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Hazel Rose has 349 references; 349 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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I had the most wonderful maternity shoot with Hazel at my studio. She is so good to work with, posing effortlessly, fun and chatty throughout, it was a lovely experience. Highly recommended.

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BfP Photography

Another excellent shoot with a fabulous model. There are none better.

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Hazel and I undertook our second shoot together, this time at Sandon Studios.

As expected, it was a brilliant shoot as Hazel is an exceptional model to shoot with who makes the photographers job incredibly easy. Hazel is a consummate professional who poses effortlessly and works hard to translate your ideas into great images.

She's also a lovely lady who is incredibly laid back and easy to get along with. The shoot was a huge amount of fun as we chatted and joked throughout the shoot.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hazel again as a model to definitely shoot with, and I'll definitely look forward to shooting together again soon.

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Dag Nammett

My fourth time shooting with Hazel, and as always, she doesn't disappoint! A great model with a great personality, she takes ideas and improves on them, throwing herself into whatever concept is suggested. Today's shoot was an hour's time-slot on Hazel's studio day at Sandon Studio, and included amongst other things a shower shoot. Hazel's posing style was spot on, pulling pose after pose, taking suggestions on board and making them work even better than planned. Fully recommended, as always!

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Images (Ray H )

Always look forward to shooting with Hazel. we had this event booked last year also. Delightful professional and a joy... Many thanks Hazel you are a star ,, looking forward to our proposed G/G shoot in the summer. The two hours flew and members semm to like what we created. Many thanks Hazel you were a dream to work with .... Highly reccomended by me.... Ray H

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Shot with Hazel for the first time at Sandon Studio, we have been discussing a shoot for a while but never quite sorted it, so long over due. Hazel is great fun on a shoot and easy to get along with and experienced. Highly recommended

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BfP Photography

Hazel is a fantastic model for both new and experienced photographers, indeed, one of the best. She is friendly, patient and very creative. She works incredibly hard from the first minute of a shoot to the last and always takes pleasure in bringing an idea to life, whether it be her own or the photographer’s. I have shot with her several times and she is always fun to be with and to work with. In short, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Another booking with the stunning Hazel and yet another reference to say just how AWESOME she is. And yes, I am biased as we have worked together many, many wonderful times, but it's true nevertheless. Never need to worry about no-shows (as her references attest) and always guaranteed great pictures and a fun shoot.

If you get the chance, shoot with Hazel, you will definitely not regret it for a single moment.

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Had a great early morning shoot with Hazel yesterday. I Really enjoyed working with super talented,hard working and easy going top professional model. Hazel was Very patient when I was experimenting with new techniques /styles. Very happy with images and totally recommended 😊

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Yesterday,I had the Pleasure yet again,of Working with the Lovely Hazel,Three hours of Great Pictures & lots of amazing Banter,So easy to work with can't get enough of this Lady & will be Booking her again in the Future,I Highly Recommend all Togs out there,If you havn't worked with Hazel,do something about it NOW,you have been TOLD.

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Hazel was staying a few miles up the road from me during her tour so i jumped at the chance of a short shoot together in her hotel room.

Hazel is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is professional, poses effortlessly and can offer her own suggestions.

Hazel has a lovely personality and a can do fun attitude making for a very enjoyable shoot. Highly recommended!

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Robin French

It was a pleasure to shoot with Hazel the other day after long admiring from afar. Though our time was short we packed a load in and got some great images as you would expect.

Comms, hair, makeup and clothing options were all great and we were straight into shooting from the get go. Hazel is a lovely lady who knows her art and I am looking forward to working with her again soon, in the meantime she is highly recommended of course so book her!!

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Damotography 📸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Wonderful shoot with Hazel this morning… why did I wait so long :) We met with a big smile on a gorgeous sunny morning and welcomed me into her accommodation, Quick hello and chat then started shooting. WOW :D When you view someone online, then when in person is just even Better. Hazel being a true professional throughout, shoot was full of laughs, conversation and twanggggs ;) we got on really well :D and as all great shoots, where did the time go? :) Hazel totally suited the outfit I had brought and Really happy with the results we created. Hazel was wonderful. Highly Recommended, Thank you Hazel :D

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Excellent model, fun and easy to work with.

Shot a duo with Hazel and Foxie Wilder.

Highly recommend. Cracking shots .

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Answered a Casting Call for a soft erotic G/G shoot with Hazel and Foxie Wilder. Well....

We laughed and chatted throughout but when I raised my camera the game face went on and the results were stunning! We moved from set to set and nothing was too much trouble, working without any guidance from me at times, but more than happy to work to my ideas too.

A lovely model to photograph and a delightful person to spend time with too. I can absolutely recommend Hazel to every photographer out there!

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Had my second very successful photoshoot with Hazel, we planned it soon after the first one as she is such a pleasure to work with.

Hazel is always immaculately turned out and her posing and work ethic are faultless, she works superbly with very little or no direction which makes the time fly by effortlessly with first rate results. Hazel is great company and is very easy to get on with and very enthusiastic to your ideas

Highly recommended hope to work with again soon

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Hazel Rose was so helpful from start to finish, I feel so lucky to have been with her for my first shoot. Hazel Rose posed fluently and was happy to be directed also. HR had plenty of outfits, the location was ideal also.

HR was fun and bubbly throughout, had great tips and advice when I asked her questions, and was a pleasure to be with. The 2 hours were over far too quickly and when HR comes back up to the North East I hope to work with her again, thanks very much. xx

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Scorpio Photography

I had the pleasure of working with hazel tonight during her north east tour. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. She is a true professional. Really friendly and bubbly personality. Poses herself with ease and has great expression on her face to go with it. Loads of outfits to choose from and hair and makeup were great. The time flew by. We chatted through out the shoot and accomplished a lot of different styles and lighting set ups during the 2 hours. Highly recommended and will definitely work with her again in the future.

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John S

I shot with Hazel today for the "umpteenth time", as part of a duo shoot with her and Foxie Wilder.

If you are reading Hazel's references then its difficult to add anything else that hasn't already been said. As I type this "Hazel Rose has 327 references; 327 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellation and 0 no-show", and that figure is about to be 328 recommended.

The stats show you that Hazel is obviously reliable & hard working, and if you look through her port you will see how capable and varied she can be. What the stats don't necessarily show is that Hazel is a happy, fun, professional person to work with, and gives 100% to every shoot - whilst making it a fun/relaxed & enjoyable experience working with her.

So if you want a versatile, hard working, professional, reliable model who is easy and fun to work with look no further, and I'd really recommend you look to work with Hazel.

Thanks again Hazel for another great shoot.....

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andy wildman

Had a great shoot with Hazel and Foxie on a duo shoot highly recommend.

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