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Ballerina Erica Mulkern

This was my first time visiting Hallam Mill and it was a pleasure. A well designed studio with plenty of options and Jim was very friendly and helpful. I hope to be back soon. Highly recommended!

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Its been a number of years since I worked last at Hallam Mill, the studio has changed considerably since my last visit but all the additions have made it much better, Jim is helpful, guided me through the lighting and was on hand if needed.

The studio is huge with so much potential when you are there, came away with many different styles of shots which made the afternoon very enjoyable.

Brilliant studio to use.


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I had another great shoot at Hallam Mill with Jim

As always Jim was on hand to help, answer questions & help in any way

Half a day’s shoot fly’s by at Hallam Mill, if you’ve not tried it get on & book it you won’t be disappointed

Thanks again Jim

Cheers Steve

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Had my first shoot today at Hallam Mill (TrueDefinition) studios. Pre-Comms with Jim were straight to the point, arranged the date and time for the shoot.

Jim was waiting for me at the studio and setup the studio as per my requirements.

Jim is very respectful, knowledgeable and helpful, and Oh! he does prepare an awesome coffee :).

The studio has an amazing space and Jim is there to provide support when needed, very respectful of the shoot, does not interfere and a few times came to the studio I was using to ask if more was needed, what more can I ask?.

I truly recommend this studio in Stockport to anyone looking to shoot photography or videos, you will not regret it.

Jim, thank you so so much for you support and availability today, I had an amazing time and hope to return soon.

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An excellent shoot at Hallam Mill with Raven Lee, the studio has superb natural light, great expanse of windows and a mountain of different props that can be used, superb comms from Jim right from the start and once introductions were done, Jim left us to it.

Highly recommended


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Dean M

My second shoot here and it's such an amazing space and Jim is super helpful too

This studio has gorgeous natural light and lots of space & sets to get creative in.

100% recommended! I look forward to returning again :)

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Long time coming and I finally have shot at this incredible space. Can't believe it took me so long to come round - I had high expectations and the Hallam Mill Studio definitely has met and exceeded them.

Gorgeous natural light is what I was after and I got that in abundance. To say that, there are loads of other photographic options - dark room for studio styles shots, multiple sets, backgrounds and props. I wouldn't get bored shooting day weeks in a row.

Very happy with the results and had such a good time at the Hallam Mill.

100% recommend.

Thank you very much for having me,


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Ariel Taylor

This was my second time shooting at Hallam Mill, this time, running a studio day!

An absolutely fabulous day seamlessly run by the owner, Jim. Precomms were great and we got something organised very easily. Jim was very helpful promoting the studio day, which is a massive bonus when running model days at a studio! Despite having a 4 hour booking cancellation, we managed to pull it back and sell out the whole day :) Jim made sure I had everything I could possibly need and kept a steady supply of yorkshire tea going for me (and all the photographers) throughout the day ;) Our last photographer for the day wanted to extend his slot, Jim was more than happy to facilitate this and allowed us to continue :)

I LOVE working here, it is the perfect space. As mentioned last time, it is especially brilliant for dance work! The natural light in the main studio is just a joy to shoot in and the infinity curve is equally fantastic for a completely different feel.

I look forward to my next shoot here!

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Wow! had a great shoot at Hallam Mill today, its unbeatable for loads of natural light, you only need one fill light if that, loads of backgrounds and possibilities Jim is always around to help and drinks are there to make it more enjoyable. Came away with loads of great pictures, thanks Jim!

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Shot at Hallam Mill for the second time yesterday. It took me less than than 2 minutes to remember what an amazing space this is for shooting. Wonderful space with natural light, lots of props and and great traditional studio shooting area as well. Jim is always easy going and very helpful and also makes an exceptional brew or two.

I cant recommend too highly and I will be shooting there often which is a testament to how good it is as its a fair drive from Cardiff.

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Ariel Taylor

I had my first shoot at Hallam Mills yesterday :)

Jim was very welcoming upon arrival and was happy to offer me drinks and snacks. Hand sanitiser was everywhere, so I felt in good hands shooting here :)

The space itself is utterly beautiful and vast. Absolutely perfect for dance work! We were mainly using the natural light in the main studio, but I got to briefly see the infinity curve which I look forward to using another time. It was very nice for me to have my own dressing room and changing space as well :)

We are in the midst of planning a studio day for September! I am itching to get back to shooting here :)

Highly recommended!

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Elesha Eden

I had a studio day arranged at the studio yesterday the day ran very smoothly and Jim made sure everything was prepared and sorted for all the photographers whilst providing a lot of coffee! Which was much appreciated

The studio is beautiful with so much space and amazing natural light! There’s so many options to create beautiful images I will definitely be returning next time I return to Manchester

Thankyou for a great day

Highly recommend to all


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S T Photography

Hallam Mill is a great studio. It's got fantastic natural light; a wide range of props/settings; and a helpful, as well as friendly, studio owner.

It's a comfortable place to shoot in, and being at ease suits my shooting style.

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Jim is a really nice bloke who has a great studio. Loads of space there, props and bags of natural light, and I enjoyed my visit there.

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Barbara Jenkin

we had a great shoot at Hallam Mill, as always Jim was most helpful and ensured we had a successful day.

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I had a dance based shoot at the mill recently and it was just what we needed in terms of space, lighting, backdrops, etc. When the sun actually appeared the beautiful warm light was a treat to work with. Jim was available throughout and helped to get lighting ready as was required. Overall the studio was just what I needed and will return soon I’m sure.

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Maria Jazmin

I was lucky to be booked for a shoot at HallamMill and I was very impressed by their space and natural light. As a dance model it is very rare to find studios with enough space to capture dance at it's best potential but this place is fantastic for all dance!

After chatting with Jim we soon booked in a studio day and I was very chuffed for it to sell out after only 2 days of the casting being up.

I had a great day at the studio leaping and swinging around with space to spare. So much natural light through the huge windows that it was so enjoyable playing with shadows for the day. Jim also has many set ups around the other side of the room and endless amounts of props at the ready which we put to good use, plus another room with an infinity curve. There is also a rigging point which can be used for multiple things plus a studio hoop which was fantastic for me. Fully equipped with all lighting. He was on hand all day for any needs. I had a fantastic day and have already booked in our next studio day :)

Looking forward to getting back there. I recommend for both model and photographer x

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I had the pleasure of working with a lovely photographer at hallam mill studio a few weeks back now it was my first visit, I felt very welcomed when arriving and throughout the time I spent there, its very spacious with lots of variations on settings but the main that stood out to me were the big windows I would highly recommend to any model/photographer looking for a great studio with natural lighting and I for one look forward to working there again soon. thanks again for the hospitality


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Larry James

Great studio - super natural light and props. Made for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

Jim was welcoming, helpful and on hand if needed.


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Second shoot at HallamMill.Love this place I had duo shoot with Nicole Rayner and DarrenS and we came up with ideas using some of the many props and a couple of the sets.

As always Jim was the perfect host and helping hand for when times needed it.Highly Recomended shoot number 3 looms.

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