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I’ve worked with John during my last Studio Day at Space 63.

Our shoot went smooth and relaxed, and he took great pictures!

Absolute highly recommended! Thank you John, hope to work with you again soon!

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Jordan Candeice

Had a great shoot with John yesterday at a lovely location. He was very welcoming and respectful the whole time, gave great direction and made me feel comfortable. He had great ideas and i’m really excited to see some of the final pictures. Would 100% recommend!

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I am very pleased with my second shoot with John, everything went really great and I enjoyed it. John picked a great location, and we had many space to shoot indoors comfortably. John is a pleasure to shoot with, he respects models' levels and he treats models really great.His ideas is great, and he always tries his best to implement them good. Highly recommended to shoot with, 100%. After the shoots with John you will be on a positive wives ,thanks

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Yesterday I had my (5th I think..?) shoot with the wonderful John! Time flew by as always but we did still manage to get some wonderful shots, as John is always full of ideas and inspiration. We shot in the garden, balcony and lounge, with loads of different outfits and John was yet again a true gentleman, helping me up my ladder to access the eaves, and making sure I was comfortable the whole time.

Please do shoot with John if you get the opportunity, he really is lovely, very easy to get along with, very passionate about photography and all round just a generous and kind person.

Can’t recommend John highly enough and can’t wait for our next shoot!

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Today I had an amazing and unforgettable shoot with John in London.John picked a nice location, and we had many fun during our shoot.John is really friendly and he has many nice ideas which we implemented really well.The atmosphere was really great,and time just flew away from us. Looking forward to shoot with John again. Highly recommended to shoot with, 100%

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John is a lovely person and very professional. We had a great day shooting, he had a lot of different locations in mind, good ideas and communicated them well.

We are also talked about shooting again in the future so looking forward to that:)

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Angel Black UK

John applied to my West London tour casting and after seeing the property I had for the duration of the tour, he set to work creating his ideas which he later shared with me along with outfit ideas so I could pack appropriately. He arrived on time, raring to go and full of enthusiasm. After a quick scan around the property to get a better feel for the place we set to work creating the images he'd mapped out. I really enjoyed working with John and highly recommend him. He was courteous and polite both in pre comms and during and after the shoot and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

Thankyou for a great shoot!

Angel x

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Zsani Zse

John was very welcoming and has the perfect house for a shoot. Very well equipped, and open to new ideas. I love the pictures, but most importantly he made me enjoy the shoot. Thanks John.

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It was my second shoot with John but this time in London and it was great. Pre communication was great, I knew exactly what kind of style and images John was looking for.

John is professional, friendly and all round lovely gentleman with a very good eye for detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I look forward to working together again soon.

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I recently had my fourth shoot with John and each time we shoot I have an even better day, and the photos just keep getting better!!!

John is always very friendly and kind, extremely respectful of boundaries, limits and privacy and makes you feel welcome in his beautiful home instantly.

We did a mixture of fashion, portrait and nude and John always knows what he wants to achieve from a shoot which is helpful when I’m doing my own hair, make-up and styling. John is very good at directing, but also at letting me move around freely, the combination of which makes for a very easy shoot.

Aside from always being the perfect gentleman and an absolute joy to be around, John is also a very talented photographer, with a great eye and a lot of enthusiasm.

I can recommend John very highly and can not wait to shoot with him again soon!

Thanks John for yet another amazing day :-) xxx

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Evelyn Sommer

Very lovely easy-going shoot. John was considerate and had good communication throughout. Had a lovely time!

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I had a great time doing a photoshoot with John. He is very lovely, knows what he's doing and has a great sense for detail. I recommend him and I am looking forward working with him again. 😊👍

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Amy Farrant

I had a brilliant shoot with John! Very friendly and easy to work with, I felt completely at ease which made for some great shots! I would recommend to anyone and hope to shoot again soon.

Highly recommended! Thank you John for a great shoot :)

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Nadia Chloe Rose

I had a great time on the photoshoot with John, he is very friendly and creative. He is skilled at choosing a great location for each shot and good with angles and styling.

I had a really fun time and would love to work together again soon.

Thank you for an enjoyable fun day.


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Heathside was lovely to work with. He was communication before and during the shoot was great. Also he had some great ideas. I recommend him anyone and hope to work with him again.

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Allie Kerry

Had a great shoot with John in a studio in Gloucester.

John was professional and clear about what I needed for the shoot. The shoot was very relaxed, John was very respectful and understanding of my needs :)

It was our first time shooting together and hopefully there will be more shoots in the future!

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Lena HK

John Is really friendly and our shoot was set in a homey environment :) I believe we have created some wonderful images and I would recommend him for any model who's keen to shoot some magic :D

Thanks John xx

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Little Egypt

I had a great first shoot with John at his home studio. He is great at visualising how the image can work and planning ahead/preparing for the shots he has in mind. At first he was a little apprehensive at shooting an anonymous model, but he instantly took to it with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Thank you for a great time!

Ellie xx

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Amberlin Michelle

John is a fantastic photographer to work with. Pre-communication was spot on and he arrived ready and prepared. He is a wonderful communicator throughout -making sure you're comfortable at all times, giving direction when required and remains collaborative in his approach to sharing ideas and what his thoughts are. He has a keen eye for photography (as you can see by his wonderful portfolio) and isn't scared to challenge himself with lighting unusual alcoves and angled spaces. His personality shines through his work, and deserves full gratitude and praise.

100% recommended.

Thank you

Amberlin xx

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Emel Marie

What a beautiful shooting we made and such a nice and kind person! It was a really pleasure to mee you and work for you, thanks! Hope to see you again next time xX

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