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17th August - I had the Pleasure of working with the Lovely J on my recent Birmingham Trip and I'm really glad I did.

J is a Dream to work with. He is soo relaxed and a Genuinely nice Guy.

We hit it off straight away and i loved being in his Company.

He has a Soothing way and as we shot we chatted.

He is a Real Pure Soul and not only a Fabulous Photographer, a Fabulous Human too.

If you get the chance to work with J, jump it with both feet.

He is Highly recommended by me easily with 5 stars *****

Thanks J and I soo cant wait for next time :D

Renaissance xx

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xxmrmthxx - Mel Tongue

What a wonderful way to finish my weekend at Sandon Studio.

J is a lovely guy, down to earth and a joy to shoot with.

A very productive hour full of laughs and chats as well as a tone of great ideas being thrown about.

Would love to work with him again if I get the chance, Very highly recommended!

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Shooting with J was a fabulush experience as he has a wonderful personality, with a cracking sense of humour and a really cool way with the camera -

I can't recommend this lovely fellow enough to all on PP, so much respect and is such a polite gent :)

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I had an absolutely delightful shoot with J today!! It has been a while since we last shot and I had forgotten what a lovely lovely guy he is to work with. He came up with a theme, asked if I could meet the challenge (does he know me at all?) and we went from there. He arrived bright early and full of beans. He liked what I had done with the brief (last minute body painting and credit to @djsnowman for his awesome painting skills) and then set about capturing it beautifully. I love how J doesnt just take straight forward pics but looks to capture the spirit of the subject. We laughed, we talked, we joked, we created. J is a lovely lovely bloke and a cracking photographer. Looking forward to the next time. Thank you :) :) :)

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Image Squad Studio

J booked the studio for a couple of hours to shoot Tori Rose, he came prepared, had pre comms with the model and they both hit the ground running. The studio was left in the same state as J found it and he is welcome to hire with us anytime. Smashing bloke, models - consider working with him on any images you are looking for.

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Had a wonderful morning shoot today, with the lovely J. Pre- shoot comms was bang on, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the shoot, was full of ideas and brought some lovely jewellery along to the shoot. J is experienced, chatty and friendly yet kept a professional demeanour throughout. An absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope to work with him again in he future. i recommend him with a capital R to anyone considering a shoot with him. x

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Nee naaa

Another reunion with Jimbo and his car full of skeletons (better than a closet!). It's always a pleasure to work with this man, he's kind and straight talking, he's also mostly into dogs so 12,000 points for that.

We talk about dogs and photographs. Although we both nearly died on the way up to the location Jim soldiered on and it was well worth it.

Always an absolute pleasure.

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Delighted to meet J today. He arranged a shoot at tip top studio (which I had heard good things so was excited to visit). Despite me arriving a little late and flustered due to roadworks and traffic, he was the perfect gent, told me not to worry and made me a coffee. He was an absolute breeze to work with and it was soon apparent that we were on the same page. He took some cracking shots, I loved what I saw on camera. He didn't even bat an eyelid whilst I got 'over familiar' with one of the props lol. I had a lovely shoot today, would recommend Graven Image to anybody, newcomer or experienced, he is a delight and I cant wait for our next shoot. Thank you!! x

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I had a fantastic shoot with Graven Image this evening, was really friendly and professional! Would definitely recommend working with him and can't wait to get back in front of the camera for him.

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Cherry Zombiie said...

Was such a great shoot and J is an absolute pleasure to work with and talk to. Gives direction beautifully and has great ideas. I love my photos and would certainly work with him again

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sharmarston said...

I had the the pleasure of working with Graven at Tip Top Studio in Birmingham. 

He has a great style of photograph and I really had a fab time when I was with him and love the images that I had for the shoot.

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Violet Leys

I worked with J at a group shoot with the theme of funky makeup. There were over 20 photographers and 3 models but J knew what he wanted from the shoot, worked diligently while not being intrusive, and kept his sense of humour. I would recommend J and hope to work with him again. :)

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Lil Jess said...

I have worked with J in a group setting twice now and not only is he a great photographer he is such a pleasure to chat to while working. You won't regret working with this guy so get booking!

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Gitte said...

I have worked with J on few Group Shoots, he is an amazing photographer! He makes me feel comfortable relaxed on shoots, love his humor ,s personality, his work is fantastic!I am always pleased with the images! Absolutely recommend him !

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