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Harvey Vamp has 9 references; 9 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Craig Hall

Had a really nice shoot with Harvey in the centre of Birmingham.

We had a good chat and the shoot was nice and easy-going.

Got some really good images, and would work with her again.


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Dave Portraits

I met Harvey for a location shoot in Manchester after speaking about wanting to shoot previously. Communications with Harvey were easy and relaxed, making the arrangements straightforward.

Harvey has bags of enthusiasm and charisma. She is a beautiful model to work with on location and she wants to try different things. She poses with confidence and style, making shots creative and interesting. She is keen to make sure shots are professional and always wants to improve the outcome of the image.

Harvey shows an array of talent with her observation of scenes and her performance within the shot. She gives images character and style.

It was a joy to shoot with Harvey, with her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude. Harvey is a beautiful model, with bags of character and style.

It was a pleasure and a joy to work with Harvey this morning.

I highly recommend Harvey to any photographer.

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Had a halloween style shoot with Harvey ,, she styled her self as 1960s Go GO girl ,, with fab hair do ,, i def recommend a shoot with Harvey :)

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Had a really cool shoot while visiting the ‘Vintage by the Sea’ event at Morecambe,

Such a great person to work with, really fun and easy to work with...Helped with some good ideas.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harvey to anyone, really easy going, fun personality, with great style!!


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Dino Dinoulis

Harvey is very friendly and fun to work with. She arrived bubbling with enthusiasm, brought some fantastic costumes and created a beautiful retro look with her make-up.

She was very professional throughout the whole shoot, posed wonderfully and made the whole day a really enjoyable experience.

Harvey has a great look, fantastic make-up and costumes and is wonderful to work with. Definitely recommended and if you get the chance be sure to check out her show.

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I had the great pleasure of photographing Sally at the burlesque show in Preston which she organised, and it was an unforgettable experience,

Sally is a Beautiful model and a sensational dancer and although a live show is not the ideal place to shoot her in the stunning outfits she was dressed in we captured some great images of this spectacular show.=D

Friendly and bubbly I would recommend Sally very highly and hope to work with her again at more projects in the future, Thank you so much Sally for inviting me =D

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Stephen R

Sally put out a casting call that she was going to the Lytham 1940's weekend dressed to match and would like to Syndicate/ co-operate to get some images.

As I was going anyway, to do some photography, I messaged her back with a contact number. As I got there she texted and we were able to meet up and spend an hour or so getting a variety of images.

I found Sally enthusiastic and well turned out possing with vehicles and various characters in period dress without being self-conscious and as necessary to get the images. She coped well with low sun and the strong wind that was trying to wreck the hair and eye lashes. We did manage to get shots that in her words were keepers. It would be interesting to do more vintage work as and when. Thank you Sally

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been shooting Sally at our local studio Aqueduct ,, she was very well turned out ,, n hair n make up done well by herself ,, n nice victory curl in her hair ,, recomend a shoot with Sally :)

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Worked with Sally on a networking night at Aqueduct Studio, she is very friendly has a great look, she takes direction really well and is very hard working, I hope to work with again.

Thank you

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