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GSW has 22 references; 22 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Wendy Louise Howard

13th August - I had the Absolute Pleasure of working with the Fabulous Gary and i'm really glad I did.

We got on like a house on Fire.

Gary is really Friendly, Professional, Easy going and creates a Perfect Shooting environment.

Really Fun to work with and the time just flew by.

If you get the chance to work with Gary, jump at it. You won't be disappointed.

Highly recommended by me with 5 stars *****

Thanks Gary and I look forward to next time :D

Renaissance xx

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Monika Lara Smith

I had a lovely shoot with Gary while touring in London and hopefully we will be able to work together again one day!

Gary was really amazing to work with, even though we only had around 1.5 hours to shoot which is always challenging! It was also quite late in the evening so light wasn't helping us either but we did really well!

Gary had great ideas how to tackle our shoot and he was happy for me to also suggest a few things and this way we managed to create some fabulous results! It was a quick but really nice, relaxed shoot.

I would definitely recommend working with him.Thank you and looking forward to working with you again!;

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Tania Aresti

Had a great shoot with GSW.

His pre comms were good & he arrived on time.

GSW is just so easy to work with.

It was a chilled shoot & we got some great images.

We had a great chat while we shot & he had some good ideas.

I cannot wait to see the edited images.

GSW was completely professional.

I would highly recommend & i would work with him again.

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Vivian Blue

I had my first shoot with Gary at my home on Tuesday, we managed to arrange the shoot easily and Gary arrived ready to shoot. From the get go he was polite and professional, also respectful of me as a model and a person. I very much enjoyed our shoot and I feel together we managed to create some brilliant images. I can happily recommend Gary to any model and I would work with him again and hope to in the near future.

Best wishes,


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Great shoot with Gary at my home location, communication prior to the shoot great, arrived on time with some great ideas.

Images on the camera looked really nice and yes I recommend him to models to work with

Thanks again for a great shoot


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M I S S A - R A E - B E R R Y

So I made a casting and at last minute this wonderful man stepped forward!! Now recently I had a bad experience on a shoot so I was really scared and this was my first shoot since and hand on heart it made me realise don't let a bad shoot hold u back!!

We did 4 hours at my house and the styles / themes we did worked ! We went from lingerie to dance and each style had a different emotion!! Story telling is one of my fav things!!

I was a little quiet on shoot but I was very comfortable !! So easy going !! Even bloody electric man came haha!! Well 3 is a crowd !!

I loved the shoot because we both understood what we wanted and cracked on ! Very friendly , made me feel at ease but also professional!!

I loved the shoot! He even came early ! Was up my street!

Thank you for having me and giving me my confidence back!!

Was a pleasure !! Hope to shoot again soon!! And I promise I'll be a true Yorkshire bird lol now my confidence is back!!



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Had an awesome shoot with Gary really genuine lovely guy to work with, great communication prior to shooting and throughout, great use of lighting used and full of great laughter and chatter which made it a great enjoyable shoot, I would recommend to anybody new or experienced fantastic to work with>> 5*+

The most favourite photographer I have worked with throughout modelling upto now thanks for a fantastic shoot

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had a lovely shoot the other day, we got some lovely images very nice man so easy to get along with :)

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Valis Volkova

I had a wonderful shoot with Gary yesterday! He is an absolute gentleman! Communication throughout was great, he came to the shoot prepared with clear ideas about what he wanted to shoot and conducted himself in a professional manner the whole time. I would recommend him to anyone and hope that we work together again. :-)

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I today worked with the lovely Gary who applied for my late casting call.

His pre communication was great he was straight to the point with ideas and facts. Couldnt have been clearer. He turned up with a full set up of lighting and chatter to keep us occupied.

Gary was more than polite and considerate. Cant wait to see the images!


Thanks Gary!

Lottii :)

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Keira Lavelle

I worked with Gary last week when a cancellation led to us crossing paths - the best happy accident I could have hoped for! Even though our shoot was all arranged at relatively short notice it was absolutely fantastic, I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed working with Gary. :)

His communications were bang on and everything flowed nicely into place for a lovely little evening shoot, the spontaneity was brilliant and no opportunity was missed for all things cool and quirky. We got through an awesome variety of sets in the two hours and with each changeover came productivity; Gary is tremendously quick to visually interpret how and where to light the look... he knows exactly what he wants his images to look like and uses outstanding improvisation to make it work.

He was completely professional by approach from start to finish, polite and respectful but we also had a lot of fun throughout and got on like a house on fire. The complete package without a smidge of a doubt and I have no doubts that other models will enjoy an equally brilliant shoot! I certainly would look forward to working with Gary again.

Very highly recommended!

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Had a shoot with him in my house :) and he has move the things in my living room and make a great place where shoot :) he is very professional !

Highly recommended :)

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katie Anna

I had a great shoot with Gary yesterday .

He was very friendly and we got on straight away .

I would definitely work with him again

A lovely photographer :-)

Katie Anna

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worked with gary last friday and had a fab shoot with him. very nice and down to earth guy who is easy to get a long with and very easy to work with, i wouldnt hesitate in shooting with gary again - and looks like we got some fab images too!

def recommended!

thanks again :)

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Miss Simone Rose said...

Had a great shoot with Gary he turned up on time and is very professional lovely to work with and made me feel comfortable I recommend Gary and would hope to work with him again

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Zara M 25 said...

Had my first 3hr home shoot today at my cottage with Gary

good communication before and during the shoot

We got on well and had a good laugh and lots of images produced

Gary is genuine professional and respectful

highly recommended to anyone :)


Zara Moore :D

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Gary was a polite and talented photographer, and it was a pleasure to have him in my home. He brought lights and created sets that really didn't look like home at all and together we created some glamorous images which I was sent a copy of in good time.

Communication was great, and Gary was on time. The shoot went smoothly and quickly, and I would highly recommend to any model looking to work with GSW.


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Karma vixen

Stepped in today as original model couldn't attend and it was definitely a spontaneous fun shoot! Completely professional and artistic. Gives great direction. 100% reliable. Absolutely recommend and hope to work with again

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Brook Logan

Worked with Gary today at my home, His very friendly and easy to work with. He came prepared and on time. And worked Professionally throughout the shoot. He also give me a stunning Dress which I cannot wait to wear!! Gary also had his own ideas, which is great on a shoot :)

And I hope to work with you again soon :)

Highly Recommend


Brook Xx

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Amy Coco

I enjoyed my first shoot with Gary. He was very professional yet laid back, making me feel comfortable and relaxed, which is always necessary. He further took the time to edit and send over a selection of photos from the shoot, which were of very high quality and with which I was pleased to add to my portfolio. I would definitely recommend working with him and shall look forward to shooting with him again myself.

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