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Havoc attended my first group shoot as backup photographer, ideas man, helping hand, cat wrangler and drink carrier and I'm glad he did. It's always good to have someone you know can control events as well as take the photos you'd like to see. Always recommended.

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Havoc provided the photography for a rope shoot between myself and Spiderplant. He has a very clear idea of the shots he wants to see and the technical expertise to make them happen. Pre-shoot we had exchanged several ideas and these came together really well on the day. Aside from achieving some amazing images from the shoot I really enjoyed working with him and am looking forward to doing so again.

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I've had a few shoots with Havoc and you can be sure he always knows what he wants and how to get it, without wasting time or faffing around! Chatty, friendly and interesting, highly recommended, especially if you like his style.

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Sara Mirta

I had my first shoot with Havoc yesterday and I'm enthusiast.

We shot at my flat, I felt relaxed and confident, and I think we create some great images. He's great at giving directions and we had some good laugh, which is always good.

Super recommended.

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After a couple of attempts to shoot together we finally managed to this morning! Havoc is very lovely and laid back and made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. He is a fast shooter, good at giving direction, has a great eye for composition and I look forward to seeing the images! 100% recommend Havoc to other models, thanks for a lovely shoot!

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Havoc was my first PP shoot, and what an amazing experience. Knows exactly what he's doing and what sort of shots he wants to do. It was also a really relaxed and diverse shoot, looking forward to do another one with him!

Definitely recommended, thank you so much!

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Anna Amy

I recently had my first shoot with Havoc. He's an awesome guy, great at giving direction and lots of fun! I absolutely love the shots he got! Would definitely recommend x

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Miss N

Just finished my first shoot with Havoc whilst on tour in the south.

Great comms, and a relaxed atmosphere led to a fab shoot. We had no real plans so we decided to wing it and I think it worked out very well. From bodysuits and tights to laying on a bathroom floor...I think we have some great shots.

Havoc is a total star, a good laugh and very relaxed.

Wholeheartedly recommended!

Thank you for taking the time to shoot with me, it was finally lovely to meet and work with you.


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Jayne Horror

No idea how many shoots we've had now, all I know is I can drive there without my sat-nav (for me that's a big achievement)

Loved today's shoot like always, I'm sure we got some great stuff (duh!)

Can't wait until the next one!

See you then!x

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Jayne Horror

Have now had a fair amount of shoots with Havoc, always love them, I feel like this shoot we managed to get through so many ideas and themes/styles we both wanted I capture.

Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one!

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Isobela Lugosi

Organised a last minute shoot with Havoc and it was fab!

I have only just moved to Brighton so great to meet somebody like Havoc, we got on and he's sent me some great pictures!

Also- great location to shoot in!

Thanks :D

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Amanda Ellen

Got on like a house on fire. Great guy, lovely location to shoot in and relaxed environment. Thanks for a nice nerdy day

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emily summer

shot with havoc today and he's honestly just such a great person to work with, he's an incredibly talented photographer and a really fascinating guy :-) he made me feel totally relaxed even though we were doing some erotic stuff which is completely new to me, and we ended up chatting for hours. he's a good laugh, super talented and i honestly cannot recommend him enough! :-)

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Cali Gonzales

After reading his profile and a few exchanges of banter, it was an absolute delight to meet Kevin today. He has the patience of a saint and was incredibly helpful as well as informative. He doesn't bullshit, which I like and find incredibly refreshing. He knows his stuff, but he's not arrogant about it. I'm looking forward to meeting with him again...even if my sole intention is to try on one of his star wars helmets and marvel at his geekery.

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Took my tattoo for a last minute shoot with Kevin on the weekend. Frankly my tattoo could do with learning to be a little more independent, but it was good to hang out with Kevin again! This was our second shoot - Kevin is a great guy to work with, friendly with a good sense of humour and fab taste in music. He's also a brill photographer, and the photos look awesome! Would definitely recommend, and hope to work with him again! :)

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Had a great shoot with Kevin today, shooting some very different styles involving a creepy teddy and wellies! Lovely to have something completely different! Kevin is easy to get on with and we had a great laugh through the whole shoot. Very original in his ideas and makes good use of the surroundings managing to shoot completely constrasting styles and looks all within a 5 minute walk. Thanks for a great morning and hopefully work together again



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Jayne Horror

Another great shoot today!

Super excited to see what images we got!

Great company and the shoots always go well!

Need to shoot again, as still have many ideas!

Thanks again, and I'll see you soon! :)

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Ivy Rose Gehenna

Havoc is a lovely guy to work with; he's super relaxed, is interesting to converse with (he makes his own Star Wars armours... I mean, c'mon!) and loves Marilyn Manson just as much as I do - yay!

He's a very down to earth guy who'll make sure you're feeling comfortable and happy at all times. Oh, and he delivered some great results very soon after the shoot :) Would definitely recommend!

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Jessica Megan

Kev has a wonderful collection of fridge Polaroids and Star Wars outfits that make for excellent conversation. He's easy to talk to and the 2 hours we booked flew by. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat, recommended!

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Phoebe LA

Havoc was amazing from start to finish, was patient with me during my first shoot and gave me some awesome pointers and advice. Knows his stuff and would happily shoot with him again anytime!

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