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ME Photography

Had a great shoot with Hannah. She turned up early to the location, ready to go with the outfits discussed and was thouroughly professional throughout. She has a great personality and is easy to get on with. Looking forward to shooting again with her sometime. Highly recommended!

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Had a very enjoyable shoot with Hannah. We had tried to arrange something a few weeks before, but, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone it. Hannah's communication then was perfect, very professional and willing to discuss things to sort out the problem. So I was looking forward to finally meeting her and working with her.

I wasn't disappointed. She is a lovely girl, intelligent, chatty, enthusiastic and very easy to get on with. We had agreed to do a dance shoot (she says she isn't a dancer but is way better than many professional dancers I've worked with). She brought clothes that were exactly what I was after, as well as bringing a couple of other items she thought might work - they did. All the items looked well cared for and were neatly pressed. She is great to work with, she poses easily and naturally but is not scared to look silly. You wouldn't suspect for a moment she was new to this.

All in all I was very impressed, obviously highly recommend her and hope to work with her again soon.

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Andrew Jones

I recently worked with Hannah on a studio shoot. She is a great model and we had a great shoot. Her pre-shoot communication was perfect and she came to the studio fully prepared. She was great fun to work with and got on really well with the other model that attended the shoot. We created some great images together and I am really happy with the outcome of the shoot. I would totally recommend Hannah as a model and will hopefully work with her again.

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2nd Curtain Photography

Had a great studio shoot with Hannah last night trying out some of our outfits. Hannah arrived on time with a bright bubbly personality. Hannah is very new to modelling as stated in her portfolio, however, she was able to take direction well and has a great willingness to learn very quickly. In no time at all we were making some great shots.

We also set up a creative shot for Hannah which she wasn't expecting & she jumped at the chance to make this happen & pulled off a very lovely pose for us.

I have no hesitation recommending Hannah.

Thank you Hannah, I look forward to working with you again very soon.

Regards - Trevor (2nd Curtain Photography)

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