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Gwen was the chosen MUA for the 'Budapest Fashion Experience' in May. She is an incredible MUA that can completely change any models look! Gwen gives great skincare advice, cares sincerely about what she does and does the most flawless make up ever! Her love for make up and constantly wanting to perfect her skills just goes to show how hardworking she is. This girl is just like wow! Once again highly recommended! :D

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My first time working with Gwen - a two day fashion shoot in Budapest with Amie Boulton and Atalanta modelling and a creative team set up by Conrad Webb.

Gwen is magic. She pulls classy look after classy look out of the bag (even her kit impresses).

A true creative who I would love to work with again - and recommend you do too.

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Mel Pettit

I recently went on a fashion shoot in Budapest where Gwen was the make-up artist. There were a number of firsts on that trip, not least that it was the first tie I had met Gwen, and the first time that I've worked properly with a make-up artist.

Gwen was superb over the two days that we worked together. She pulled together a number of looks effortlessly, no mean feat given the strength of the sun and the heat that she had to cope with.

Would I work with Gwen again? Yes I would. If you're looking for an excellent make-up artist to assist on a shoot you should look no further than Gwen. Very highly recommended by me.

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Amie Boulton

Holy cow this womans good!!

I had the absolute pleasure of Gwen beautifying my face for a solid 8 days and i cannot fault her skills. She is insanely good!! How someone can do multiple makeup looks over the course of 8 days and make me look so very different in each is beyond me! I felt like a princess. This is evident from her port though but what her port doent show you is just how lovely she is too, as well as being super creative she is kind, professional, funny and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you ever get the chance to work with this amazing lady do not miss your chance! 100% recommended by me and i hope to be lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Gwen again in the future. Thanks for being awesome in every way x

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I've recently over the past few months worked on a number of projects and creative shoots with Gwen.

Her talent and skill for creating the most flawless perfect makeup looks is insane and I just love the looks she's created on me. I look forward to our next shoots and producing more incredible looks.

Highly recommended !

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Richard Wakefield

Absolutely love shooting with Gwen - she's just so skilled, and well planned. Her vision is always creative and highly professional. 3 shoots in, and always so pleased with the looks and images. Can't wait for more shoots with Gwen! Highly recommended...

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Sinopa Rin

This lady is AMAZING! I've admired Gwen's work for a long time so was over the moon when I got to work with her on a fashion editorial recently. She is friendly, hard-working and her make-up application is flawless (and so gentle!). Absolutely one of the best MUAs around and I look forward to our next shoot together.

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Natasha Chick

I had a great opportunity to be a model for Gwen at a college make up demonstration for an Avant Garde look. Having followed her work for a while now, it was great to hear her explaining her experiences and showing the students various techniques, and it was so clear that Gwen is really passionate about what she does and is full of creativity.

We arranged a collaborative shoot to get some images of the make up afterwards on location. Having to do some make up adjustments / touch ups in a car park, Gwen continued to impress me with her work and her make up kit is so extensive, all kept hygienic and clean.

Over all, a great day (despite some wasps on the location shoot). Gwen arrived early, came prepared with mood boards to discuss with me despite being so busy for the previous days, worked well under timing pressure and is so thorough with her work. I look forward to working together again!!

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Mark Goddard

Gwen was our choice of MUA on a recent location shoot in Venice.She is thoroughly professional getting up at 6am each day to work her magic.She is a very talented young lady and is completely dedicated to her job.

Will definitely be using Gwen again in the future.

Highly Recommended

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Conrad Webb

Finally got to work with Gwen in late May and again in early June. Having heard many many good things about her makeup skills it was still very impressive to see her work at first hand. Perfect makeup by a very amiable and fun member of the team. Enjoyed her company, her dedication, her professionalism and above all her truly perfect skill. Top of my list of MUA's to work with and looking to do more with Gwen later this year.

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Nathaniel Friis

Collaborated with Gwen on a project at Wind Mill Studio several weeks ago. She was thoroughly professional, incredibly talented and creative. I highly recommend her.

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Louise Grice

Gwen is an amazingly talented artist. She works soo hard to create stunning make up and is always pushing her herself to do even better. I am very lucky to have the pleasure of working with her on a regular basis and she comes up with some great ideas. If you haven't worked with Gwen yet i would highly recommend that you do so.

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Had an amazing shoot with Gwen & the team recently on an Editorial project. Gwen as always was creative, knew how to achieve the look we were after and produced it to an extremely high level. She is a superb MUA and I cannot recommend her highly enough ! Can't wait until our next projects together.

Akari x

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Stephanie Dubois

This is my second time working with Gwen, but this time I had her all to myself ;)

She is ridiculously talented, creative, lovely, driven, cool...I could go one. She did my hair and makeup to perfection during our shoot...not a single flaw!

I cant recommend her highly enough...if you haven't worked with her I suggest you get something in the diary pronto!

Awesome lady x

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lorenjacksonmua said...

Assisted Gwen on two shoots a few months back, she always made me feel comfortable and confident whilst working.

Gwen is extremely talented and professional.


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Valis Volkova

I bloody love Gwen!

I have worked with hundreds of MUAs, but she is definitely in my top 3 personal favourites!! :-)

She knows I'm a fussy lady when it comes to my face, but this doesn't phase her- she works extremely hard to keep her models and clients satisfied and always creates beautiful artwork on faces!

Very talented and beautiful lady who I very much enjoy working with!

Highly recommended!

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Amber Tutton

I work with Gwen quite alot!

she is a true professional, always on time & equip,

always friendly and fun

always has endless ideas and inspiration,

motivated, kind, talented

does makeup to the highest standard leaving photographers with flawless images!

Highly recommended!

she'll blow you away!

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theresa louise

I've woeked with Gwen twice now, each shoot being totally different style of make up. Gwen is extremely talented so if your looking for a make up artist that can create any style the Gwen is your lady.

She is extremedy professional and takes massive amounts of pride in her work.

I'm sure I will be working with her again in the new year


Theresa louise xxx

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Stephanie Dubois

I finally got to work with Gwen on a shoot earlier this week. Our diaries had never matched up before, but I'm so glad they finally did. She clearly loves what is he does, and it certainly shows in the final result. The makeup is flawless. She also happens to be super lovely.

I very hope to work with her again someday!

Thanks Gwen.

Very highly recommended.

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Jen Brook

I am really really picky with MUA's, having worked with quite a few in my time it takes a lot to impress me. I can happily say that Gwen is one of the best I have ever worked with and definitely in my top 3. She's brilliant and I'd love to work with her again :) Highly recommended!

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