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This was shoot number two with the awesome Guy!

We had arranged a weekend up his way in Aberdeen along with Mondo(Ray) on here.

Guy came very prepared with a printed off moodboard to follow along to, peices of material to use for backdrops/covering windows and a bunch or outfits that we never even got round to.

Guy is a pleasure to work with. Professional, a great laugh and overall an incredibly talented photographer. Considering the first time we worked together was after a long break for him, the results were outstanding and clearly no talent was lost.

100% recommend to any and all models.

Thanks for yet another fun shoot, until next time :)

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Shoot number one with this awesome human.

I had a studio day booked at Bad Karma Photography Studio in Aberdeen, Guy booked the final two hours with myself.

Guy had a moodboard of everything hevwanted to achieve easing back in to Photography after quite a long break with covid etc. Honestly, one of the best people I have shot with in a studio environment. Each lighting set up was so well thought out, along with getting angles and poses to a tee. Showing me as we went along so we knew what needed improvement. Plus, Guy is a great laugh and has a great approach in keeping the shopt running smoothly- because as he now knows, I could talk for Britain!

It was so good to meet too - we have followed eachother online for so long and I have enjoyed Guy's work for a while. The results were utterly gorgeous and I still cannot believe this was after a break!! Clearly talent and professionalism never leaves. :)

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Stephanie Dubois

So.. it took a while, but we finally made it happen! :D

Guy is great! Such an easy and straight forward shoot, bouncing ideas around, drinking coffee and generally putting the world to rights. Guy knows his lighting and has a clear idea of what he wants to achieve. The time flew by and we got through some cracking sets! All in all I can recommend Guy very highly and i hope we get the opportunity to work together again next year.

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Scarlot Rose

Guy attended a recent location art nude workshop I modelled for run by PhotoClassic and was such a pleasure to shoot with!

He was super organised with inspiration/mood boards and knowing exactly the style in which he wanted to shoot. He was also super friendly, polite and considerate (which is most appreciated when you are out on a cold evening!)

Just a quick peek on the back of the camera showed some fantastic images and I look forward to seeing the results from this and his ongoing project!

Thanks for a great shoot, happily recommend!

Scarlot :)

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Guy has attended a few of my workshops over the years and has always been a pleasure to have on board. This time it was my Evening On The Sand Experience, with Scarlot Rose modelling.

Guy came along with his usual enthusiasm and also brought a clear idea of what he wanted to take from the workshop in terms of technical and practical experience, as well as a mood-board of image ideas. This made things much easier for me as a tutor as it meant we could tailor things for him, to ensure he got the most possible from a short two-hour workshop. I had a peek at some of the images Guy achieved on the back of his camera and they were very impressive. I'd recommend Guy to any models interested in the projects Guy is casting for.

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Carla Monaco

I had the pleasure of working with Guy a few years back on one of my tours to Scotland.

Guy organised a full day of shoots for me as well as booking a few hours for himself.

I have great memories of our shoot, Guy was such a lovely, down to earth person-made me feel comfortable from the start.

Very professional, easy going and talented photographer. I have always loved the images we got from our session and found the whole shoot very rewarding.

I would be happy to recommend Guy to other models and I hope we can shoot again soon.

Highly recommended!


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RedDawn Photography Studio

It is not often I write a reference for another photographer but I have long been an admirer of Guy’s work. His imaginative composition combined with well practiced technical skills produce images of exceptional quality, beauty and grace. They say a picture paints a thousand words so I would urge you explore his figure and dance work to see where I am coming from. The fact that he is modest and down to earth just adds to the Guy Carnegie experience. Guy is the real deal so if you are interested in working with him, give him a shout, you will not be disappointed.

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I have known Guy since around 2005 and he has attended several of my events, including my first Art Nude In The Landscape Workshop back in 2007. Guy has a passion for photography that is very evident and he brings a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in his shoots. Over the years he has developed a strong understanding of lighting technique for his studio work and that shows in his work. He is also a genuinely nice guy (see what I did there?). I would definitely recommend Guy to any models interested in figure work or dance photography.

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Guy and I had great comms on what type images we were hoping to recreate on arranging our photoshoot

great studio good location

Guy was friendly polite and very professional

We had a great shoot very comfortable easy going chatty

And I would work with guy again in the future and I look forward to seeing the images we produced. ☺️

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Nicky Phillips

I worked with Guy on my trip to Scotland, Guy was really professional, kind and easy going.

I really enjoyed our shoot and the pictures are beautiful.

100% recommended by me.


Nicky x

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Synergy photography studio

Guy was booked on to our studio day with Pippa Doll. Guy travelled a good distance to work with Pippa in our studio amd despite this was early and raring to go. Guy came fully prepared with lots of ideas he wanted to work through and he and Pippa hit it off from the start. He appeared happy with the shoot and Ive no doubt captured beautiful images. Would be more than happy to have Guy back in the studio for future days.

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Rachelle Summers

I had a fantastic 2 hour shoot with Guy last weekend!

He is very creative and brings along inspirational ideas with him so that you can see exactly what kind of style he is looking for :)

Our 2 hours together flew by and I'm sure we got some lovely images together, his lighting is also fantastic and I can't wait to see the results!

Hope to work with him again in the future and he is definitely recommended by me :)

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Tansy Blue said...

Had a 3 hour studio shoot with Guy this last Saturday, and had a great time. He's passionate and creative, and willing to change the lights every 2 seconds so you can get THE shot. I would happily work with him again. :)

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