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I managed to get the chance to shoot with Mark and I was not dissapointed! His ideas were amazing and his way of working, I love. His pre comms were spot on and the shoot flew by. I was met promptly at the station and we chatted about what we wanted to get from the shoot and we sure did capture everything we set out too.

Mark has an eye for detail and gives direction if needed. He takes time and uses precision when shooting which allows him to capture the most amazing images and he edits them to such a high standard, i'm in love with the images I have recieved back and it was such a pleasure working with Mark.

I would definetely recommend any model looking to work with Mark, you will not be dissapointed! Thanks for such a good shoot.

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Gabriella Knight .

I Had fantastic shoot with Mark!

Very professional and friendly. Making sure I felt comfortable. His home studio looks Fab!

The results looked fabulous and I look forward to shooting with him again.

Highly recommended by me!

G x

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I've returned from my first ever shoot with Mark delighted and full of excitement to see the outcome of our images! He was absolutely Lovely to work with, and a down to earth and likable character that I would highly recommend to anybody!

Thankyou Mark for such a productive shoot. You are so good at what you do. 10 out of 10 for your direction and clear and concise communication both before and throughout our shoot. Don't be a stranger and good luck in all you do.. 😊 💙👍

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I had a wonderful shoot with Head Sniper yesterday. He is very friendly and chatty so the shoot was very relaxed and enjoyable.

Pre communication was excellent and I knew exactly what I needed to bring and what shots he wanted before I got there. Because of his excellent planning, when I arrived, we could just get on with it! Great mix of giving direction when needed but also allowed me to free pose which meant we worked together to get the shots.

The photographs looked amazing from a quick flick through on the computer so I can not wait to see the final edited versions!

Great photographer, great guy. A shoot with Head Sniper is a lot of fun and he takes great pictures. I hope we can work together again soon! Highly recommended from me :)

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Paigey said...

Had a lovely shoot with mark, was 100% professional and made me feel comfortable straight away, he respected my privacy and took on board my opinions and ideas, would definitely recommend :)

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Mila Sparkles said...

I think this is the first shoot that i've been on in a long time where i can honestly say the photographer was an out and out professional. Unlike so many shoots this one was all about the work. Mark has a wonderful studio setup and made me so welcome an the entire shoot focused on me. He spoke to me as an equal and with respect for what i do. He offered me just so much advice, not just for the shoot we were doing but also for all future shoots. He also asked for my input and took what i said on board. The shoot seemed to just fly in as the pace was fun, constant but relaxed, covering a range of styles and poses; each thought out in advance and time taken to get each one just right for pose, position of camera, lighting. All i could think was - Why aren't all shoots like this?? Needless to say the end results were stunning and i am over the moon. Even the unedited shots straight from the camera are so much better than many edited sets i've had before. Mark is a really nice friendly guy and exactly the kind of photographer every model should work with. I would rate him 10 out of 10 on any scale and recommend him to any model.

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Had a fantastic shoot with mark, working from his home studio.

I found his house first time so that was a great achievement for me!! :)

I turned up and mark explained to me the images he was after also showing me some samples so we knew what we were working towards. Mark gave excellent direction throughout the shoot where it was needed.

The shoot flew by and I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable.

I would recommend mark to newbies and professionals he is a lovely genuine person.

The images I have seen are stunning also!!

Hope to work along side you again in the near future!

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lulu said...

I have had in total four shoots with Mark, and he is just fantastic!!!

He always communicates with me way before the shoot date, so we both have an understanding on what to expect from the shoot!

He has such great ideas for images, and each time they are different ( which I love )

He is easy to get along with, and is so perfessional is what he does!

If you are a model just starting out, or a model with tuns of expierence, Mark is the perfect photographer to work with!

If you need guidence is posing, he will always talk you through it, or if you can just get on with posing natually, he will just click click click away !!!

I always have such fun on my shoots with Mark!

and if I ever have new ideas i want to try, he is, and always will be, the first person I contact!

I would recommend Mark to everyone without any issues!!

Im also looking forward to our next shoots, which im sure there will be!!!

cheers mark !!


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RubyRexx said...

a great photographer! really friendly and easy to work with... i would work with mark again.. pre shoot contact was great and i knew what to expect before i got there :)

amazing pics in his portfolio.. very easy to work with and felt at ease at all times :) cant wait to work with mark again :)

post shoot contact was also very good and had couple images sent to me on the same day of the shoot :)

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