of fun working with him and I enjoyed our talks in between.

I look forward to working with him again, hopefully, next time I visit Berlin!:)


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Heiko is very easygoing and nice photographer. I can highly recommend him. Thank you for great photo-session in Berlin. All the best for your photographic passion. DS | www.denisastrakova.com

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